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  1. Forced walking sections in games. GOW 1-3 were really bad for this. I know it was to hide loading screens, but it doesn't make it any less annoying.
  2. Play the 128 player mode on co-op or solo. You go against bots only and still unlock stuff.
  3. As above, it's much better than it was at launch. I just hate the weapon breaking / repair system and making your own ammo etc. Added ontop of eating and drinking and keeping armour repaired etc it's all just a bit too much micromanagement for the game to be fun for me.
  4. My Spartan decided he wanted a lie down mid battle last night. 77 MrTony_HaloInfinite_20211124_22-24-14 (1).mp4
  5. Rocket Racing I think? I remember that mode though, it was chaos.
  6. It's fucking fantastic though isn't it? I don't care who wins. If Merc get their 8th in a row or if RB break the streak. We've had an amazingly intense multi team battle right to the last couple of races in the season. It's brilliant.
  7. I think that's exactly what they have done. I think they were testing various limits on all of Bottas' engines and when they found that sweet spot they have started cranking Hamilton's engines to it. They know that they will wear out faster but the power they kick out and the fact that Ham can easily get through the field has shown them that any 5 place grid penalty is going to be a minor inconvenience at best.
  8. That show is fucking fantastic. This is all I have to add.
  9. It’s so good isn’t it? The sound track is something special too. I’ve not tried the other DLCs but really enjoying the new Senna one.
  10. Grab Horizon Chase and also get the Senna DLC. It's brilliant.
  11. I think rather than it being nerfed, the other guns just need fixed. I would love for the assault classes to actually work.
  12. No, the game is just fucked.
  13. Every battlefield until now: You need health? Find a medic. Need ammo? Find support. Need a repair? Find an engineer. Now? Who knows what anyone has since every character can carry any load out. You have no idea if your squad is setup to cover all support bases.
  14. You’re probably mostly going against bots then. When we turned off cross play at the system level we found we were getting in games with about 6 human players. Ive had bots 1 shot me across the map out of helicopters at full speed, or a few times I’ve been killed by them before my camera has even finished zooming in from the spawn select screen.
  15. I remember how awful it was, that's the only reason I haven't refunded 2042. I hope that with a bunch of patches in the next 6 months it will be something fun. We shall see.
  16. That's what we did. Suddenly we're not getting one shot plugged every 30 seconds by PC snipers a mile away and close range fights are a bit more balanced. But it's still completely fucked.
  17. And that's why I've pretty much given up with it already. I'll go back when it's had a few patches and there's a proper hardcore mode.
  18. Wasn't that due to redbull asking it to be looked into regarding the flexing (rather than the slotgap)? I think they will likely bring an official complaint about it soon enough.
  19. Not this year! Two big changes that get rid of some of the worst corners in the entire season (IMO). Getting rid of the chicane down before the back straight gives the option of a late brake dive down the inside.
  20. From what I've seen the SMGs are the least broken out of the auto guns. BF4 was utterly broken at launch, but at least it had basic features. You can't change squads / teams. If there's more than 4 of you, you can't stay together in AOW, chat is limited, plus so many other issues. There's a good game in here somewhere, but I just don't think it will surface any time soon. I think this will be an autumn 2022 BF gets good situation.
  21. That's because the automatic weapons (especially the assault rifles) are fucked. They have bullet bloom. So your aim could be perfect, but the bullets fire out in random directions so most will miss anyway.
  22. We've all pulled away from it too. Couple of the group have requested refunds. It's such a shitshow. BF games always start broken but this one is taking the piss. The closest we've been able to have a laugh is setting up a portal server with as close to hardcore rules as we can get. The problem is you can't change teams, so if you want to play on the same team, or you want to play against each other, you have to keep quitting and joining the server until it randomly assigns you where you want. Oh and teamkilling counts as killing enemies. Shoot a team mate in the head? Pops up as an enemy kill. I tested it by laying waste to my friendly bots. End of the match I got the award for the most kills...
  23. The most fun I've had in this was with our portal rotation I've built. I've got it as close to the old hardcore servers that I can. Certainly a lot more fun than the broken shit show that is AOW right now.
  24. No because McLaren use Mercedes engines now.
  25. Because it started life as a battle royal and switched direction half way through development.
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