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  1. Did the serious eats method with a massive five bone joint a few weeks ago, it's so good and gives great consistent results.
  2. I accidentally put some lemon extract in my brownies a while back thinking it was the vanilla, fished as much of it out as I could but inevitably there was a bit left in the mix. They turned out to be the nicest brownies I've made and now I add a few drops every time. Not enough to be able to taste the lemon but just enough to lift the flavour a bit. Best brownie recipe I've used is the Leiths one, perfect every time (might have something to do with the fact that I had to make 40 batches a day for a while whilst working there!!)
  3. I'd get a nice little single serving oven-proof dish, keep the gnocchi separate, put the tuna mix in the bottom (maybe loosen it slightly with a bit of creme fraiche/cream/wine), then toss the gnocchi with a bit of butter or olive oil lay it over the top of the tuna, grate a bit of parmesan over the top and grill until golden. Finish with a bit of chopped parsley. and a nice green salad on the side. I think the crispy grilled gnocchi would make a really good textural contrast with the tuna underneath. Yum, love anything with tuna and capers even though it looks gross.
  4. Yum! I made sonny a little lasagne this weekend with chicken liver, heart & neck, I had some giblets from a chicken and after making a little stock for our dinner chopped them up for Sonny's lasagne . He loved it!
  5. Oh my god, I just thought that something terrible had happened to that Papa Johns sauce as it was always so puffed up and disgusting - is that actually how it's meant to be!!
  6. bobandy


    Went to Gaucho a few months back - it was the best looking food option in the 02! It was bloody lovely! I know what you're saying about Hawksmoor, they never really change anything and gets a bit samey. I would happily drink their cocktails forever though.
  7. Sounds awesome! The milk soaked bread is good for if you're making meatballs in the slow cooker as it helps to keep the meat moist and tender without the meatballs going hard. I wouldn't bother if I was just doing it on the stove though. Always use mixed meats and add some graded parmesan to make extra yum
  8. bobandy


    Bit late to the party but my Christmas dinner was awesome! I took the legs off the turkey and cooked the breast joint & legs to perfect temp. Used the carcass and giblets to make some delicious stock for gravy, it was so yum I was drinking it through a straw on xmas eve . Awesome stuffing cooked and pigs in blankets assembled in advance. Had all my veg done the day before so all I had to do on the day was to quickly stir fry sprouts with bacon & lemon, heat up spiced red cabbage and chuck roasties/parsnips into hot fat and roast The only mishap was chopping the end of my thumb off at 10:30pm on Xmas eve but Jumble jumble superglued it all back together for me so all turned out fine haha! Sonny wouldn't eat anything except roasties, he ate six in total, didn't even bother with a plate just straight out of his hands!
  9. Oooh looks good! I hope I'll make it one day!
  10. Don't get me wrong - I bloody love a vinegary buffalo sauce to the absolute max, the ones I've been served at Meat..... however have been beyond what any sane person would call edible. Perhaps I've been unlucky. Also I'm pretty sure my buffalo sauce is the best in the world anyway.
  11. Totally agree, burgers totally meh and cooked differently each time. Monkey fingers so vinegary they were inedible and buffalo chicken burger 70% breading that shattered into a thousand pieces and basically inedible! I wouldn't bother!
  12. The Hawksmoor kimchi burger is bloody lovely!
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