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  1. Tbf Housemarque were synonymous with PlayStation before the buyout, and Returnal is an excellent example of a more riskier release, certainly at £70 It’s also better than anything else released so far this gen.
  2. Being on the pro consoles where we get 60fps and quality.
  3. Following on from their awesome Hologram EP which came out last year, A Place To Bury Strangers have a new album, See Through You, out on 4th Feb. Some violent/messed up bits in this video, nothing excessive, but worth warning about.
  4. Probably been said a billion times in this thread, but the sound with 3D audio, oh my goodness, it’s just phenomenal. Every little noise is perfect and so detailed. I love the soundtrack too, really nice bit of sci-fi techno.
  5. For me the carbine with high calibre rounds just has too much stopping power in comparison, but I need to experiment more with the HS it would seem.
  6. Does anyone use the Hollow Seeker? I find it quite weak but wondered whether it comes alive at higher levels or something. I never pick it up now.
  7. Well won for Returnal, I’ve been playing it for weeks and it never ceases to impress me visually.
  8. I mean there are loads of points here, but what about Doom Eternal? IMO that’s the best FPS since, well, Doom 2016, and it’s actually a lot more arcade like than you might imagine in the sense that it’s just a pure adrenaline rush that relies on skill and quick reflexes. It’s actually quite a bit like Returnal in fact. So you know, they’ve got them making exclusives for them now (id) so that’s pretty great if you have an Xbox.
  9. It’s difficult to gauge isn’t it, it’s like albums sold versus number of times streamed - I suppose it’s how things are going now though.
  10. I’m not sure Forza has ever done as well as Gran Turismo.
  11. Microsoft have always leaned towards more western centric genres such as RPGS, FPS’s and racing sims, as such those games are a good fit for them, as are the likes that Bethesda publish.
  12. Let’s not bring all this shit up people, it doesn’t need to be a console wars thread, we have one of those already.
  13. Maybe, either way as you say they appear to have a very strong relationship with MS and seem a good fit for them. Deffo one of my favourite studios.
  14. I thought they had bought them recently, honestly it’s so hard to keep up with them isn’t it. But I’m sure their next game, Plague Tale: Requiem, is exclusive, isn’t it? Yeah I’m wrong, you are right they are still third party but I think Requiem is coming to Game Pass day one. I’m probably wrong about that too
  15. Asobo I think are one of MS’s best studios, with Flight Sim obviously but also the team that made A Plague Tale.
  16. This Guardians of The Galaxy is getting lots of praise, I need to play it I think.
  17. Do Activison own Monolith, them that did FEAR and Condemned, and more recently the Mordor games? They’re a top tier developer.
  18. Looking forward to playing Deaths Door that looks excellent, and Nobody Saves The World looks decent too, and Hitman. Too many games
  19. There’s been a clear sway towards Xbox since the new gen started, no doubt bolstered by Game Pass but also I guess because you could actually buy a Series S without too much hassle, and basically because it is the best console from a design standpoint, it’s pretty awesome.
  20. Hmm, I mean I’ve not been checking that closely but it seemed to pick up quite a few votes.
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