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  1. I give free wins once I get to rank 7. Unless they have Ronaldo in their team then I don't. Also just bought okacha. Can't wait to try him out. Pirlo next!
  2. It's so hit and miss. I qualified once since launch, they then changed it and iv qualified every week since that, sometime easily and sometimes on the last game
  3. I got a torrent of abuse from them after the game, I just couldnt resist also got a gloating one in reply after I got banned. anyone ever tried okocha?
  4. I'm sorry but iv never had this and iv played about 400 games.
  5. I must have earned that bleeding katata a hundred times over
  6. Iv stopped gifting wins now so many idiots on here. Also got a ten day ban for calling a corner kick glitcher a pussy
  7. I have. Very average. Iv got ten games left of FUT and am rank 7. Just lost 6 4 to some tramp with a full gold team.
  8. Wtf has happened to keepers. So many howlers now
  9. Flashback pato looks pretty good. I loved him in old FIFA
  10. 85 X 3 pack. Absolute dog shit. Was just winning in a fut champs game and I crashed to desk top at 79 mins. Worst thing is I was drawing 1 1 and got a loss!
  11. Metal gear five having no dlc Konami binning of kojima Overwatch still not being f2p Having to buy online passes for second hand games It being much much cheaper to buy xbox games from different country stores Digital copies of games costing more than physical copies in 2022 FIFA not being a f2p game and ultimate team making them billions in transactions
  12. Can I get my modded new 3ds to play Ds games? I'm hankering for some Yoshi touch and go
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