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  1. Huge gorilla is opening 6k pounds worth of Fifa points :/
  2. I believe there’s to ways, one involves mashing A in load up, the other involves backing out of title screen repeatedly until the bottom right changes from EARLY ACCESS to FIFA 19. I think gooner will know the exact steps
  3. carlospie

    Paying to Play 'Early'

    Your basically paying to beta test it. It’s hilarious.
  4. Ea can definitely change pack weight, I saw them put 3 informs in a pack castro opened once, the exact 3 he needed i take it you have all done the ea Xbox access trial glitch to turn it into the full game?
  5. carlospie

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Needs more alundra. And parappa.
  6. carlospie

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Yes I thought that as soon as I watched that trailer.
  7. carlospie

    PS4 Pro

    I played ff15 on a pro, and then on a slim. Yes the performance was slightly worse on the slim, but it was so much quieter I actually enjoyed having less fan noises and worse FPS. The whole pro in general disappointed me, just reeks of a cash in and something I hope doesn’t exist in the next gens.
  8. carlospie

    Nintendo Switch

    You can sign up for a free trial from 1981 until 2018
  9. I can’t read them either :,(
  10. My mates psn name is estus connoisseur. So poetic and beautiful.
  11. This looks very impressive. Graphically sharp and looks good fun!
  12. carlospie

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

    Il be honest, this game is pretty shit. the main good bits are the theme tune and that one of the characters is a duck in armour
  13. carlospie

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah! Sounds like a great idea. How many go?
  14. carlospie

    Nintendo Switch

    The switch club? First rule is you shouldn’t talk about it
  15. carlospie

    Nintendo Switch

    Your allowed to go? Arnt you much older?

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