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  1. Mr Tony

    Battlefield 4

    It really was. Took a while to get good with it, but once you did, it was fantastic. But in typical DICE fasion, people were using it and enjoying it, so they cut the power and range. Just like any AA in BF4/BF1 and pretty much anything else that is good.
  2. I do like The 8 Bit Guy. Really good videos. We had some friends round last night and one brought their 12 year old son. He just wanted to play the Xbox, so I pulled out the Amiga and set it up, told him he can have a shot on the stuff we grew up with. He ended up playing Jungle Storm and AfterBurner for an hour, properly loved it.
  3. New scart arriving first thing in the morning. All discs cleaned. Really happy with it. I know it will possibly upset some people here, but it's now gotta go up for sale. Originally I was intending to keep it for a few months and play it a lot, but need to fund the Apple 2e purchase. I'll get it up in trading soon if anyone is interested.
  4. The joys of living in a shit town in the arse end of nowhere, when all of your mates or anything that doesn't include hill walking or mountain biking are at least miles away. Lots of free time.
  5. I'll go that route for next time. Saves watering down etc.
  6. Mr Tony

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    One thing I've seen, is it seems more popular than the NES / SNES mini. Sure, it's a small test base, but I have a small facebook groups with about 1200 people on. A post yesterday on with the console ended up gathering about 6000 unique views on Facebook itself and generated 97 console pre-orders through Amazon. The NES/SNES minis got about 75% of that combined. Edit: Haha, I think @Hitcher must be a Nintendo fan!
  7. Yeah I don't have exacts, i just watered it down! Didn't want it to do damage so I thinned it right out.
  8. Got it back together, cleaned the floppy drive, popped that back in and good to go!
  9. Opened up and stripped the machine down today. Someone else has had it open over the years, looks like the status LEDs were replaced. They did a good job too. Rest of the machine was just about as filthy as the outside, so took it right down to the case. Not nice eh? Unfortunately a lot of the marks on the metal shielding is actually corrosion, so there's not a huge amount I can do to that. Cleaned it as best I can. Opened the shielding up while I was at it. No swelling, bulging or leaking from any of the capacitors. They are all in good condition, happy days. @Ninja Doctor will be pleased.
  10. Some nail varnish remover. Some water.
  11. Very small amounts of watered down nail varnish remover on make up removal pads.
  12. I haven't opened it up to clean the inside, but if it is running okay will it really? What should I be looking for when I open it to see what capacitors may be on their way out?
  13. Mr Tony

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Pre-Order is up on Amazon. You may aswell since it's free. If you cange your mind before launch, hit cancel: Affiliate - Standard

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