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  1. I thought we were comparing Amazon prices where they are very similar. Either way, it seems too expensive to me.
  2. It's not $50 though is it, they're about the same price. Everything you've said makes sense, though is fairly obvious, but the pricing is way off.
  3. Well yeah but better to have one than not for the same price or near enough, and you can play standard discs, and games of course, too.
  4. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, forget Avalanche even existed, the original is still the best.
  5. Agree entirely, from a customer's pov there needs to be a good saving to opt for the SAD version over the one which plays UHD blu-rays, standalone players for which are still fairly pricey. The first move in a while from MS which isn't good.
  6. How much does a UHD drive cost, and what was it costing Microsoft?
  7. Stanley

    What’s Your Favourite Daft Punk song?

    Rollin' & Scratchin'
  8. Exactly and you can buy these cards everywhere from supermarkets to card shops, Super Drug etc.
  9. Well whether by luck or design it comes across as a machine dedicated to playing games first and foremost. I mean look at the UI - it couldn't be any simpler.
  10. To be fair I don't know what else they could do. There's no money in selling hardware and download codes. Game have exceeded my expectations by surviving this generation, I don't think they'll be around on the high st in five years time.
  11. As we move more and more towards all digital - Game Pass, PS Now, Stadia, Xcloud etc. the worse off games retailers will be. The writing is on the wall for them now, at least book shops can still sell books - not just an empty cover with a download code.
  12. It's why Switch is so refreshing, it's just a games console.
  13. I think it would to a degree. These discussions surrounding BC always crop up as a new generation approaches because we're still playing all our current gen games and they're forefront in our minds, if ever there is a time to sell it as a feature it's before launch. I'd imagine a lot of Xbox 360 owners would have stayed with MS if they could have taken their games with them. Because that wasn't the case they had nothing to lose by buying Sony's machine which offered much better value all round.
  14. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    I was going by your comments where you said you were finding it hard and asking how to make things easier, improve your health etc.

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