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  1. If your struggling and want to struggle more il go Bottom right
  2. Iv gotta grind out xur missionss tonight. Groan.
  3. Tbf we were doing it at 2230 hours which is pretty late in the day to be learning/being shouted at (plus I only did that one time)
  4. Let's just do strikes together for four hours instead
  5. Thanks for the rllmuk help on the raid last night. I can't say it was an enjoyable experience so many mechanics going on! Might stick to strikes but happy to come along and learn if your ever short.
  6. On series x which graphiic mode do I want?
  7. Xboxers are we go at 2100? Il book. The tv if so!
  8. I can only imagine how insane its going to be. Forza 4 is the most beautiful smooth game of all time. All time.
  9. I thought this thread had been overwhelmingly positive and with actual true info then noticed gooner got banned
  10. Saint maxim and callum Wilson are unbelievable on this
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