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  1. carlospie

    Google Stadia

    Here's a lols. Stadia launched 60 days ago, it's last news update or any update about it from Google re it's future was 39 days ago. Looks like it's DOA.
  2. I grew up in a rough part of Leeds, Mr T would have been a far better role model than my teacher
  3. Imagine going to school and falling asleep in class and the teacher being like 'yo fool what up, you being up all night making a fully rendered full English again??'
  4. This is such a great game. Shame the wii u doesn't have coop
  5. It was utter incomprehensible shite when I played the Royal version so can't imagine how bad it was before that. Still kudos that it ever came out. Surely ff16 should be revealed soon
  6. carlospie

    Nintendo Wii U

    I love it. I bought it last year off of here, not bought another game or console since. Perfect for a dip in and out. I never use thee shit pAd though, always use the pro controller
  7. carlospie

    Nintendo Wii U

    Yeh I finished Mario 3d World the other week and wanted to post a out it, but I couldn't. Xenoblade x seems built around a multi player mode which il never see
  8. Just saw this in dolby 3d. I wanted to leave crying but didn't, enjoyed it though. Reminds you how nasty war would have been.
  9. You need the gamepad to access some of the options and mods on the second screen
  10. I'm on the last boss of the base game, absolutely loved this game. So simple yet we'll done and the music is exceptional. Can't wait to get straight into the dlc.
  11. Nah il be buying a console to play this bad boy, ff7 is GOAT
  12. Just watched a demo play through, graphically it looks amazing but the actual fighting? Looks really meh. Like hold Square and watch levels of meh
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