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  1. Mr Tony

    Forza Motorsport 7

    I still find it surprising that none of the mainline Forza games are on game pass.
  2. Mr Tony

    Is the Razer Turret pay to win?

    I don't have a problem with it, as long as it seperates them away from pad players. If PUBG for example is patched for MKB and merges lobbies, I'm done with it. I remember UT3 on PS3. It supported MKB. It fucking sucked if you got in a lobby with some of them.
  3. Mr Tony

    Is the Razer Turret pay to win?

    No, it doesn't. Mouse and Keyboard controls only work with games patched to accept them. You can use practically any MKB with the system, the only difference with this Razer is it is wireless without the need of a dongle, and it has the chroma light up deelie. If the game hasn't been patched or developed to use mouse and keyboard, you can't use mouse and keyboard.
  4. Mr Tony

    Is the Razer Turret pay to win?

    Only if the developer enables MKB Vs Pad gameplay. Microsoft have left the decision up to the developers. I'd like to think most will be sensible and separate MKB players from Pad players (Fortnite does this). If not then I think it will kill online shooters for some.
  5. I use them when racing manual on Forza. I've also started using them in BFV, assign two to the same button to shoot, then quickly alternate with two fingers when firing single shot rifles. Allows for some very fast shooting.
  6. Mr Tony

    Battlefield V

    Yeah it doesn't allow you sometimes on those modes. It just says spawn point isn't there. Then across all modes I've seen it where it says my loadout violates server rules so I have to change class for that life. It's amazing when it works, I love it. But when it has issues (which is frequently), it can just totally spoil the fun.
  7. Mr Tony

    Battlefield V

    Happens in Domination a lot too. It’s fucking irritating.
  8. Mr Tony

    Why do we separate "retro" from general gaming?

    Why not merge them in, but keep the retro folder archived with redirects for the people who are stuck in their old ways? That way the threads get more views / users, but the diehards of the retro folder can still easily find their old threads?
  9. Mr Tony

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Isn't it something like limited access to RAM & processor? So pretty much not taking advantage of they system.
  10. Mr Tony

    Xbox One Console Thread

    It's coming, it just won't be on the store. You'll need to enable developer mode on the Xbox and side load it. It's been done before with smaller emulators etc.
  11. Mr Tony

    Open RCT2 and other "open" games

    Open RCT2 and Open CnC are two of the first games I install on a new system. Fantastic projects. The multiplayer on ORCT2 is great with a couple of mates.
  12. Mr Tony

    xmas steam code giveaway* the 2nd!

    It's not like I take multiple of these every year....
  13. Mr Tony

    Battlefield V

    @kerraig UK Whats your class of choice on this? When I'm playing alone I'll go on team death match, I've started using the M30 drilling. My god that is a good gun. It's requires some gameplay tweaks on my side, but it's so satisfying to use.
  14. Mr Tony

    Battlefield V

    Oh yeah, totally agree, but it is an issue that affects mtie recent frostbite games, they crank everything to the max within about 10-20m or so, then after that it's popup central. Trees and foliage being the worst.

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