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  1. Iv really enjoyed this but fuck me the final escape is a real difficulty spike.
  2. I always think of that fight whenever I see an afghan hound
  3. Anyone play on xbox? No idea what I'm doing but happy to be carried and learn
  4. He's ruined EVERYTHING
  5. Probs been asked a thousand times but is there a preferred headset for online multiplayer?
  6. Playing this on game pass, no idea what I'm doing but it's utterly brilliant. The kind of game I imagined playing twenty five years ago as a child!
  7. Well on steam etc it will go as fast as your connection will allow. It seems very throttled
  8. Forza is amazing. Coming from wii u to xbox one x is like awakening from a time machine. How is next gen even going to top this.
  9. Oh don't let me mis lead you, it's not even done yet!
  10. Possible. I'm in North East England and its taken 3 hours plus to download call of duty.
  11. Xbox live is so unbelievably slow to dl games
  12. The intro to forza 4 is quite possibly the most impressive thing I have ever seen
  13. Do you just click to upgrade via the offer?
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