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  1. There was a rumour floating around that Motorsport is going open world. Maybe they could be merging them..
  2. Destiny 2, 4k 60fps in a couple of weeks. The amount of time you put into that after you abandoned us would make it worth it!
  3. It's annoying you have to have bought the console from Microsoft. In the US and here (for the previous gen), you could add consoles from other retailers as long as you have proof of purchase.
  4. It's just my cheeky grin and beautiful eyes, you couldn't say no
  5. Yep I have it on everything. When I bought it a few people told me I'd get bored of the gimmick. I love it, to the point that the TV OS is fucking shite, but I put up with it because I like the effect so much. My next telly will probably be a Google TV Philipps. If you get one, try and get one with Android / Google OS. The Saphi OS that Philipps put on their budget TVs is awful. No footage of apex running on it sorry. Will try and get some for you later.
  6. Do it. Also, Tetris Effect is brilliant with this
  7. Tried getting it going with the Android app. No dice. Console is connected and claims good to go for streaming, phone app just cannot see it. It does think my old One X is on the network, which it isn't (and it's totally removed from my account). It just sits on the screen saying turn on your console and sign in.
  8. That was at the old house
  9. Anyone else have a Philips Ambilight telly, or th add-ons for normal TVs? Genuinely I think it's fucking fantastic for games. I was just playing Space Giraffe and it's just awesome: Some other examples, it works brilliantly with Outrun And Apex Legends: Hopefully in the future I'll be able to afford a nice OLED with Ambilight, rather than just LCD.
  10. Ah that's annoying. I've tried running it on my Chrome OS tablet with the android app running, but it doesn't register inputs on the series pad unfortunately.
  11. I've been trying, but I dunno how to get it to work! Using the Xbox companion app on my PC and it just says I need to turn on streaming on the console. Except the option it tells me to use isn't there.
  12. Patch 1.3.2 came out the other day and has fixed lots of problems. The animation seems to have changed on project reveals and star unlocks, which has stopped the crashing. I've not had a lockup placing a single ride since too. I'm about 75% through the campaign and on the series X I'm not getting close to the build limits. Brilliant stuff. Rocky start and I still think how they launched was devious as fuck, but they're at least sorting the issues. A number of the bugs I've submitted to their tracker are confirmed and being fixed, as are many others. This has been my mo
  13. They do: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Xbox-Play-Charge-Kit-USB/dp/B08FCXLB8Z/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=play%2Band%2Bcharge%2Bkit%2Bxbox%2Bseries%2Bx&qid=1605949430&sprefix=play%2Band%2Bcharge&sr=8-3&th=1&psc=1 They're just out of stock.
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