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  1. I lasted five minutes before I shit myself and turned it off. It's literally PT
  2. Div 4 promotion game. Impossible. Otw Ronaldo, Messi, mbappe, varane, vvd, ederson, pogda, kdb. All in one team
  3. Il play tonight and report back. Warning: I'm a frady cat
  4. Maybe a skinny or a fat one, but both might be confusing
  5. Sniped otw Bailey for 33k. 93 pace. Pure sweat.
  6. Is ederson worth spending 40k on for a bpl team?
  7. You think people like Amouranth and basically soft core porn is a good use of twitch? People like coh deserve every penny One of the top streamers on the list is constantly telling their viewers they have no money and need subs and donation now that among us isn't popular. They made like 100k last month..... Yeah why don't you do that
  8. Grealish is dog shit. Slow, goes anonymous. Even with an upgrade I can't see him being better than a kdb or Bruno. Every team I play against now has Talisca in. His boost makes him so good. Id really recommend OTW Male, I packed him and he's a super sub if I ever saw one.
  9. It's disgusting how much some of these streamers are making. Total exploitation of fans, no wonder the world's is fucked.
  10. I agree with the above. It's still the same gameplay as battlefield years ago, nothings changed or moved on.
  11. There's a way to take corner to vvd which makes them undefendable. Literally a free goal every time. Super annoying.
  12. Good lord what a final episode. Best thing I have watched, perhaps ever. Il write a longer post later when I can do spoiler tags
  13. Otw locatelli 82 is currently 18k, worth an invest??
  14. Got the finale tonight. This is the greatest program I have ever watched. Some extremely deep things to reflect on in life. The actor for the vicar is phenomenal. The soundtrack is also next level. Can't wait to read this thread once iv finished it.
  15. Short passing is shit sometimes too. Like youl ask your cm to make a super simple pass and it will go the total wrong way. Interceptions and shot blocks need nerfing too.
  16. Lukaku is so weird. One game he's like an eighteen wheel truck being driven by a drunken hill Billy, next game hes like an oversized bull who is also a wizard. I love firmino at CAM. after my losing streak I am now on a three game win streak where I have ripped my opposition to shreds. Chiesa is garbage. Have you tried I form Anderson or even the SBC Pedro?
  17. Have you tried Harry Kane? I'm thinking as a cam he might be alright?
  18. Yeah I thought it was interesting as I have played maybe one person with that formation my whole time
  19. Pope is worth at least 100k haha.
  20. I'm on wired internet and always have that icon!
  21. What div are you up to this year? Any custom tactics?
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