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  1. Generally speaking the digital option is usually the cheapest.
  2. I don’t see why not, no one buys games from them anyway, and they could still sell the codes. I think it’s more that there’s no competition because it’s a closed system with one store and they control the pricing - so they charge as much as they can.
  3. It’s weird in that respect how specialist stuff such as vinyl or UHD Blu-rays have risen in price in line with inflation, and streaming is cheap and mainstream, whereas games are the opposite, digital is still way more expensive.
  4. Yeah the Santa Barbara sections where brilliant - they captured something really eery and unnerving, hard to put your finger on, Midsommer managed it also.
  5. He probably does like it, just likes to have a moan and a bit of banter on here, which is fine.
  6. Understandable really when streaming is so much more convenient and cheaper.
  7. Thanks, I’ll watch it all this weekend
  8. Could I have a link to that please @Vemsie sorry if you’ve posted it already.
  9. @Pob I’m not suggesting the parts cost more, I just think it’s naive to think that they will only charge the bare minimum extra for its inclusion. So I think anyone only expecting a £50 price difference between the two is going to be disappointed, on the other hand it does make the digital version more attractive from a price perspective if it’s £100 cheaper.
  10. Series S could very likely be digital also. People always say the drive is only £30 or £50 but it’s not just the parts, there’s the license fee too, and where can you find a stand-alone UHD Blu-ray player for under £100 never mind £50?
  11. Xbox One X and PS4 Pro aren’t the base line, you can pick those up for more than £100 less (PS4 and One S, probably more for the SAD). I mean let’s be honest if the Series S isn’t cheap than what’s the point when you can buy the same games for a regular Xbox One S? There has to be a sweet spot where the new features are viewed as being of value to the mass market.
  12. There’s no way there will only be a £50 difference, they’re pushing digital at the start of this gen for a reason.
  13. The economy is fucked worldwide, but that’s besides the point. The idea of two models is so that you can sell one, the digital version you really want to sell, for a much more affordable price than the higher end model. Or from another perspective, Project Lockhart/series is rumoured to be priced a lot less still - like sub £300 - if you want to be competitive you can’t have your ‘cheaper’ console priced at £150-£200 more. PS5 Digital will be £349-£399 and PS5 full fat £449-£499, and I’m leaning towards £379 max top end for digital.
  14. Most rumours are below that and stating a £100 difference between the two versions, that would make the disc version £550 - I can’t see that happening. These are mass market devices and they will not gain traction at those prices. They’ll take a hit on the hardware if they have to, especially the digital version.
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