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  1. carlospie


    Do you think the fortnite bubble will burst at some point? Seems everyone is playing it and only it really at the moment
  2. carlospie


    Go on YouTube and watch sypher pk. He does fantastic tutorials and commentaries, I have learnt so much from him, such a nice guy and he makes it look so simple hes is on twitch now actually,
  3. carlospie


    As close as a cats cock hair, nailed him with a shotty to 5 go :,(
  4. carlospie

    The Making of Street Fighter: The Movie (1994)

    Is Bison Gomez?!?
  5. carlospie


    Ps4 anyone?
  6. carlospie


    Stand still an click analogue in twice
  7. carlospie


    That beer looks delicious. When I win solo I will have one (never)
  8. carlospie


    You got 9 kills?!?
  9. carlospie


    Out of interest what exact diet is your wife on? My ibs is killing me lately
  10. carlospie

    The Twitch/Ustream/Mixer Thread - a Streaming Pile of Bits

    Don’t tell Geekette that some women use their assets to make money through choice!!
  11. carlospie

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    I shout it at my son all the time after playing this
  12. carlospie


    Wowza, come on PS4 and help me win tonight
  13. carlospie


    Is the switch ez mode? How’d that sucker miss you!
  14. carlospie


    Ugh got to the last two then bottled it, that elusive solo win must come soon!
  15. carlospie

    Resident Evil 4 HD pack

    Do they have to manually update each texture or is it procedural? He do they even make any money?

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