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  1. I imagine if you can't do arcade directly then FPGA emulation is the nearest thing to it. When the game came out on home systems I had already move over to the Amiga and whilst I'm not going to argue that it was a better conversion than the C64, as I never played the latter, it looked good and played well. Staying on topic and going for something from the leftfield, the homebrew Tiny Bobble, on Amiga, looks and sounds mighty good and appears to play faithfully.
  2. As someone who played the original arcade game and owned a Colecovison plus that cartridge, I have to declare that version to be excellent. I would venture, that it's even more faithful to the arcade version than the Colecovision version.
  3. The sequel should be called Nan Down.
  4. Looks great, one of my favourite games from that time, based on my love for the Atari VCS version. I always liked the impression of Evil Otto in the robot explosions...
  5. He admitted to playing it on a crappy PC, with EGA CGA graphics? The Amiga version looked great and sounded great and epitomised the period when the Amiga was the best computer gaming platform in the West.
  6. It keeps getting more features too. As a game engine, it is very impressive. Goodness knows what games will be ported in the fullness of time.
  7. I'm sorry to come in at post 1 and not read anything else but the words 'clever share function' compelled me. /end
  8. R.I.P. Meat, a bat, possibly out of hell, killed him.
  9. Chips in cartridges go back to the earliest cartridge based systems, it is integral to the scene. https://www.pcworld.com/article/411992/the-secret-upgrade-how-expansion-chips-in-video-game-cartridges-pushed-performance.html
  10. People need to realise that the C64 was released in 1982 and the Amiga was released in 1985 and when the first C64 emulator was released on the Amiga, that was retro. Perhaps the term has become elastic but last gen has never again been 3 years or less, as far as I know, so anything older than 3 years or more is technically retro, maybe.
  11. I always felt like this was something I instantly recognised and thought, cool. However, if it transpires to have been pointed out in the Zzap review then that's memory for you!
  12. It's not too bad that it's in Basic. Had it been an assembly language game then it would have been a poor show. Very few games became well known on the C64 if they were written in Basic. My original point was look how well the 1982 C64 hardware has done reproducing the 1990 game, Sonic The Hedgehog, compared to how badly it did reproducing the 1982 game Smurf, originally released on the 1982 Colecovision hardware. Perhaps it's more about how I felt, back then, moving from Colecovision gaming hardware to C64 gaming hardware. *shrugs*
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