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  1. It will downscale games to 1080p and some will run at better frame rates. If you decide that's not enough to keep it, let me know. I'll buy it off you (don't need pad or cables etc, just the box).
  2. Mr Tony

    Xbox Game Pass

    36 is the max. The codes won't let you apply them if it takes you over the limit. I top up every few months.
  3. Mr Tony

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yep. And if you want to keep it topped up, you can buy a 3 month Game Pass code for £8 from CDKeys. When you apply it to your account it will convert to 2 months Game Pass Ultimate, saving about £16 per 2 month.
  4. If that happened to me it would turn a 30 mile trip with free parking into a 100 mile round trip with paid parking to Carlisle for pickup. Amazon it is for me!
  5. To be fair, it's also filled with PC gamers making plenty of general & wrong statements about consoles too. It's almost as if there are entrenched fanboys on either side who don't know or don't care about the features of newer machines that they don't use. If only we could all just play games and get along.
  6. Is USBC needed? I had a WMR headset that just used standard USB (It split to two at the end, but that was only the last 15cm or so)
  7. Maybe that is what some people like. I think it looks fantastic. A simple, clean unobtrusive box that will fade to nothing in my unit.
  8. 15*15*29cm. Looking at it, there are the two input vents on the back there, but it also looks like there's a wee stand on the bottom for when you have it vertical. It wouldn't surprise me if there are vents in that too.
  9. Probably some sort of diagnostic / debugging port. I'm more interested in the hole at the top and the wee button looking bit at the bottom. Looks like the back could be removable. I doubt it is, and I doubt Microsoft would do it, but access for user upgradable storage would be class.
  10. As said in other threads. You don't really get to whine about the console having a long boot and hitting you with updates since you chose to set them up that way. If you stick them in instant on mode for Xbox and whatever for the PS4, they will download updates over night. You'll have quick boots and very very rarely see updates. If you're not willing to click a couple of buttons to change how the system runs, then stop complaining. Those issues are on you, not the system.
  11. I don't get why they did that. Like, a single unit of pre-owned retro stuff is pure profit. Especially if you get the pricing right. When we were at GamesCentre, we had a single bay of old PS2 shit. £1.99 each or 3 for £5. We would make about £1000-£2000 a month on them. People coming in, paying a fiver for 3 games, trading them in a few days later for 50p, spending another £4.50 to get another 3 games. Rinse and repeat. It was essentially free money.
  12. Mr Tony

    Xbox Game Pass

    Disclaimer! They worked for others this morning! I can't promise for you!
  13. Mr Tony

    Xbox Game Pass

    CDKeys at one point had 3 month codes that were cheap for first customers only. A friend of mine bought 3 of those above earlier today and they worked for him.
  14. That post above was my first in the thread. I was just making noise that I'd love to be on £24k!
  15. More than the average wage in D&G. We're about £120 lower than the national average per week. I'm on the highest I've ever earned, and I'v not broke that 22k barrier yet.
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