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  1. Stanley

    Reading & Leeds 2019

    Who on earth are 21 Pilots? They're awful.
  2. Stanley


    Listened to this A LOT now and I'm coming around to the opinion that In This Room is the best song they've ever done. The vocals are so lush.
  3. Dragon Quest is deliberately old school. I love the forge mechanic in this, it's just so satisfying even though it's basic, and I think that's the point. There is a new system though where team members do a kind of combo, and the upgrade paths look like there's a fair bit of depth to them.
  4. Yeah it was only short-lived really, by the time Brit Pop had arrived it had already been consumed and monetised by the super clubs and their 'superstar DJ's'. I suppose now we just listen to music in such different ways. Back then I'd be in all sorts of obscure record shops and clubs, travelling all over the place. Now I can just stream it all on my phone. So I suppose that's the real revolution, the proliferation of all kinds of music and sub genres without any boundaries. I mean i can't honestly say I'm a grime fan, or whatever, but I certainly have easy access to it - I'm aware of it. Still seems like techno is on the up though, there's loads of amazing music about.
  5. Well if it's not insider info what are you worried about telling us for?
  6. Yeah I suppose Grime counts, but I don't think there's been anything that's resonated as much culturally since rave and the dance music revolution - definitely felt like the last big proletariat movement.
  7. You're probably right, I'm defintely too old. There is defintely culture and great music/art though, but where is the counter culture? Again I'm probably too old.
  8. It is scary but also a little sad in that 1959 was about rock n roll, 69 hippies n drugs, 79 punk, 89 rave. Todays kids have what, social media?
  9. It's a great game, everything I wanted from a mainline DQ that we haven't really had since VIII.
  10. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    It's the same game as the PS4 version with added features such as being able to play through the entire game in old school 16 bit style 2D mode, a fully orchestral soundtrack, and some other bits and bobs. The demo is literally the first 10 hours of the game or thereabouts, and you can continue from your demo save come the full release. You can essentially start playing the full game now for free.
  11. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    Tell me about it, I haven't even got Mario Maker 2 yet, it's a bumper year for Switch.
  12. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    I'd like to get a family sub too but I already have the individual one, not sure how I can upgrade other than just cancelling auto renew, waiting for it to expire, and then resubbing.
  13. It looks bloody marvellous on Switch, and yes it's a huge demo - only thing you can't do is choose 2D mode.
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