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  1. Mr Tony

    Xbox One Console Thread

    A trial doesn't give you access to gold discount as far as I'm aware.
  2. Mr Tony

    GamesCentre Scotland Goes Bust

    It's pretty much the reason why GAME sell games at RRP. They've aimed themselves at impulse buyers and family members who don't know any better who will pay £54.99 or £59.99 for a copy of FIFA instead of £47.99 on Amazon or whatever it is.
  3. Mr Tony

    GamesCentre Scotland Goes Bust

    Nope. We could see the profit margins in store (So we could work out staff discount which was Cost + VAT + £1). An example I always use was Battlefield 4 on Xbox. Cost us £37. Then we would have to pay 20% VAT on it. Total cost £44.40. We'd sell it at £44.99 so we were competitive against GAME / Supermarkets / Online. The money would be made encouraging people to trade it in for £30 a week later. We could then sell it at £40 and loop over & over. Edit: Xbox One was another too. At launch with a cost of £430, we made about £10 profit per unit. There's hardly any money in new games.
  4. Mr Tony

    GamesCentre Scotland Goes Bust

    I don't know if it was much different than when I was at the company, but when I worked there margins were razor thin on everything bar pre-owned. You're looking at about 50p on new games / accessories etc. They started trying things like warhammer, comics, pinball machines, PCs, finance options, clothing, hosting games club nights (magic / pokemon go etc) and more. Except retro games / consoles, nothing stuck around so I assume nothing they tried made money.
  5. You're not the only one. That season was fantastic but fucking hell, it was heart breaking. In bits multiple times. I found the second last episode really hard to get through.
  6. Mr Tony

    GamesCentre Scotland Goes Bust

    Was promised on the phone, not in writing. No evidence I guess.
  7. Mr Tony

    GamesCentre Scotland Goes Bust

    The manager was promised a week wages, un-used holidays paid & 2 extra weeks. He got 1 week pay.
  8. Mr Tony

    GamesCentre Scotland Goes Bust

    Yeah, the staff in most of the stores were pretty sound. It reminded me of old Game Station days. No solid targets, laid back staff etc. From what I've been told they were banking on Funko Pops being about 15% of their income in the final months. Crazy.
  9. 60Hz goodness for whoever I sell it to ;-)
  10. Mr Tony

    GamesCentre Scotland Goes Bust

    Just found out what happened this morning. The company upgraded their warehouse at the end of last year hoping that carrying more stock would bring more cash in. It didn't. They were losing close to 20k a month the since January. The staff didn't know. The week before closure, the owners met with the administrators, again, no staff knew. Staff went home Saturday night as normal. The owners cleared all of the shops over night. Staff still had no idea. Staff came into work the Sunday morning to find the shops had been totally emptied. No notes nothing. The Dumfries branch manager thought that they had been burgled and phoned head office in a panic. Only then was he told that himself and his staff were losing their jobs that day.
  11. Went to a second one and got a PSOne, couple pads, Theme Park World, Worlds Scariest Police Chases & some 007 game for a fiver. Happy with that.
  12. Sweet FA at ours this week. More Nazi stuff though...
  13. Mr Tony

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    CDKeys has some cheap PSN subs
  14. Mr Tony

    Sony PSP Appreciation Thread

    I can say I'll do something and legit 5 minutes later I've forgotten. The other half goes nuts.

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