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  1. If you can't spend hundreds of pounds on packs of make believe players on it then deny it or play spiderman on it then goober isn't interested.
  2. Lion king two is the best lion king. Clone wars is actually better than the new films!
  3. Iv finished the whole game, except bitter Isles, what's the tutorial end? Can't remember at all
  4. They know everyone is at home and will be buying it
  5. In this day and age the titty armour is usually dlc!
  6. I started playing this on my wii u and it finally clicked. The game is incredible isn't it. I scanned my amiibo cards and got loads of cool gear and food and wolf link, then trampled some ladies flowers until she beat me up. Love it. I take it all back
  7. Wait until you see your reward for doing it. Grrrrr
  8. I played this on the wii u the other night as it was in my pile, am I missing something as it seems really shit and repetitive? The drawing controls are very inaccurate too.
  9. This is really good. The fact you can just pop on a decent kids film in seconds is well worth the price alone. The picture quality is also great can't wait to see 4k
  10. My lack of disposable income makes me shit at that! I want the ps5 to be immense, the thought of jumping to ms next gen makes me feel ill but I just get very early ps3 vibes at the moment, of course long term that turned into the best console ever It matters little to me I won't be a launch day client this year with all that's going on in the world so can wait it out
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