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  1. For those that enjoyed the other video, and just to add to the bolded bit in @smac’s post, about 1.40 in Ellie shoots a guy in the head then walks away with a “fuck off” it’s perfect. (Heavy story spoilers)
  2. I saw TV adverts too, but I don’t think pushed it nearly enough.
  3. Well I suppose if I understood your point better I could expand upon my own
  4. So what is your point regarding people being willing to accept worse performance i.e. console over pc, when the same can’t be said for people choosing streaming services over console? I mean there is no evidence of this, is there?
  5. And one of the other advantages, ignoring what games are available, is that you don’t have to rely on your internet connection to play the games or get the best picture , or worry about lag, the service going down etc. I mean clearly there are reasons why you can’t get a PS5 or Xbox or new RTX card for love nor money yet Stadia doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere, and it’s not just down to the lack of games, because there are decent games for it. Similar reasons, I imagine, why Gamepass Ultimate subscribers who only use the cloud service will be massively outnumbered by those wit
  6. And it’s yet to be proven whether the service could sustain that amount of traffic as it’s doing way more than just sending tiny mp3 files over, or even movies. Like, how quickly could they scale it to meet demand? Say you’ve got a couple of big new releases both selling in the region of 5-10m, all users attempting to access the service at the same time each requiring their own virtual console - then on top of that you’ve got a massive amount of Fortnite players etc. Is any game streaming service robust enough yet to carry that off? I imagine the answer is no which is why MS still sells consol
  7. Sorry, I thought you were saying they needed to market it as ‘the console you don’t need a console for’ - isn’t that what they are doing?
  8. Surely that’s their entire raison d'être, the problem is that, clearly, lots of people do still want consoles, PC’s etc.
  9. I think this is an important point. If you look at why Xbox is successful at the moment one of the main reasons is that they have focussed on backwards compatibility and enhancements, and this has really gained them allegiance from their customers who appreciate being able to take their library of games with them and play them on pretty much any device they choose going forward. Streaming plays a part in this but they are still sensitive to what their customers want, and that the infrastructure just isn’t ready to support the market by streaming alone right now.
  10. I mean, just look at it. No plot spoilers but it does reveal a location, it’s just gameplay though.
  11. No one can force you to enjoy it, but I think the game play is exquisite. It’s all the little details - the way enemies react to being shot, stabbed, blown up - and then the way their comrades react to that - there are some fucking awesome battles in it. What’s that animation called when things change depending on what’s going on, procedural animation? (I’m awful at tech speak) But this game does that better than anything. The work that’s gone into how you just shoot an enemy is bonkers, nothing else comes close.
  12. I think saying it’s just like the first game (well duh it’s the sequel) or that it’s just a stealth action game really does it a disservice. It’s the closest I’ve ever felt in a game to actually being in an amazing and tense action thriller in which I’m directing the action. The game play areas are much bigger and more open than the first game, and you can now go prone which completely changes how you approach scenarios - you’re no longer just running and ducking from cover to cover, it’s much less staccato and more fluid. And how you approach these scenarios really is up
  13. Thank you for that @Gorf King I look forward to getting stuck in once again when my new console arrives, and thank you @Hass I will give Stadia a go at some point
  14. So the game pass version does have everything up to date? What’s the season pass?
  15. Btw in the interest of not coming across as though I was being deceitful or arguing in bad faith, apparently Destiny 2 on Game Pass does include the recent Beyond Light expansion, now I have no idea what ‘seasonal content’ is or how any of it varies from the the standard free to play edition, but it’s easy to see how it’s not exactly straight forward, or that it might not be the killer app Stadia was looking for.
  16. Oh we’re talking about next generation now, let’s see what happens To answer your question though, right now I’d rather pay the £450 for the best console experience, rather than relying on internet connections, concerns about latency etc, etc. But I think you have me confused with some kind of Luddite who can’t see the future, I’ve been using streaming for years but it’s never ever been a one stop solution.
  17. It’s not just that there aren’t enough games, and why should I settle for “similar to a console” ? If it’s not better I’m not interested to be frank. Apart from downloading times what can Stadia Pro offer me that an Xbox Series X or PS5 can’t? Anyway I don’t even know why I’m arguing it’s not like I’m invested either way, sorry
  18. It’s not as if it’s the first streaming service though is it? I think people expected a bit more at this point.
  19. Thank you I just don’t have the need for it now, but if you read back my argument was never over the validity of streaming. Stadia as a business model has proved itself a disaster.
  20. I was being facetious. I’m definitely not ok though, no. Stadia is a disaster though.
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