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  1. Interesting. Maybe I'm placating my inner fanboy, but I'd say the island etc could be justifiably be described as "bonus content"? I only went to the effort of hooking up my GBA etc once to get there, and never bothered again as it was actually pretty lame. More akin to an easter egg than a tempting section of the game you were otherwise deprived of. 20% more tracks in a game is substantially more than that, though. If they're locking those whilst advertising them - well, that's obviously outrageous. As a related aside, how much publicity did Rare give to the fact that only a small percentage of Perfect Dark was playable without an expansion pack?
  2. One other "mess with your mind" thing (somewhat late, obviously), was in the Suffering. Fairly near the start, you were in a control room with a CCTV monitor. You walked over to it, and looked at the screen. Your view of the room vanished to show the screen; on it, you could see yourself, looking at a screen - obviously the camera was pointed at you. And then a shambolling figure walks from off screen towards your turned back. I nearly leapt out of my skin, and quickly flipped turned off the monitor and spun around - there was nothing behind me. Shocking, eerie and disturbing all at the same time. I thought the game was going to be something really special at that point.
  3. Rocko

    New Morrissey

    Cool. I thought You Are the Quarry was his best solo album yet, so if this is more of the same, I'll be happy with that.
  4. That said - well, they're no MC Hawking.
  5. Mate, you're taking this far too seriously. They're just a load of friends who did something for a laugh, and it caught on. I don't think anybody - least of all them - would claim they're out to change the face of music, just to provide a few laughs. Not every band can be an Orbital you know
  6. A small tupperware filled with some nuts and dried fruit is a good idea. Get down Holland and Barrett and stock up. Apple rings, banana chips (they're quite fatty though), dried apricots etc. You'll drink more water as well. I found variety was the key to that sort of snacking; if I just ate one thing I'd get bored of it quickly.
  7. No fish either. Too militant for my own good, it would appear I'm sure I'll get by. Anyway, it's on to India after China, and that's veggie heaven, apparently.
  8. No celery, no leeks. That's about it. I don't eat meat either, but that's not because I'm fussy.
  9. This time next week I'll be in China. I'm slightly concerned about eating over there, as I'm vegetarian. From what I've read and heard, that's a bit of an alien concept to the chinese. Ah well. I need to lose some weight anyway.
  10. They always do the first few times you hear them. And then you realise that somehow, without every consciously listening to them, you know most of the words and are humming it constantly.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you claim to have 1ccd Ikaruga on your first go at it at one point? Cos I think most people would regard that as pretty amazing.
  12. Rocko

    Betty Boo!

    I think that had her running around being a secret agent, didn't it? Or was Where Are You Baby? I've got both of those on 7" somewhere. And I remember buying that copy of the NME as well.
  13. I 1cc'd Hellfire. And I also got all the way from harmless to Elite without using any cheats.
  14. Surely "a veritable" is legally obliged to be suffixed with either the word "cornucopia" or "smorgasbord"?
  15. Yeah, my internet access has been at best intermittent with the move etc; that's probably how I missed it. My bad Next wednesday, we think. I'll prob be in London a day or two before though, so hopefully we'll get something sorted out!
  16. They're at least partially responsible for the samples DJ Scotch Egg uses. Now that really is music to commit suicide to.
  17. Rocko

    Betty Boo!

    Betty Boo was wicked. That first album is great - I still listen to it far more often than I should. It's just great pop music. She was (is, probably) stunning. It's funny though, looking at photos of her now, she looks a lot more Malaysian (I think she was half Malay?) than I remember her doing. So, yeah, all hail the power of Boo.
  18. It's not just whether it's organic that affects the taste; it's the breed of veg as well. The supermarkets want stuff that lasts long and looks "like veg should"; frequently that stuff takes a big hit on flavour, whether it's organic or not.
  19. Sweet. Hex season2 ep1 is available for download now as well. I liked the first series of this; showed a lot of promise I thought.
  20. Lal you fucking numpty. Why didn't you tell me you were coming to Nottingham?! Bah.
  21. See, I watch Futurama far more than I do Simpsons. It seems more....coherent, somehow.
  22. Rocko

    Ds Price Cut

    Heh. Sadly, I have a knackered, boring, silver uk DS. My g'f is clearly more hardcore than I am
  23. Rocko

    Ds Price Cut

    The pink DS is far, far lovelier than it sounds, or even looks in pictures. My g'f has got one, and it looks great. Far softer coloured than you'd expect, and not remotely garish. Tis very pretty.
  24. Oooooh, that was going to be mine.
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