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  1. Why do the Russians even want to open the clunge of doom though? Also so the actor who posts will the wise infuriates me. Really enjoyed s3 though
  2. Lion king is my favourite film of all time. I was really excited for this but it just looks so, soulless
  3. They can all one shot me, I’m shite!
  4. Do you craft flash bombs? Iv barely touched the home hub or crafting
  5. I’m up to pink rathalos and feeling a bit lost. The monsters available just one shot me so I’m doing events and just firing SOS off straight away to summon so true hunters. Iv read as a hammer user I should be farming Diablo for his armour set
  6. carlospie

    Google Stadia

    One thing I have noticed with streaming, if you try use GeForce now on peak days e.g Saturday night it runs terribly, I presume because everyone else is using their internet at the same time
  7. That racing game looks fun for about 3 seconds. At least the cars make hilarious noises I guess
  8. At this moment in time streaming works to an extent but it’s still a bit off. I have had nvidia shield about ten months and it’s my only games console. Iv played streams of various games on it, some were great but had a bit of lag such as shadow of war and monster hunter. Others are utterly unplayable like mortal Kombat 11 or Witcher 3. The tech is amazing and google may crack it, hence why they are trying the direct controller links to the internet etc. I hope they do, streaming is an amazing concept. But it’s not quite there yet if antstream has no obvious lag, google would cancel stadia, save millions in doing so as the problem of how to stream games without lag would be solved and would buy antstream out. But they haven’t.
  9. The law of physics was in relation to claims the lag was non noticeable. Two options Playing on a console plugged directly into your tv with a controller going straight into it or playing a streaming service which you control, your input goes through your isp to antstream, it processes it then sends it back with a synced up image. Laws of physics. The second option will ALWAYS be worse. It has more barriers, other factors involved, much further to travel. Your initial claims were there was NO noticeable lag, which was utter bs and a claim which was then dismissed by several forum members on launch day who found major flaws in the service which can’t even render spectrum games in a near perfect state. There will always be lag on a system like this. Even if Stephen Hawkins built the damn thing. The concept is simple and basic science, if you remove the console and have ant stream software emulating a game server side, your distance has now greatly increased. Your time to send any signal back increase. This needs to happen multiple times a second in these twitchy arcade games, so your lag will always be present.
  10. Il try the fucker again tomorrow. Is funlance the gunlance?
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