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  1. I’m fairly certain it’s up to the publisher when/if their game goes on Game Pass. If it’s that simple every game would be on there day one already. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Xcloud and Game Pass made its way to other systems with Halo, Forza, the whole damn lot. It’s just a matter of time. Like I said they’re playing the long game, ultimately Xbox Game Pass will just be an app you open on whatever device you choose, but that’s probably ten years away, that’s their goal though.
  2. II don’t think they will, I don’t think they’re that precious about exclusives anymore. They’re playing the long game and they’ll be used to push Game Pass further and further into peoples consciousness. You could buy Elder Scrolls VI for PlayStation for £64.99 or you could have it day one at no extra cost as part of your subscription. This is why Xbox will ultimately win this generation, PlayStation has run out of steam in Japan which leaves MS on much firmer footing in other territories, and ‘Netflix for games’ will become the norm - I have mixed feelings about that too but it’s wh
  3. I felt similar when I listened to it yesterday.
  4. Yeah that’s my take on it too although, and I’m not trying to be clever here because I’m really not (clever), but I viewed it that way throughout. I found the depictions of addiction, mental illness and homelessness, well, just a bit cliched. It was interesting though to see a film presented that way without the director explicitly telling you what is going on, and it had some lovely visual touches (the prisms of light in the nice world for example) good performances from the two leads too but ultimately it just felt a bit hollow and, ironically, one dimensional. I mean it touched
  5. I’m really not sure what to make of that, either I’m missing something or it was a very simple story made needlessly overly complicated and confusing and ultimately left me feeling as though I don’t know what I was supposed to take away from it. But then I felt the same way after my first viewing of Enemy a film which this reminded me of at times, but now I consider that to be a masterpiece, so I don’t know
  6. They’ve said it will have smoother motion controls but, tbh, there’s nothing really to compare it to controls wise - it’s a fairly unique game in that respect.
  7. 2023 is my guess for that, 25th anniversary,
  8. Gears 5, Crackdown 3 (very underrated game IMO) edit. And Ori, although that’s also on Switch.
  9. Yeah I’m not disagreeing with their strategy but it doesn’t alter the fact that there have been no recent releases across the Xbox format yet there have on PC. I think it’s a temporary blip though - this is happening across all formats at the moment.
  10. Loads of stuff to be fair, Half-Life: Alyx, Flight Simulator, Hades ...
  11. Yeah it why I held off following the Halo delay and not really knowing when Flight Sim is out, it’s all very well offering first party titles day one on Game Pass, when there aren’t any But it’s a situation that can only improve. I really do think we will see some strong first party games from MS this gen, and in the meantime it should deliver the best third party experiences too. Halo, Flight Sim & (maybe) the next main line Forza this year would be a great start.
  12. What’s the biggest technical showcase currently on Series X would you say?
  13. Has Dark Souls (any of them) had any improvements made for the Xbox Series consoles? I’m still waiting for Flight Simulator before diving in, but Dark Souls at 120fps could tempt me also
  14. They have a captive audience, 70m Switch consoles and Skyward Sword sold just under 4m originally on Wii, so basically most Switch owners have never played it and Zelda is extremely popular right now.
  15. I’ve played it through, mainly just so that I could see where it all began.
  16. Would love the G&W too but with A Link To The Past instead of LoZ, I remember playing it on my Gameboy Micro and it was purely brilliant. I can’t wait for Skyward Sword I only ever played it through once when it came out, and I really loved it, so it’ll be interesting to see if it holds up. I reckon it will, I’m especially looking forward to better motion controls as promised - they make the game.
  17. It’s an academic list, no one in their right mind would place the original LoZ above Skyward Sword or Minish Cap, because no one would actually even bother to play it these days, it’s just too old and awkward with none of the QOL features we have come to expect. I mean it’s great from an archivists POV but not from a players. The same goes for Majora’s Mask. Yes it’s clever and different with its time travel mechanic, but the dungeons can’t hold a candle to the majesty of Ocarina of Time. And I can’t even remember much about Oracle & Ages having only played it/them the
  18. Been watching Behind Her Eyes absolute trash with a mid series reveal that will have some reaching for the off button in disgust, I’ve been enjoying it all the same, and Bono’s daughter plays one of the leads
  19. Sounds like Olija and Gods Will Fall are worth checking out at least, I’ve not heard of either before, both on Switch too.
  20. I thought of that too, that’s if they bother even doing that for Zelda as surely they would have mentioned it with the Skyward Sword reveal?
  21. No, I’m not having Spirit Tracks ranked above Skyward Sword & Twilight Princess, and have you played Zelda II, like really played it? There’s a reason they abandoned ever making one like that again. Likewise Minish Cap is a far, far better game than the two DS outings.
  22. That won’t stick - Sony and Microsoft regularly advertise their consoles and games running at 4K, or above, but they rarely do, there’s no precedence.
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