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  1. It shows the logo of the platform they are playing on in the lobby and also shows their input type. I've been matched up against Xbox players with mouse & keyboard, pc banners and Xbox pad gamer.
  2. I scrapped this. After the latest patch it has become horribly imbalanced. About 75% of the time I was being matched up against players who were 2 or 3 levels above me as a squad and with pins. Got dull going on regular 10 game losing streaks. Current tactic I'm seeing at the moment is pay until you unlock the hammer of dawn & level it a bit, then just spam it on the enemy base.
  3. Mr Tony

    Nintendo Switch

    CDKeys currently have switch credit on the cheap:
  4. CDKeys have some cheap credit: Edit: Shit @acidbearboy beat me to it!
  5. Yep. Loving it too. Got my best game kills dropping into the rift last night. Grabbed a shotgun, dropped 5 people in the tunnels. Gassed another 2, got back in the rift and legged it. Got another couple of kills after that. We came 6th :-(
  6. If everyone readys up it drops to 3 seconds straight away.
  7. Multiplayer is a bit janky. I'm finding that it often doesnt let you select a new car, just ignores the button press. Loading times are horrific too. Playing on an S at the mo and it's easily couple of minutes load for some circuits.
  8. Loving this so much. Got it on Xbox. Handling is superb, loving the soundtrack and the racing is just so fun. Nice change from nothing but shooting games in my rotation.
  9. I'm still on Bronze 2! Rarely play ranked, I really should.
  10. I played it occasionally. Backed it before release and followed the dev. It was made by 3 guys IIRC. But I had the same problem as you. If I wanted something simple to chill to, I played OpenRCT. If I wanted complicated then I went for planet coaster. I should really go back to this.
  11. I absolutely love the soundtrack to Remember Me. Rally good mix of orchestra & electronic.
  12. He's been negative about the game the entire time. Even when they were releasing a big free update it wasn't enough.
  13. Mr Tony

    Nintendo Switch

    Wargroove, Into The Breach, Tiny Metal
  14. The entire race Russell was arguing with his engineer essentially telling his engineer the rules. He was telling them over and over that they should have been on slicks during the lap before Stroll came in, they made him stay out. Another point he went past a car under the safety car because they were going unnecessarily slowly. Engineer is saying give the place back, Russell is slowing down below the delta, quoting the rule book that the other driver can't catch him & that he will get a penalty. Engineer just keeps repeating give the place back. It's the second time this season that Russell has argued the rule book to his engineer when his engineer has been spouting shit.
  15. Mr Tony

    Nintendo Switch

    It's slower paced and more of a horror vibe.
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