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  1. I’m still having a great time with it, the combat for me is leagues ahead of the first game, and pretty much any other games too, and I love the boss battles.
  2. Has it? I don’t remember exactly when the new tiers were introduced but I’ve had it since then, and it’s one I thought I would play shortly. These things need a year minimum IMO. That’s the problem with Sony’s service, at least with Game Pass games tend to stay around for longer and MS owned studios indefinitely. edit. You are right the new service has been running since June, where has this year gone?!
  3. The Lord of The Rings trilogy looks lovely remastered.
  4. Balls, that’s shit isn’t it. No point adding these massive games for just a couple of months.
  5. It’s not a bug, this will have been focus tested within an inch of its life, and that’s what you get. Same with boss fights, die enough times and the game will engage ‘adaptive difficulty’ no matter what setting you choose.
  6. One thing is for sure, whoever is in charge of marketing the DLC has done a splendid job I want this to be good, and I hope it’s great, but Jesus get out of your own way, devs, with the fucking poor marketing of ‘extras’ that most people expect to be in the game anyway. What next, new gun sound effects £9.99
  7. The DLC comes with extra death animations from day one doesn’t it?
  8. I’m glad other people agree, I’d hate this kind of thing to become the norm. It’s like the people fought back against loot boxes so now they’re looking for other ways in which to rip off customers. I mean Sony already established a £69.99 price point so charge that if you want. Sure you’ll get some pushback but rather that than force people to pay for animations you’ve cut. Jesus wept.
  9. Also the pay off for that section is ace.
  10. I don’t think so, did they assist with Arceus? I knew they’d helped with Zelda, and Splatoon 3, but I can’t find any mention of that.
  11. Locking some of the games animations behind a paid season pass is a properly shitty thing to do. I mean I don’t really care about cosmetic stuff like different outfits, but this ridiculous. Just give me the full game, if I like it I’ll consider paying for new content when it arrives, now I definitely wont be buying this day one, I’ll wait until I can get the whole thing with everything included when it drops in price.
  12. There are some cuts but they are linked in a way which makes sense, saying more would be spoilerish, they are very well done though. And yeah the loading areas are a bit frustrating when you know the PS5 could just transition more quickly to the next area, and a reminder you are essentially playing a ‘last gen’ game on steroids, literally in Kratos’ case
  13. Yeah, any spare time I have I’m playing the game, and whilst yes it is ‘more of the same’ I do think it is much better in every way. Everything is improved and polished.
  14. Plus GoW Ragarok is an exceptional game, fully deserved IMO.
  15. They looked truly terrifying as well.
  16. The Hateful are dickheads really, have you fought any Berserkers yet?
  17. You can level up you just can’t level down so in your case going from basic to extra is fine. Pick yourself up some cheap credit from shopto or cdkeys etc. and then take advantage of the 75% offer for Black Friday.
  18. Yeah I think Ragnorok’s systems are all pretty elegant and useful. The amulet system perhaps isn’t explained as well as it could be, but tbh it is fairly self explanatory, and once you’ve fixed more of the slots you can really mess around with different setups. But I like how easily changing your armour and weapons, relics, etc. allows you to see exactly how it’s affecting your stats and therefore adjust your play style as @stir fry says. I didn’t think Forbidden West is anywhere near as refined in comparison, there’s far too much fat on that. I also enjoy how the crafting system, using the dwarves, is worked into the story. It makes it so much more cohesive. It can get a bit tunnel visioned at times though as you go down loads of winding corridors but overall I think the levels and areas are well designed. There’s a nice sense of place to it all. It’s a big, big games this one. I always say I’ll push on with the story but then get sidetracked by the lure of new areas, secrets and loot. Think I’m about 35 hours in with no end in sight just yet, though I can see where it’s all headed. Say what you like about Sonys business practices, pricing etc. or even their particular style, but when it comes to organising their studios and getting these big projects out the door in a mostly very polished state they are second to none.
  19. Funny thing is with some of the more difficult puzzles they don’t say anything, not that any of them are real head scratchers though.
  20. The funny song That number just looked like so much fun, I honestly had a ball watching this today with the family.
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