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  1. Get a deck. You can emulate switch on it too so you can still play BOTW.
  2. Does anyone know how to get 16bit screen mode for older games? I’ve installed the original Moto Racer with Lutris, but the game won’t boot as it requires 16 Bit screen mode. Apparently you can use something called Xephyr in Lutris, but when I enable it I get an error that it can’t be found.
  3. Yes you still can buy them outright. They are mostly £8 each RRP but often drop to 50% off or even less. I think the newest DLC is 3 years old at this point. The game doesn't really get any more updates either. It's a shame they won't bring over the controller support from the console version to the PC version as it would be perfect for SD.
  4. I still play this from time to time on the SteamDeck. Don't have it on the xbox any longer as they removed it from GamePass. But in a really shitty move, the devs have released a subscription to access the DLC packs. £3.99 a month to play all of the content. You still have to own the base game though, the subscription is for the DLC only.
  5. I’ll be back on tonight @carlospie - you can sort me out too
  6. Give it another shot with some pals. This is easily one of the best modes in a cod game for a long time.
  7. You’d fit in pretty well with @carlospie then
  8. If you force it to use proton 6. Something or other, that got it working for me.
  9. Outrun 2 broken for anyone else? I just get a white screen now when trying to boot.
  10. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1929870/Nomad_Survival/ Nomad Survival. £2 on steam. Much better than VS
  11. Seriously, try Nomad Survivors. Exact same gameplay loop but with better graphics and the ability to change the game parameters if you want. Want to play the normal mode but 3x faster? Done. Want a big challenge? Increase enemy speed, or health. Or reduce your own! It's just Vampire Survivors, BUT BETTER!
  12. Also why does everyone like Vampire Survivors so much? It's shit! Get Nomad Survivors. So many better features to it.
  13. I think it’s just a visual bug. Mine says 0 XP after matches but I’m still levelling up.
  14. Yeah I'm really liking the game. This is the first one in a while where I even enjoy just going on solo too. Sniper / BR as my main and a rocket for spanking those UAVs out of the sky. Got a chopper gunner without a single kill the other night. Just hanging out near ammo boxes and carrying an ammo crate as my perk on invasion. Stacked up enough points just by refilling ammo of friendlies and shooting UAVs out of the sky.
  15. I haven’t used chrome, but I just installed ms edge in the discover store. It’s in the start menu and I have it pinned to the task bar. It’s also my default browser.
  16. Yeah that marksman rifle is fucking nuts right now and it wouldn't surprise me if it gets a nerf.
  17. Fanatical bundles and Humble Choice are two other good services if you want to pad your library.
  18. It's probably been said in the two pages I haven't read, but it's really super easy mate. There's about 11 screws you take out. Swap the drive with the new one, put it back together, then pop a USB stick with the image formatted on it to reinstall the OS. It took me 10 mins for the hardware swap out and 25 mins all in, software format included.
  19. They can't go to Plan F if they don't even have a plan in the first place!
  20. That's COD for you. I'm Anne Flank. We have Hugh Jardon, Helda Dich and Anita Widerbox in our group.
  21. Decky is also really good for boosing contrast on the LCD so colours look better. There's also some nice theming tweaks for the OS.
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