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  1. I vaguely remember it, but the series I’m watching now must have different characters or something, I did a lot of drugs back then
  2. I’ve just unwrapped this and it’s a lovely package isn’t it, it’s such a shame what happened with the game when they went to such effort, I mean who else does that these days?
  3. Hahaha! I don’t even remember watching it I’m guessing it’s changed a lot since then
  4. Yeah I’ve just checked, downloaded it this morning but I can’t play it for 6 days - what kind of fucking stupid way to do a demo is that
  5. Sure but the difference is that all of those games sold well, the guy said it himself it opened to a bunch of 7’s on metacritic and Sony wasn’t interested thereafter. Horizon also reviewed extremely well.
  6. Yes but my point is that it wasn’t the tired or overdone setting that affected sales.
  7. Yet that’s the exact same setting at The Last of Us 2 and that sold incredibly well.
  8. Well he’s no longer with the company having apparently bowed out of game development altogether, it’s still insulting to his audience though.
  9. I take full responsibility, I didn’t even buy it when it was discounted, in fact I’m partly responsible for all the games ever that didn’t do well and that I didn’t buy.
  10. But you can’t view your content because your hardware isn’t supported any longer so you either have to buy a new one, or find a workaround, and I’d imagine that any enthusiasts still playing PS3 games in ten or twenty years time will find a way.
  11. I know you just want to win the point or whatever, but my point is that for the vast majority of users this won’t be an issue. The way this news is being reported imo is disproportionate to the actual threat it presents. I mean if I was buying a PS5 right now it would be the least of my worries, maybe that’s just me and everyone else is shitting themselves fearing the day Sony turns off their servers and all their batteries fail.
  12. I doubt it’s high on their list of priorities tbh as it’s likely that the vast majority of their customers will never encounter it anyway.
  13. All fair points, I can’t pretend otherwise, but none of these issues have affected anyone have they, let’s be honest, this issue is kind of overblown right now.
  14. Oh yeah my response was entirely dismissive I accept that, I’m just a irritable fucker, that’s all.
  15. I mean is there a single person on this forum affected by this issue? And that’s not to dismiss it outright, but it seems to me that the extent of this issue is being exaggerated somewhat.
  16. No, no. I was being sarcastic. Like I said they should be criticised, but the hyperbole surrounding this and issues such as Jim Ryan etc. It’s just desperate.
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