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  1. Ravenholm is ace. I love the music at the start of the level. Damn, I just adore the game. Completed Nova Prospekt today, what a level, and now Anticitizen One. I really do feel like I'm treating myself every time I fire up the 360 to play this. Apart from some of the Zeldas it's the only game to get such repeated playthroughs for me.
  2. Ah, but that could be one of two the or the . The latter just make me go weird. I hate them.
  3. Those black headcrab things which first appear in Ravenholm still put the fear of god into me. They're just, wrong.
  4. I don't get it. Every Zelda has an emphasis on key lock puzzles. And the one to come out directly after OOT, Majoras Mask couldn't be any different. And Wind Waker? If anything Twilight Princess is the one most like Ocarina. Anyway this is a Streetfighter thread. So, maybe another time another thread.
  5. I have just played the very beginning of Episode One. Never played it before despite having played HL2 numerous times through. Jesus. Valve are absolute masters of their art. There is nothing, nothing, that touches them in terms of characterisation and storytelling. What an awesome opening. It's like actually being in my favourite Sci-fi movies.
  6. About a third. You have so much goodness to come, it just keeps hitting high after high.
  7. OOT as in Ocarina Of Time? The worst thing to happen to the Zelda series? You loon.
  8. It's a game. The shotgun sonics, and the damage it does are perfectly good.
  9. It's true it does use the old PC FPS carry all method but the weapons certainly have their different uses and impact. The machine gun for short controlled bursts, the magnum for medium range one hit kills, the shotgun close range. The Combine are but cannon fodder much of the time, but they still have a menace to them, and in groups, along with Hunter Choppers they can do damage.at the end of day though once you have it there's only one gun you need, the gravity gun.
  10. It feels very solid and weighty to me. It's easily the best game to let you play around around to your hearts content with its physics. The gravity gun is genius. I can't help myself every time I play just picking up and manipulating objects, trying things out, experimenting. And I don't think I'll ever, ever get bored of throwing paint at zombies, or ciricular saws. Or radiators. etc.
  11. Stanley

    Xbox 360..

    Doesn't bother me at all. I like my Premium and it does everything I want it to. For those in the market for a videogame console and a HD movie player/media centre this could be a good option. They all play the same games which is what's important.
  12. Anyway back to the games. One of the things that really impresses me in HL2 is the sound. Every little noise is just so brilliantly placed, from the manhacks to the helicopter gunships. The Carpeteresque soundtrack. Even just the sound of steam (no pun intended) hissing out of pipes oozes atmosphere. The radio chatter from the combine, the distant noises, and when you walk into that deserted playground at the beginning of the game... quite eerie. Played Portal a bit (bout 6 levels) and it's just the freshest thing in ages. It's bloody genius, and the art direction is like Kubricks 2001. To th
  13. Christ Game are bandits. I traded in Bioshock, Gears Of War and The Darkness for £42. So I still had to pay £3 for Orange Box. Anyway it's fantastic. I really do think HL2 is my favourite game of all time. It hasn't dated at all since I played it on PC all those years ago.
  14. I'm not sure I understand the point of Every Extend. It feels more like a relaxation tool than a game. Whilst playing for highscores can be fun, I like things to be a bit more challenging.
  15. I think Rez compares very favourably to this visually. They are such different types of games though.
  16. Well, my two favourite albums of theirs are Kid A and The Bends, yet this sounds like the freshest Radiohead I've heard in ages.
  17. Surely that's Kid A? In Rainbows only really has the one vaguely Aphexy sounding track, 15 Step.
  18. Yes, it's clear that everyone has forgotten them.
  19. Surely Bodysnatchers makes up for it. They've never been rockier than on that track.
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