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  1. I actually bought zoo keeper at launch and thought it was absolute garbage
  2. Just tell him they are your scores and to git gud
  3. I reckon that the walking is only going to be a small part of the gameplay and it’s all a front. Kojima seems to be pushing that part a little too much and for an AAA title the walking seems a bit too meh. I’m predicting a Raiden esq launch day twist as to what this game actually is.
  4. I always wonder if they have pre allocations so the market isn’t flooded e.g each week only 1000 Ronaldos can get pulled and once the quota is hit they remove them. I seem to recall a scandal in Fifa 14 where not one person ever packed a pele in the whole of the games lifespan, resulting in EA injecting 4 into the transfer market via sellers https://youtu.be/dOJdVJMK_7w
  5. I have no doubt this is going to be a masterpiece. It’s all set to be, Kojima leaving Konami, being set free, it’s going to be so good.
  6. The thing I always wondered is, are the contents locked in at the point you buy the pack or when you open it? Eg if I preorder fifa, collect a pre order pack and then don’t open it, are the contents already in it and don’t change, or is it dictated at the point you open it?
  7. Just started this, it looks so colourful
  8. Haha ace. I remember a uk game shop used to do that, could just hammer games, finish them then swap
  9. Can I make GameCube games look better? Was playing Mario sunshine earlier and it looked offensive
  10. The sound track is great though
  11. Looks fun. I wonder if one of you will be the director and pick what spawns in and different units have cost etc
  12. Manhunt was a sickening game, I quite liked it but remember it making me feel a bit uncomfortable. It was the one you could put carrier bags over peoples heads right?
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