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  1. Yeah I get that’s been their normal release window for a while, but it might be running late - it is George RR Martin after all
  2. This started development in 2017, so I’m hoping this year but who knows.
  3. I’d love a straight up sequel to Demon’s, many might say that’s Dark Souls, but there’s a different more twisted vibe going on in Demon’s which is also different from the Gothic horror of Bloodborne, ahh From
  4. Yes I bought it on release for Switch, great game.
  5. I love listening to them talk about next gen predictions and what is likely possible on those systems, they’re usually really accurate with that stuff.
  6. Feeling in need of a From game right now, I’m actually really missing Dark Souls as it’s been almost 4 years since the last one. Was hoping for an earlier release this year for this but obviously that’s not happening, perhaps a late summer release, August/September? I’m also still hopeful for a Demon’s Souls remaster, that would make me dive head first into the next gen if it was a launch title.
  7. That bit is proper grim, an uneasy watch for sure, it didn’t cross my mind whether or not it actually happened though as the whole thing is a bit bonkers tbh.
  8. The pictures all have different colour sticks and face buttons, so I’m guessing it’s not real.
  9. No one has said or even inferred anything like that in this thread.
  10. I love all Pacino so I’m probably not the best to comment, but it’s pretty much by the numbers so far - he’s not in it an awful lot anyway, not in ep one.
  11. I’m guessing DF doesn’t ruin your enjoyment of games either.
  12. Stanley

    Best New Music 2020

  13. Doom is a good example of DF being an influence for good. I was initially arsey about their Doom port review but all they were saying is that it could and should be better, and the recent patch fixes most if not all of the issues raised, and I’m certain that’s in part due to their analysis causing the developer to revisit it.
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