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  1. keeps booting me back to the dash when I try and launch a game.
  2. I think next year is looking pretty good actually, and it’s understandable that they may be behind schedule this year. But bumping the price on their, weirdly named, ‘Nintendo Online’ service to include N64 games is an absolute piss take, I’d rather just buy the ones I want outright.
  3. Yeah definitely a highlight.
  4. It was fine if you want to keep playing old Nintendo games, whether they’re remasters, collections, roms, etc. but other than the excellent looking Metroid Dread there really isn’t anything much new, and there hasn’t been since last year. There hasn’t been a big Nintendo game since Animal Crossing tbh.
  5. Can’t believe they are charging extra for their crap subscription service, by the time they add in GBA, GameCube, Wii etc. it will be about hundred quid a month.
  6. Subnautica is great, it’s a real time sink though.
  7. Well, ok, if we’re going be exact in our descriptions of what is or what isn’t platforming or rhythm action, it’s too convenient to just hand wave them away IMO because it’s art, darling.
  8. Ha, sorry, more a colloquialism from round where I’m from (can’t be arrrrsed)
  9. Be arsed with Gameboy games.
  10. Wasn’t the bothy a bedroom for their daughter?
  11. I’m really enjoying it, the game play is super smooth and whilst not too taxing it’s challenging enough to be satisfying, and I enjoy equipping new armour, weapons etc. Trying to get the right balance of brightness and HDR as it seems a bit too bright at times, and the HDR settings are a bit opaque. Overall it’s a good game, like a more streamlined Witcher III or RDR2.
  12. Mine is something like that whilst also calculating how many I need to get the 1000 points monthly one.
  13. I gave up on that PUBG weekly reward, fuck PUBG
  14. Definitely the expansion, obviously a Series S would be nice to have but if you don’t really need it then double the storage is a well better option IMO.
  15. I'd love to play Returnal, will see what the situation with PS5 stock is like shortly and hopefully get one in the new year, can imagine it will be hard in the run to Christmas.
  16. The wireless headset really is worth it IMO, it’s great being able to crank the volume up at night without waking the entire family up
  17. Massively looking forward to this. I love the sound design in Metroid, it just sets a tone and atmosphere like none other. Sure it will look great on the Switch OLED but IMO it’s going to look and sound even better on a big screen with surround sound or headphones.
  18. Nice bit of Lee Perry. https://www.dublab.com/archive/richard-fearless-metal-box-w-paranoid-london-09-04-21
  19. Was it the most spoken language maybe? Bit vague though isn’t it.
  20. I don’t mind Aragami 2, sure it’s pretty basic both stealth wise, combat wise and visually, but I still quite enjoy playing it
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