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  1. Yeah I got the thrustmaster - not top end or anything but it’s excellent, I don’t actually know of any others compatible with Xbox.
  2. If you enjoy Elite Dangerous with a pad you would really like it with a flight stick, it takes things to the next level.
  3. There must be a way of doing it.
  4. Does anyone know if Half-Life 2/Orange Box ever got a 60fps boost? Last time I played it I think it had a resolution boost and the frame rate stabilised at a steady 30fps but that was a couple of years ago maybe.
  5. You can just pay it off can’t you? In the thing I signed it says you can, and that’s what I’ll be doing - either way, it’s interest free so, yes, it’s full price for Gamepass but other than that it’s just rrp.
  6. 5th March is only one week away, I feel lucky to have got one that soon
  7. God no, just the one next gen console for me, the best one
  8. Damn, so much for this smart delivery
  9. Oh right, so is that not on Gamepass?
  10. Is Control optimised for Series X?
  11. Erm in a mad panic I accidentally bought one
  12. Deffo, I went for a walk earlier just to get out, stuck some cans on and belted the album out!
  13. It’s nice that they took Pharrell and made him a star.
  14. Stanley

    It Takes Two

    What platform(s) is it for?
  15. I’ve listened to the Mogwai album more and I’m really enjoying it now, if you like Mogwai anyway then it’s them doing what they do, really well. Sounds like damning it with faint praise but you kind of get used to them being that good so more of the same isn’t a bad thing. Suits a walk on a miserable rainy day - deffo need to give it time & space.
  16. I like the longer tracks so I can drone out to them, and with Rollin’ & Scratchin’ I love the abrasiveness of it, it sounds like an Autobot beating a Decepticon to a pulp in a disused sheet metal factory, machines whirring and buzzing. But that whole album is great, it felt like a manifesto, a blueprint. Daftendirekt into wdpk, then Revolution 909 (that click snare) “stop the music and go home” - fucking awesome.
  17. Someone calls themselves “Dunkey” and you have to ask what’s wrong?
  18. I mean most people are busting to take over other peoples accounts
  19. There’s a lot of shite on Star, it’s like Netflix when it first started.
  20. Cassandra Jenkins album is superb, thanks for that - really calming which is just what I need right now.
  21. Yeah well done getting your order in, I honestly had no idea it was that hard to get hold of.
  22. Damn, crazy isn’t it. I really want one and was gonna hang on until Flight Sim, but what’s the point waiting? Seems like I might not have a choice
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