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  1. Sorry to hear that, sometimes it’s good to say things, even on here.
  2. Cheers @WiperI think that is actually the cheapest - I’ve ordered myself it
  3. A bit OT but is SOR4 available in physical copies, PS4 or Switch? Time to treat myself.
  4. The infrastructure required for online play was broadly similar for both parties - it is not as if MS had to charge because party chat costs £40 a year to run, or whatever, charging for it was always part off their plan right from the beginning. More likely that as MS were gaining ground Sony used its free service to lure people away - I don’t know. I mean for me it was fine but I’m not a hardcore gamer, I was happy that I didn’t have to pay for it though and it was nothing to do with me thinking it was too shit to pay for, I would have if I had to - Uncharted multiplayer was great,
  5. To be fair I found it fine on PS3 and not really any different to PS4 - certain didn’t harm my enjoyment of Modern Warfare, Uncharted 2, Last of Us etc. not having to pay for the online. Also there’s no way theirs is worse than Nintendo’s.
  6. Even more amazing that they actually all came out! I’ll have to play FF7R some day as the original is so iconic I owe to myself.
  7. Regardless of the reasons for this u-turn, what MS have done, inadvertently, is jump start the debate about why we should have to pay for online in the first place, and what a rip off it is. Let’s be honest no one charged for online play until Xbox Live Gold back in 2002, and Sony didn’t charge for it until the PS4 in 2013. Nintendo held out until 2018. So for a good 10 or 11 years MS were the only company that required you to pay a subscription to use their online service. And on PC it is still entirely free, including Xbox Live Gold, and on mobile it’s free, it’s even free on Stadi
  8. I thought PS Plus was still £50 a year, have they announced a raise?
  9. So if I bought say, Destiny 2, on it I could play online for free, just have to pay for the game?
  10. And F2P games are in fact free to play, online, on Sony and Nintendo’s services, not so on Xbox they require Gold.
  11. New Abul Mogard album out, this is the title track. https://abulmogard.bandcamp.com/album/in-immobile-air
  12. I wonder if they’re just exhausting stock - seems a bit mad that 6 months ones just announced are only £7 cheaper than these.
  13. Yeah but like I said if all you wanna do is play COD online it’s a bit fucking shit, isn’t it?
  14. Totally, I know plenty people who pay for Gold & PS+ etc just because it gives them online access to FIFA, COD, Animal Crossing and so on, they’re not interested in the free games so much.
  15. That’s true, it’s weird MS’s stance on F2P stuff.
  16. That Indy game is actually really good.
  17. Really didn’t like this week’s house - the slate roof should have stopped at the walls and the windows were horrid with that same dark grey finish, it looked like a Minecraft house - also didn’t like the furniture and furnishings what little there was, zero style or taste with some shocking choice in art - that fucking lion Also that argument over the staircase was just weird, what a strange couple.
  18. I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the voting to know for sure, but I think AC & Hades got lots of votes too.
  19. It makes zero sense, I’m against gating off content of multi format games anyway, but the PS4 version would also run on the PS5, so as a marketing tool it’s proper dumb.
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