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  1. Yeah I’ve played it, I bet it’s awesome to play at 120fps in slow motion, smooooooth.
  2. I can’t remember being given a choice, definitely remember something about it being available for the 5th. Edit. This is from Game’s website: https://helps.game.co.uk/support/solutions/articles/77000477214-xbox-series-x-s-important-information-updated-10-02-21 No idea what kind of delivery I’ve got edit. Checked And mine is definitely 12/03 in the email, but again don’t remember ever being given an option.
  3. I’ve had the same it’s probably just the stage it remains at until stock is available - sounds like they’re expecting it between the 5th and the 12th, but who really knows?!
  4. Forza 7 will be getting a look, played it a tonne anyway - does it look nice on Series X?
  5. Oh dear, I’m afraid I’ve already begun looking - check out the HDTV discussion thread I’m going for an LG OLED, hopefully the new models coming shortly!
  6. Hmmm, let’s see what happens, probably arrive tomorrow
  7. Will add it for the list for sure!
  8. Thank you, she’s 7 btw
  9. Ok thank you I’ll check them out
  10. I’ve played Outer Wilds and yes it’s excellent I’m definitely moving towards Subnautica, been wanting to play it for ages.
  11. I’m all for couch multiplayer. Yeah definitely need at least one more pad.
  12. OMG Kingdom Hearts III is on there, I didn’t realise.
  13. Planet Coaster looks good, here I go - already have at least twenty games I want to play straight away
  14. I’ll be paying for the Dead Cells DLC straight away, I already own the game and all content on Switch
  15. That’s also a very good point.
  16. Yes, I don’t want to take it for granted or become paralysed by choice, it is why I’m drawing up a little list.
  17. I suddenly feel like buying the new Xbox with GP is the best thing I’ve done in ages. I’ve had a really shit time recently (I’m not exaggerating here, or saying it for effect) and all the joy went out my life, I went off games, everything - I feel like I’m letting the light back in again. Ooh that was a bit heavy!
  18. Destiny 2 is the complete up to date version as well isn’t it?
  19. I mean, yeah, Like A Dragon is a must for me - DQXI is my favourite JRPG of all time and people tell me it’s very similar in terms of mechanics, so I can’t wait for that. Do you think it will come to GP? @Mr. Gerbik I’m off until March 22nd as it happens, won’t have my Series X until a week or so though, hopefully.
  20. Yeah Moving Out, my daughter keeps asking to get that, think I’ll buy an extra controller tbh as there are quite a few multiplayer games aren’t there? So many games
  21. Where does Yakuza Kiwami fit in the time line?
  22. So I’m queuing up games I’m going to play when I get my Series X in a week or so, and there’s so much choice. Think I’m going to start with The Medium and Dead Cells (played it to death already but nowhere near enough, yet) then I reckon I’ll move onto Yakuza having never played any in the series, where to start? I guess Kiwami is the best to play first? Also any other recommendations for games to check out? I’ve never played Resi 7 so that’s a must, and Dishonoured 2. Subnautica is a must I think, in fact I might try that first. I don’t know !
  23. It’s starting to take shape now, tonally it’s spot on in those shots.
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