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  1. I’d imagine so, I’m probably not the best person to ask though.
  2. Ratchet & Clank will have had the same or more attention lavished on it as Returnal, it’s a next gen AAA title and comes with next gen AAA costs. So why shouldn’t it cost £70 if it’s a cut above anything we’ve experienced before, and isn’t that what you were arguing when defending exactly the same price point for Returnal?
  3. Sales have already dropped off massively after a relatively weak first week, so based on that it does not appear to be selling well. There is no bigger picture or circumstances contributing to its success or lack thereof, quite simply it is not performing well at that price point.
  4. Yeah it was originally a PlayStation title, RE7 had PSVR support, and Village marketing was all centred around PlayStation.
  5. Very impressive numbers on PS5 though it has to be said.
  6. Are PS4 and PS5 versions different whereas Xbox is the same i.e. smart delivery? Regardless, 20% of 3 million is 600,000 so it’s not done badly.
  7. Great to see it has done well, although I’m not surprised either as it’s on every format going apart from Switch, and it was priced appropriately.
  8. My favourite joke was the one about the band members, Roger Daltry?
  9. It was a basically a melding of Italian comedy with Reservoir Dogs, but I don’t think an appreciation of either was really necessary - I still got the jokes and understood what was going on.
  10. Ah right I get it now, I’d forgotten about his echo. I thought it was alright but not one of their best, still kept me entertained though.
  11. I’ve got to admit, I did not understand the twist at the end.
  12. Hey I’m more than happy with the Series X version, widely observed to be the closest thing available to the high end Stadia experience
  13. Yeah but I think the point he’s making is that it’s normalised, heavy drinking, or binge drinking, a few lines here and there, when in fact it can lead to addictive and abusive behaviour.
  14. 5 months apart though, and Skyward Sword isn’t out until July. I mean it’s possible, but I would guess that BoTW2 won’t be out this side of Christmas if that happens.
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