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  1. I always loved the PSP version Burnout Legends that was based on it was brilliant too.
  2. Oh yeah, don't get me wrong Paradise was fantastic. I think there are 3 burnout eras: OG: 1 & 2 Destruction: 3 - Revenge Open World: Paradise I sit in the destruction Era. BO3 was the first game I ever bought full price when I was about 15. £40 on my PS2 and it was amazing. Listening to We are the Lazy Generation while slamming AI cars into walls. Great memories.
  3. I've just set Revenge to download again on my XB @Uncle Nasty - cheers for fluffing me and getting me in the mood for it!
  4. Even playing it back in the day at launch, I disagree. Burnout was best with standard circuits and crash junctions that you selected. It was made worse by shifting to open world in my opinion.
  5. The Ikea ones are fine. I have a bunch of Eneloops and a bunch of Laddas and get about the same play time out of them all. £21.50 will get you this nice wee charger that looks like a wee book & 8 batteries. You can order them online too for £4 delivery, don't have to go instore. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/tjugo-battery-charger-with-storage-grey-green-00435173/ https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/ladda-rechargeable-battery-hr06-aa-1-2v-50504692/
  6. I wish AOE IV was coming to console. Gutted that it isn't.
  7. Yep me too. I'm playing the PC version at the moment but having to do it on low graphics mode on my old system. Hoping the team can fix the mac version so I can run it on my Macbook Pro with shiny 3d graphics.
  8. Why these two? I thought Zandvoort was quite fun to watch this year. Miami haven't even had a race yet so you don't even know what it's like.
  9. Pretty much this. I have bought 7 games this year. The only on that cost more than £9.99 was BF2042 due to come out soon. Game pass has pretty much killed the need for me to buy games these days.
  10. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of that $700k came from paid shills etc, but you can have good OPs easily. I proposed a plug-in to the staff at this place a couple of years ago. When making a thread you could put the game title in and it would auto pull screenshots, videos, titles and information. Mods etc seemed to really like it but the committee at the time didn’t seem interested so it didn’t go anywhere.
  11. I can't unsee it. Battlefield Haard One
  12. It's broken as fuck, but we're still getting it at launch. When we were in a group playing it, we had a lot of fun.
  13. Depends how it is setup. I know on AVForums they can tell if you are using an adblocker and they will ban your account until you whitelist them.
  14. It still blows my mind that almost all stewards at every level of motorsport are volunteers. I can kind of understand it at your little meet weekends and kids karting etc, but in world championship events where drivers are earning millions it's nuts.
  15. It's a reddit rumour / leak, but these bits of info have started floating out there: Game is running on Unreal Engine. Rockstart have a tool to port from RenderWare to Unreal Will have upscaled textures. Faces on models have been redone / modernised Hands will now have individual fingers Removal of pre-baked lighting to something more modern. Raytracing isn't mentioned. Damage model on vehicles has been updated to be more dynamic Smoother / better animations in cutscenes
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