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  1. It's easy to say stuff like, if MS offered BC at the start.. They didn't, because they didn't believe it was important. Sony didn't offer it either and PS4 is on course to be one of the most successful consoles of all time. PS3 had it at launch but it didn't help them sell consoles even though PS2 had a massive install base way bigger than Xbox 360. It will come down to games, price and performance. It always does.
  2. Stanley

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Out October 26th 2018

    Let's just hope it's a thousand people all working towards the same goal and not a big mess of ideas that don't quite gel.
  3. Is there anywhere we can see the actual figures though?
  4. Stanley

    The Unofficial Pre-E3 2018 Hype Thread

    The big problem with VR is motion sickness. Until they can fix that It will never be huge on the scale traditional games are, and that's before we even consider all the other issues.
  5. What are the totals now then? I didn't realise there were figures available that's all.
  6. Where are you getting this info?
  7. I still think this is more important. Theoretically I still think if PS5 is technically more proficient, £80 cheaper, and with the promise of GoW 2, Naughty Dog, Horizon 2 etc etc but no back compat, it would still sell better than Xbox Two with it. So I think both will offer it as a free to implement feature. I think MS will go out of their way to build a fully featured powerhouse machine that will better PS5 technically, price match it, and I think we'll get some strong announcements about exclusives. Next gen will be interesting but BC will be the least important factor.
  8. Yes and an awful lot of people were pissed off, but eventually it doesn't seem to matter. The reason being that as yet we don't know what the next gen consoles will be capable of so we focus on what we know.
  9. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    I think £200 would be the sweetspot for a lot of people, especially if it came with Mario or something. But £250 and it's not as good value over the full version.
  10. I think people are swayed by the increase in performance, prettier graphics etc. No doubt people will be pleased to play their old games on the new consoles but I don't think it will play that important a role.
  11. It really won't. It's pretty obvious both platforms will offer it as a matter of course. A bigger influence will be: price, performance, original software. This happens towards the end of every generation when people are considering what they want in a next gen console, then games like Horizon, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Mario Odyssey come along and no one sees it as being as important anymore.
  12. I thought it read pretty well and was easy to understand. Then again I've had about two hours sleep in three days
  13. We're both saying the same thing. They're focussing on BC in lieu of any new games. @Mr. Gerbik
  14. And that's what we were told with Xbox 360 to Xbox One, yet there it is. This whole 'eco sysyem' thing is nonsense. It's just marketing. No one cares. If they did then we'd all be flogging our PS4's for Xbox Ones or ditching consoles altogether and going PC because it offers true BC. PS5 and Xbox Two will both have it at launch but not because it's somehow now a really important feature, but because it requires no effort. nb. I didn't literally mean that MS were spending the money from first party games on driving backwards compatibility, just that their message is too strongly focussed on that and not on new games.
  15. Everyone sees the advantage. I don't think anyone here is against having it as a feature, even if they're not personally intetested. But that doesn't make it any more important. Xbox 360 offered backwards compatibility for Xbox games at launch but when it became clear that the console was a hit they didn't bother with continuing to support it because they knew it wasn't a selling point. MS are making a big deal out of backwards compatibility this round but it's at the expense of new first party titles and it's costing them.

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