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  1. Anyone know if Forever works okay on the Steam Deck? I loved the original when I was a teen, and Sunrise too. It would be brilliant to play those cars / tracks etc again now.
  2. I read somewhere that it should be. Would be nice if it does, either way there’s some custom confits that make it playable.
  3. I’ve been waiting for this one, installed it the other night and very happy with it. Does anyone know if United Forever works? I have an itch to play the OG stuff and Sunrise stuff, but I doubt those very originals will run.
  4. they’ve had that for a while. I did it a couple of times when I got my steam deck. First batch gave me about £120 (active prices on steam) worth of games. next two were all shite jigsaw puzzle games.
  5. Depends what you’re playing. I’ve been hitting 6-8 hours in some games recently (best case obviously)
  6. T Pot


    This isn’t the game I thought it was. I remember PURE.
  7. That’s easy. You just install it from your steam account since you bought it before it was delisted
  8. T Pot


    Oh god damn I didn’t see this thread and it’s now £4.
  9. Age of Empires 2 works fine. I’ve played it plenty on my SD
  10. I’ve just had a hit of nostalgia with LGRs latest video. I need to get Monstertruck Madness running.
  11. Yes. I’m all over this like shite on velcro.
  12. They recently had a video comparing the XB, PS3 and PC versions of half-life 2, and kept on pointing out at how poor HL2 ran and looked on the original XB. I mean, the fact that it even ran on that console which was essentially a 733MHz Pentium 3 with 64MB shared memory when the PC version needed a 1.2GHz CPU, 256MB RAM and a GPU was amazing.
  13. T Pot

    High on Life

    I couldn't get on with this. I'm a lover of the Rick & Morty, Family Guy, Final Space kind of humour but I just bounced right off this. I liked the trailers etc before launch, but playing it seems like another semi open world / hub world style shooter. Didn't like the feeling of the controls and the humour was just bleh.
  14. Have you tried jumping on their discord? I had issues installing a while back and the devs were super responsive.
  15. You're not wrong. Playing it now and it feels really bad. The aiming mechanic is something that I just don't think works anymore.
  16. From what I’ve read it’s because the switch has the ability to do “local multiplayer” online. It’s how the add multiplayer to their N64 games etc. So it’s not specifically down to the game, but down to how the switch does multiplayer.
  17. I used to have it on the PS3, with the official Playstation 3D Monitor. It ran at about 25-30FPS with the 3D effect on and would have you coming out in cold sweats after about 30 seconds.
  18. Has anyone played RCT3 Platinum and got remaps working? I've mapped the analogue sticks to WSAD / Arrows and then set the camera controls up in the game to match the same inputs, but it just doesn't respond to them at all.
  19. Got lucky on an ebay listing. Put in a lowball offer and the guy accepted it.
  20. Indeed it is. I bought a 64GB SD and grabbed a 512GB NVMe for £36. Minue the etched glass, I have a 512GB unit that cost £386.
  21. If you’re going back 5 years for the switch, add the Xbox one x in there too.
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