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  1. Mr Tony

    Formula One 2021

    Just behind the drivers headrest. I really like this design, one of my fave of the year.
  2. Mr Tony

    Formula One 2021

    I do enjoy it, although it can be a bit hard to follow as you used to get some races here, some there, some elsewhere on different platforms. I think it's settled down now and you can watch all the races on iPlayer. The FE youtube channel shows Quali / Practice but not the races in the UK. The only thing I don't like is the tracks. I don't mind that they're skinny, it's that you can't see any of the city you're racing in since they're all boxed in up the sides with sponsor boards. On top of that the design is usually done in a way that there's loads of low speed hairpins and sharp
  3. Mr Tony

    Formula One 2021

    So a missile and possibly a bomb filled drone intercepted in Riyadh today during the Formula E race: Horrifying that races are hosted in some of these places. F1 race due there later this year too.
  4. seems Activision will do it for everything. $10 upgrade fee for the new gen version. They’re doing it with THPS too. XBS and PS5 versions coming out. if you had them on the xb1 and PS4, it’s a $10 upgrade
  5. Thanks @Down by Law Off to find a Dcx disk now!
  6. That's another one that the Stock Informer Telegram notification system didn't alert me for. It's a bit crap.
  7. Is there anyway to force VGA mode for games that don't officially support it? I know you can do it with a GDEmu, but what about disks? I have buggy heat and want to play it, but my connection is via an HDMI cable which the DC treats like a VGA output. The full game doesn't support it (Curiously the demo of it on the Dream On disk works fine).
  8. I got notifications about it being in stock at Very twice last week and once at The Game Collection. Very sold out within 60 seconds each time, and TGC had them in £700 bundles.
  9. Week off work. Everything shut. Spending my time wisely.
  10. True, I missed story driven, but it’s up there in the top 5 with TF2 for FPS campaigns for me. The story was expanded out in DOOM 2020 but I don’t think the gameplay was as good.
  11. Doom 2016.
  12. Mr Tony

    Formula One 2021

    Oh man, that's a good looking motor.
  13. Don't judge them on anything after FlatOut 2. Those games were a different developer. FlatOut 1/2 were amazing, and this is amazing also.
  14. Yep. Multiplayer > Private (7 player) / Public (14 I think). It’s super easy to do. We often have a group on it.
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