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  1. OK my turn for a question. If I buy ass creed valhalla, can I buy the one x version and it will auto upgrade to the series x? Are there even different versions? Are the launch games even buyable or confirmed yet?
  2. I got this from argos if it's any help, shorty after my order, I presume that's the confirmation?
  3. Nope. I pre registered months ago, refreshed website from 0800 to 0820, nothing. Just errors. Someone will be in big trouble at smyths
  4. I'm working a late shift on launch. Will get home at 1 am, unbox it, download forza 4, get some tissues, and enjoy. I may also time my next cheat day for the same date and eat a pizza! You know what ffuccking awesome. Gamepass. I can sell my one x, not even buy a single new game at launch and I still have ten or more absolute bangers to play. Those games would be 700 quid on ps5 launch.
  5. Why did they give the all access to Smyth's, utter incomprehensible. My wife agreed I could get one on all access, luckily she's understanding and let me dump 450 quid on one in the end as Smyth's let me down!
  6. Anyone pot one? Can't wait for destiny at launch! Iv not even seen any of the next gen launch games do we even have a list?
  7. It appears amazon have a lot of stock of the S, still showing available
  8. Most importantly and it hasn't been answered in at leasta day, how do you get gamepass for a pound
  9. Argos have taken money and sent me a confirmation email so they must be going though. Shame in going to cancel it as I appear to have got one from amazon.
  10. Think carefully. Thee wwf charity is actually going straight to Vincent k Mcmahon. IT WAS. ME ALL ALONG
  11. Me too, same pages. If anyone here wants my spare it will be up on ebay for 500000000000 dollars
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