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  1. Two Point Hospital and F1 Manager & rumours of a console AoE 4 release. I’m happy with that.
  2. T Pot

    F1 22

    I think the most important thing for me is how are the AI & Penalties? I got sick and tired of it in 20/21 where I'd be hit in the side / rear by and AI and I'd get the penalty for it. Or one seen sometimes where I've spun / crashed and skidded across a corner, only to get a penalty for corner cutting. FFS I was sliding backwards! I'd had a couple of bugs too where I'd been overtaken under the safety car, only to be punished when I try to take the position back.
  3. This is why Outrun 2 is the first game I install whenever I setup steam on a new machine. You cannot beat the classics that have at most a handful of features, but done very very well.
  4. Just some old documents where someone was learning to type. Dunno about the floppy drive, no disks to test.
  5. Fuckthat. You can get GPU for a pretty cheap price if you look around. You've got close to £100 worth of vouchers to the Microsoft store there. Or £40 test vouchers if you wanna save some money on your shopping.
  6. Plugin. Mounts to the side and there's a cool wee door that covers the port when you don't have it plugged in. Guessing that's for when you are in DOS mode. Now I know it works, I need to figure out what to do with it.
  7. dunno yet, I’ll try when the boy is in bed later. It’s in perfect condition and has the original charger & user guide too. Can’t believe that we went, I spent a tenner and we got a cool old laptop, hat for the kid and a bunch of coats and jackets for him to sort him out until almost Xmas. pleased with todays one.
  8. Mostly baby clothes at ours today, which is handy as we need stuff for the wee lad. Got him a wee leather bomber jacket for 50p! Also found this old thing for a couple of quid too:
  9. Access ramp just round the side, by the lava pits.
  10. It was great, but not better than infinite!
  11. Runs great on the series x. Super hard though.
  12. It’s very very good. We play it regularly. We’ve just moved onto hell let loose for our mp fix and it’s also great
  13. What always upset me with 90a Arcade Racer is it was pretty much done last I read. It was just sat with the publisher waiting to go.
  14. T Pot


    As long as their next song doesn't talk about Circling back round to touch base, they can be forgiven.
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