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  1. Knowing Nintendo they will have had it on the back burner for ages just waiting for the right technology, so yes absolutely. It's less than a year since Switch launched so Labo would definitely have been designed in conjunction with it.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    How does Doom look now in TV mode?
  3. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    It's made by grown men though (and women I guess) as someone else said if we're going to hold Hollywood accountable for their depiction of women in films then the games industry should fall under the same scrutiny. The description of the perfect woman from that Eurogamer review is highly suspect, both in terms of being sexist and racist.
  4. SOMA - Are you ready to NOPE?

    Damn thought this was going to be a Switch announcement.
  5. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    The whole thing is a mess this is why developers should keep their personal opinions to themselves.
  6. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    Well all that alpha male bullshit sounds sexist to me. No need.
  7. Where Mario Kart Went Wrong

    Well I think they innovate through gameplay too, or they're at least very creative as Zelda, Mario, ARMS, Splatoon etc all attest. I understand what you mean about the darkness in say Majora's Mask. That's a dark and twisted game (that moon!) BoTW whilst not exactly being dark as such does have an incredible sadness and melancholy running throughout it. I think any kind of course designer would have to be accessible to kids etc. That's just the brand it's become. For the Labo stuff check the thread you should find the trailers there with the course design stuff.
  8. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    Well I'm out for the time being. I've been umming and arring but I'm now too uncomfortable to play it. Although I'm as disturbed if not more by the flagrant sexism. Sounds well dodgy.
  9. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    No but they haven't played it either. I'm not saying it's totally historically accurate or that they're not being portrayed well, but it's also not something I've seen highlighted in reviews etc. I'm on the fence. I feel sad about it because I was looking forward to the game, but I think I'll wait and see.
  10. Dark Souls Remastered

    It looks really good, if you could buy one for around £400 I'd be in.
  11. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    Yeah that's a lot of jumping to conclusions if you haven't played it.
  12. Dark Souls Remastered

    How much is that expected to cost?
  13. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    Doesn't Kingdom Come deal with anti-Semitism in its story?
  14. Nintendo Switch

    Christ that's even more worrying. Lucky they were in.

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