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  1. Hi. I have three in-game codes, one for a Mako Crystal, one for a Superstar Belt, and one for a Shinra Bangle, to giveaway if anyone wants one, some or all.
  2. In the Traveller's Tales Lego games, you get a True Jedi (or True Adventurer/True Wizard/Master Burglar etc. depending on the game) award on each level when you collect a certain amount of studs, a different threshold on different levels. I always make sure that I attempt to get that award without "cheating". So for example, I turn off all stud multipliers, and extras that allow you to get bonus studs from killing enemies, and I always play through in Story Mode, not Free Play mode, so I cannot change characters to ones that can jump higher or destroy different types of objects. So
  3. Yep, I was one of the "bums" in the finale, with Fred and others.
  4. At last, the sci-fi spectacular finale, THE TROJAN ARSE PROTOCOL: Biffo's behind the scene info about this final ep (for now?): https://www.digitiser2000.com/main-page/everything-you-never-knew-about-the-trojan-arse-protocol
  5. I've forgotten to post here, so catching up with more eps: Episode 4 of the full series, MANORAK: Biffo's behind the scene info about this ep: https://www.digitiser2000.com/main-page/everything-you-never-knew-about-mr-biffos-found-footage-manorak Episode 5 of the full series, BROWN MIRROR: Biffo's behind the scene info about this ep: https://www.digitiser2000.com/main-page/everything-you-never-knew-about-mr-biffos-found-footage-brown-mirror Episode 6 of the full series, GOUJON DAY: Biffo's behind the scene info about thi
  6. Episode 3 of the full series, WHIMSY RODGERS: New episodes every Sunday at 9pm. Subscribe at https://youtube.com/digitiser2000 Biffo's behind the scene info about this ep: http://www.digitiser2000.com/main-page/everything-you-never-knew-about-mr-biffos-found-footage-whimsy-rodgers
  7. Episode 2 of the full series, ADVANCED STRANGULATION: New episodes every Sunday at 9pm. Subscribe at https://youtube.com/digitiser2000 Biffo's behind the scene info about this ep: http://www.digitiser2000.com/main-page/everything-you-never-knew-about-mr-biffos-found-footage-advanced-strangulation
  8. You mean the only magazine that is 100% 50% Turts and 50% Phants?
  9. I like the way he's inconsistent in the pronounciation of goujon in the different videos, like he's not sure what's correct (which I believe is the case!) He even pronounces John wrongly sometimes!
  10. Check out http://www.digitiser2000.com/
  11. Sort of. GameCentral was the successor to Digitiser, and yes, was edited by Tony Mott.
  12. Some of you may enjoy this nonsense from @mrbiffo of Digitiser fame, still active at http://www.digitiser2000.com/. Some of you will not enjoy it at all, but that's OK too! New episodes every Sunday 9pm, culminating in a big sci-fi extravaganza in a few weeks... Playlist with all episodes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdmivFeOI4qm27xdZs9-O8wdm2s91uRyx Latest episode: Biffo's behind the scene info about this ep: http://www.digitiser2000.com/main-page/everything-you-never-knew-about-mr-biffos-found-footage
  13. Hmm, my address label was to: Nintendo Returns Repairtech Ltd Unit 5b Westfield Road Kineton Ind Estate SOUTHAM CV47 0JH
  14. Late to the party, but I've started playing this on Wii U (can someone edit the thread title, by the way?). Great game so far. I love the fact that it's got me drawing a map with paper and pencil, just like the old days! Only problem I have with it so far is that it doesn't look good on the Wii U gamepad (looks lovely on the TV). It's like it hasn't been scaled properly, when it seems to me that it could have been "natively" rendered in 480p for the gamepad.
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