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  1. I just watched it too. What a lovely film. I wish he'd stayed dead at the end though.
  2. I'm thinking of suing ms it's that bad
  3. How did it even get passed concept. Even with @rafaqat as project manager it would have been shit. I went on career mode and it has no career
  4. I just restarted as her it looks next gen with the FPS boost
  5. This is very insensitive to compare videogames to an event of that nature. On topic, my kids are terrible at any videogame that is not a tablet game. My son is 7, when I was his age I was completing stuff like sonic the hedgehog,he can't even do level one!!
  6. Holy shit. Skatebird. More like skateturd. Wtf is this, 1995?
  7. Didn't win a game for ages, just won back to backs. Love this game. Such a great mix of looting, tooting, shooting.
  8. How's I am fish?! Looks pretty fun
  9. No. You can run it in retail mode now.
  10. Finished this today. What a boring game with one of the worst last bosses I have ever seen. How do you make a saber duel with lord Vader boring??
  11. If by quick you actually mean really shit, then yes it is.
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