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  1. Xbox One X doesn't have a powerbrick.
  2. Mine and a few others launch Xbox One X consoles sounded like jumbo jets. There were a few of the project scorpio design that had quite badly applied, dried out thermal paste.
  3. Out of curiosity, why do you find it shit? I find it does what it needs to quickly enough and then gets the fuck out of the way when I'm gaming. Totally what I'd expect.
  4. V-Rally 2 intro. I fucking loved that back in the day.
  5. I have not. I'll give the demo a shot tonight.
  6. Anyone played this? It's fantastic. iOS, Android, Windows, Linux. Totally free. Mod support, multiplayer support, no ads, no iaps. It runs on a donation system (or you can buy it from Steam for a fiver) Steam (£5) Home Page (Donation based) I'm totally addicted on my phone. Just picked up the PC version today and looking forward to playing it on a bigger screen. It properly scratches the tower defence itch while adding all new layers to the experience.
  7. Mr Tony

    G2A.com - legit?

    The only place I would ever trust Keys from is CDKeys. As above, G2A is proper shady. People have been known to have bought games from them in the past, only for the games to be removed from steam at points in the future since they were originally sourced with stolen card details.
  8. Turns out you can win outside of the circle. Two people go into the gas at slightly different times then alternate reviving each other. Even at the end you can revive a team mate before the gas kills you.
  9. Counts toward the win. You have the gamble of banking it but risk having it stolen during the deposit phase, or keeping it but risk being hunted.
  10. We bought a weapon drop crate, set it up, tooled up, then hid on a hill watching it. Fucked up people who went anywhere near it.
  11. Rumours over the past couple of minutes that the Vietnam GP has been postponed / cancelled.
  12. How do you turn cross play off? If I have it off, it doesn't let me play.
  13. Plunder is fantastic fun. I really enjoy that one.
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