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  1. Not experienced motion sickness but the game gets really juddery at times, particularly during some cutscenes - thought it had crashed at one point, I am playing on a PS4 Slim mind. I mean it’s fairly infrequent but it’s quite bad when it happens. Would be interested to hear how it runs on Xbox Series S/X and PS5. I am loving it though I can’t lie, yeah it’s a bit rough around the edges, a mish mash of styles and genres, but I find it hugely enjoyable overall and it definitely delivers in the Star Wars feels department - the look and sound of it is spot on, especially the sound, it al
  2. Think it’s £20, maybe able to get it cheaper though.
  3. Nowhere near as difficult and tbh the combat isn’t robust enough for it to really even be considered similar, as others have said it just shares some of the mechanics. I considered it in the sale but it is still £25 against £3.99 for EA Play which includes the same version - worth considering.
  4. Thought I’d quote this as I completed that bit last night - I thought it was great, much more Tomb Raider than the recent TR reboots and was not what I expected. Levels are also much bigger than I expected too. I mean there are some issues, I fell off some ice slide bit about 20 times despite it not being difficult, just weird (poor) design, and the whole Souls bonfire thing doesn’t really work in a game like this, and the combat is just ok, passable, but made enjoyable because you’re wielding a light saber. The platforming is excellent though, it outdoes Uncharted and Tom
  5. It’d be greed if he had planned from the start to sell it for a profit but I don’t believe that’s the case, as it is you have no real idea of his circumstances and it’s pretty clear he sounds upset and angry - maybe back off a bit?
  6. Cheap you say? I had £2.52 sitting in my PlayStation wallet so I added another £1.47 and purchased a month of EA Play, might give Battle Front II a go now as well.
  7. Definitely not the best place for it but sometimes stuff from real life spills over, we’re all real people. Hope you’re ok @Spacehost I can relate to having a shit year too. Sometimes all the money and all the consoles won’t help make things better.
  8. At the end of the day it’s still in warranty anyway if it turns out to be faulty, so whoever buys won’t be out of pocket.
  9. Pay, hours and conditions at Amazon is well documented, I’ll talk about it no more as don’t wanna stink up the thread - but I’d urge anyone to have a look if you’re not sure.
  10. Amazon know a lot about stealing, tax dodging bastards that they are. I agree with you btw, but people are fucking desperate man - and it’s the likes of Amazon that need to start treating people more fairly, both pay and conditions and giving back to society.
  11. Maybe if Amazon paid their workers a fair wage they wouldn’t feel the urge to steal - no excuse obviously, but still.
  12. Yeah fuck him it’s not the best review, I kind of ignore most of them these days unless they’re trusted reviewers.
  13. I’ve been off this week with a shitty cold (not the vid!) and put together a playlist of some of my favourite music this year, tried to group stuff together so it does have some kind of a flow. https://music.apple.com/gb/playlist/best-of-2020/pl.u-mJy88L0CNoaBl9
  14. Seemed ok to me - good gameplay with some performance issues, didn’t like the story.
  15. I’m only on level one - the first proper place you get to explore, but I really like the mixture of new Tomb Raider exploration and platforming mixed with Dark Souls lite combat sealed in a nice Star Wars wrapper - it’s comfort food gaming, especially enjoying whilst the new series of Mandalorian is under way. How long is it?
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