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  1. Frequent updates? You must be joking, they're too infrequent. Whether they have any money left or not the technical issues are all but solved now. There was nothing minor about the keyboard issues. It will become clear, soon enough, if there is money to manufacture and ship it. I'm growing weary of the comparisons with the vega, they're not in the least bit the same. All the parts of this project seem to be nearing completion.
  2. Even better if you know what it's ripping the piss out of. I am certain it's specifically aimed at Collider Jedi Council. I have posted links to the latter before but judging by the lack of response in this thread I'm probably only one of a few on this forum who watch it. It is bang on.
  3. He was famous for being shit at Mario 64 on Gamesmaster and throwing a massive strop about it. No one really gave a shit who he was before or after that.
  4. I think you need to read up more about what they were trying to achieve and why there were extra levels of technical difficulty. I'm not about to try to paraphrase the issues because it's certainly well outside my level of knowledge. I'd be oversimplyfying the reasons for why it was complicated in the same way you're oversimplyfying why it should've been simple. They appeared to have bitten off more than they can chew but there is now an alternative solution which should've solved the technical problems. The remaining delays are down to a last minute design change and the difficulties of properly testing it when your manufacturer is based in China and your small order isn't obviously any kind of priority for them. I think we're nearly done now though. As ever the KS update is being held back until the project lead feels he has something positive to say. I think his last keyboards are go update will prevent him saying anything more until they are go.
  5. I've been waiting for a way to express this scene from Doctor Who ever since I first saw it. I contemplated making a random and showy post about it, tonight, in Off Topic but my better judgment won out. My inspiration came in a form of words tonight and it seems there has been much intellectual discussion around those words, I Googled them a moment ago. I have never read those intellectual discussions and I don't intend to, specifically because I may decide the use of words I have settled upon do not belong to me despite the fact I have come to them on my own. The words I have settled upon are 'aging and the diminution of personality and identity'. I have no idea if that is what the scene is meant to suggest. Perhaps it is simply those moments immediately before death but my own experience informs me that death can be slow, decades in the making.
  6. My flat slab of a matt PS4 gathers dust like a bastard, do not make that fucking thing you monsters.
  7. I think it's fairly simple.They've chosen a keyboard manufacturer in China and along with the genuine mistakes they've made over the keyboard membrane making various iterations of it takes a fuck ton of time. I save my whinging for the people who are making the thing on the Facebook page. I'm just using my time on here to give updates when I get them. I don't think any comparisons with the Vega+ are fair at all, the only thing they have in common is the Spectrum.
  8. A really rather good 'unofficial'* update. https://specnext.dev/blog/2019/08/16/a-flavour-of-things/ * not a KS update.
  9. I'd never heard of this.
  10. Billie Eilish is amazing. I'm 50.
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