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  1. Looks like it, I just assumed it would unlock at midnight, could be worse, if you live in Australia you’re waiting until the following day. Seems an odd thing to do if you’re trying to avoid server load by literally going for a simultaneous worldwide release, to the minute.
  2. Most awesome thing is that graphics now look like that box artwork, who would of thinked it.
  3. Better than Hades? Only Dead Cells does that for me, will have to check this out prompto.
  4. Mind you if I do GTAV there’s the opportunity for another 150 points on that other quest this month - so 650 in all.
  5. Yeah awesome game, is it a licensing issue or something?
  6. I have to agree - perhaps I’m impressed by different stuff but when people were saying it’s dull or not a system seller etc, I couldn’t understand that at all, it looks staggeringly awesome and a real technological milestone.
  7. Here’s a geezer who knows how to put together a video, looks amazing I must admit.
  8. First training mission in Flight Simulator: deliver electronics from Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG) to London Heathrow (LHR) 30G bonus achievement for avoiding customs.
  9. Cheers I’ll check it out later.
  10. I don’t think I’ve seen it, is it for Fable specifically?
  11. Is it possible to take off and land at any airstrip? With have a little old RAF one near us (still operational) and I’m so familiar with the whole area I’d love to fly there.
  12. Is it just video though, like not in-engine or anything?
  13. It’s definitely not on Game Pass. It will be next week though
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