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  1. Just put it on, Mario 64 is the first 3D Mario my daughter has played, she hasn’t yet left the title screen!
  2. There always was an easy mode, summoning other players for help. You realise just how much easier this makes From games when you play Sekiro and it’s not there.
  3. I’ve never played Diablo, no idea what to expect from this really, a bit like Gauntlet?
  4. Coming October 20th 2020 to PS4 & PC. https://amnesiarebirth.com https://frictionalgames.com/2020-09-amnesia-rebirth-release-date-reveal/ nope
  5. Is this like Dark Souls hard? Fancy a dungeon crawler but not something too punishing.
  6. Beautiful, $150 though Is the sequel good? I ask that as someone who loved the first game.
  7. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought that presentation landed really well, like what I thought the last Direct Mini would be like. Monster Hunter will be huge, no doubt why there are two coming out next year. Not for everyone but I’m excited about Fitness Boxing 2, the first still gets regular use from me and this looks like there’s loads more moves and content. Seriously if fitness is your aim get this, it’s brilliant. Hades and Ori coming out today is awesome, I’d like both of those. All in all there’s a lot out and a lot to look forward to on Switch - Nintendo have really stepped it up a gear in the last few weeks. But, where is Doom Eternal?
  8. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    That Ori collection looks lovely, any idea when it’s out?
  9. Stanley

    Best New Music 2020

    It’s up there for me.
  10. What’s everyone going to play first? Straight in with Mario 64 for me, will play to completion then play them in order.
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