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  1. Mr Tony

    Xbox Game Pass

    Cheeky bastards. It was £12 this morning. It's currently £14 on Amazon if you have prime. You cannot stack these codes.
  2. Mr Tony

    Nintendo Switch

    I think it's a great wee looking machine. I have a friend who isn't interested on hooking a switch onto her TV and wants hand held only. Essentially a replacement for her 3DS. This will be perfect. Could be a good xmas gift for the missus too who only plays mine in handheld mode.
  3. Put them around jump balloons or gold death boxes. I saw a video of someone who got downed and an enemy wattson put a fence around them so they couldn't crawl out without getting injured, and their friends couldn't revive without getting fucked up. I also saw one where someone had zigzagged them in a building, managed to punch someone into it, then stood behind the door so they couldn't get out.
  4. The new tower is fantastic up on the edge of the valley. We managed to get up to the top floor with 5 squads left. Wiped two, split one and dropped from it to take the last.
  5. Some of them are crap, yes. Land in XXX can cause splits if you play with Randoms. Do 200 damage in XXX is annoying if you don't come across anyone in there. But there are good ones too. I've got one to do 7500 damage with Assault Rifles. I don't normally use them, so it's making me adjust my play style. Another was come in the top 3 as Wraith. I never play her, but did yesterday & actually enjoyed having to change up my strategy. I've also got some weeklies like "Get 25 Kills & get 35 knocks & outlive 300 opponents". I think there is a good mix of challenges that encourage good play, encourage switching up your strategy & also (unfortunately) encourage squad splitting if you are with randoms.
  6. Loads of new buildings & areas on the map. Some old major areas changed completely. New character. New weapon. New accessories for pistols & energy weapons. New map tweaks like the caged fliers that give away your location. An entire new ranked mode. Loads of weapon & character balancing. Loads of new cosmetics / customization stuff. New season pass for those who want to buy it. A free update to a free game? I'm happy with that. I would LOVE a solo or duos playlist. It would be a game changer for playing when my pals are not online. But I'm not unhappy with what has gone live.
  7. Best night in a while last night. 2 wins and 4 second places. They were hard fought wins too, not just ones where we lucked into it.
  8. It's really common and annoys me that Respawn wont make a Solo or Duos playlist. At least with Duos you have a chance of dropping a squad if you are alone. It's much harder to do vs 3 when you're alone. I had a game last night where I was jumpmaster. I marked landing spot, took us toward it. Other players both go in different directions. One is dead and disconnects as soon as he lands. The other lasts about 60 seconds, then spams the revive ping button. Nope. Muted the dick. Annoying thing is I got to the final two squads alone. Up against a full squad of 3 by myself, there's practically no chance of a win. I managed to drop the shield off one guy, then they all lit me up and I was dead in a blink of an eye.
  9. They've changed the way it works entirely. Previously you just scored XP mostly based on time alive. Now it's from completing challenges. There's daily, weekly and persistent ones. The daily & weekly are random to you, so it's not like everyone has the same. EG: Last night I had Deal 200 Damage in the Pit Outlive 100 Opponents Get 2 kills as Mirage. My friend had: Land at Water Treatment Get a top 3 finish as Wraith Deal 750 Damage with Assault rifles. You then have weeklies that are split into 2 types of reward. One that gives you XP to go towards leveling you up. Another that just bumps you a level. I had 3 games with no progression last night, then on the 4th I completed a load of challenges and jumped up 3 levels in one go.
  10. Xbox one X in 4k?
  11. If it helps diagnose, Xbox One X, 4k on a 4k screen. Didn't try games, The whole app had about a 2 inch white border around them.
  12. Is there a reason why the XB1 version isn't full screen? Even the menus have a nasty big bright white border around.
  13. Mr Tony

    EA Access

    I scrapped it. I was paying £20 a year and after the initial burst of Plants vs Zombies and NFS I just used it to play battlefield 4. Ended up buying that digital for about £3 in a sale so got rid of access. It's good if you're an EA fan or want to have a raz through their games once, but Tbh i'd get a single year and then not renew it.
  14. Mr Tony

    F1 2019

    Is theAI any better than in 18? It was really bad for driving as of you weren't there and you'd be punted off the track.
  15. Not sure if it was that branch or another, but they did lose one due to thefts etc a few years ago. The manager and a staff member were emptying the till and on the take of stock. After it was discovered they closed the store instead of hiring new staff and essentially starting again with it.
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