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  1. Btw in the interest of not coming across as though I was being deceitful or arguing in bad faith, apparently Destiny 2 on Game Pass does include the recent Beyond Light expansion, now I have no idea what ‘seasonal content’ is or how any of it varies from the the standard free to play edition, but it’s easy to see how it’s not exactly straight forward, or that it might not be the killer app Stadia was looking for.
  2. Oh we’re talking about next generation now, let’s see what happens To answer your question though, right now I’d rather pay the £450 for the best console experience, rather than relying on internet connections, concerns about latency etc, etc. But I think you have me confused with some kind of Luddite who can’t see the future, I’ve been using streaming for years but it’s never ever been a one stop solution.
  3. It’s not just that there aren’t enough games, and why should I settle for “similar to a console” ? If it’s not better I’m not interested to be frank. Apart from downloading times what can Stadia Pro offer me that an Xbox Series X or PS5 can’t? Anyway I don’t even know why I’m arguing it’s not like I’m invested either way, sorry
  4. It’s not as if it’s the first streaming service though is it? I think people expected a bit more at this point.
  5. Thank you I just don’t have the need for it now, but if you read back my argument was never over the validity of streaming. Stadia as a business model has proved itself a disaster.
  6. I was being facetious. I’m definitely not ok though, no. Stadia is a disaster though.
  7. You’re the one shit posting my friend, I don’t care whether you engage in discussion with me. Edit. As an adage, the fact you have to point out things about seasonal content etc. makes it no less confusing for first time players, or even returning players like myself.
  8. Yeah I agree, I’ve not played it but I believe the people who say the tech is great. The problem is that there’s just more choice on other platforms, including whether to stream or not. They put all their eggs in one basket and it didn’t work, either the market isn’t ready regardless of the advantages or they don’t see them as any real advantages.
  9. You’re blinded by your own anger - Destiny 2 is free and perfectly playable on numerous platforms - whether players then go on to choose the various upgrade paths available to them is up to them, but it’s unlikely the full package on Stadia Pro was so appealing that players would migrate in droves. I mean they haven’t so let’s just leave the argument there. Incidentally I am really looking forward to playing some Destiny 2 on my Series X as part of my Game Pass subscription, I believe that’s the full version with all the bits and bobs included too.
  10. Because anyone new to Destiny 2 doesn’t give a shit about which version they’re playing as long as it’s free.
  11. Yet not so much that everyone is choosing streaming because it’s so much better
  12. I think it was was on games with gold years ago so check you don’t already have it, I might be misremembering though
  13. Tbf that’s more From Software who stand tall on their own.
  14. Defense Grid 1&2 are both excellent, possibly even the best tower defence games ever made (apart from geoDefense on iOS which is no longer supported and basically a crime). These might not be on Game Pass but they are worth buying especially if you see them in a sale.
  15. The problem is that they launched as the PS4 and Xbox One were approaching the end of their cycle, so near market saturation, and anyone who wanted to play Destiny 2 could do so I’d imagine, they followed that up with RDR2, another game that had been on the market some time. Had they waited a year and launched with Cyber Punk it might have been a different story - but it felt at that point like all their marketing and focus was already spent, this was then followed by key figures leaving and development being shut down. Tbh I have no idea what exactly they thought would happe
  16. £20m to Google is like me losing a pound coin down the settee. If they didn’t know the cost of entry to this market that kind of tells you all you need to know about how clued up they are.
  17. They are great QOL features, but much like 60fps it’s not on its own much of a selling point. They needed to focus on value first and foremost, and they just didn’t. They expected to use the same model platform holders have been using since the beginning, selling games at full price. I mean that’s fine if you’ve got Breath of The Wild queued up, Halo, Spider-Man etc. But they didn’t have any of that - Christ their launch game, Destiny 2, was free to play anyway on every platform.
  18. They had enough good games imo, what this will always come back to is that it isn’t Gamepass. It doesn’t matter whether you’re streaming, playing local, console, PC, whatever - GP is the current standard and Stadia by comparison looked dated the moment it launched.
  19. Thank you, it will be a couple of months before I get the telly, I have got a nice TV at the moment but it’s an LCD and from what I’ve heard OLED is pretty transformative
  20. There you go then, we’re really lucky dude, we got one Thanks to whoever spotted this and posted it here btw, I am super grateful Edit. Does make you wonder though, who exactly is getting the consoles allocated for Mar 5th
  21. Ah well not to worry, they probably charge an extra £20 for priority shipping anyway you know what Game are like! I didn’t even try and buy one outright because I didn’t want to lose the chance of getting one if they were mainly reserved for All Access deals.
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