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  1. No, what I guesstimated their value at when i was planning to sell – though I highly doubt I got more than 15 quid! Of course these sorts of thing were easy finds in every Gamestation in the early 2000s. I picked up some good deals back then, because nobody wanted Sega stuff. I think I paid 15 quid for my 32x and about 25 for a Mega CD1! Not sure what my list says but also don't recall paying much for great games like Guardian Heroes either.
  2. I let all of my collection go between about mid 2006 and late 2007 before emigrating, and miss some of it massively. Mostly my Saturn collection. I kept a complete list which I still look at wistfully.. it was by no means a huge collection but it did contain stuff like Panzer Dragoon Saga, Radiant Silvergun, Battle Garegga, Elevator Action Returns, Keio 2, Shining Force 3.. and plenty of quite ordinary stuff. Amazes me now to see things like PAL Sega Rally or VF2 for $40 AUD+.. Obviously plenty of other stuff has passed through my hands during the 8 and 16 bit era but that was naturally traded up. The other pain point is I always kept my consoles perfect, boxed.. right down to original little tie wires for the controller cords. Hard to find like that now. It was a nightmare to sell piece by piece too, horrible experience, and I didn't get very much cash out of it as far as I remember. Perhaps a grand or so. There were a few items left which I gave to my best friend (including PAL Shenmue 2!). He later took them to the car boot sale and I bet one of you got the lot for 20 quid! NEVER SELL YOUR COLLECTION!
  3. Just wanted to pop in and say.. this game is absolutely immense! I don't have loads of game time, but it's just the right fit for what I do have. It's rock solid but it's obvious how well balanced it is as you improve. The combo system adds so much to SoR, it's hugely, hugely fun and satisfying bouncing enemies off the floor and walls before continuing to smash them to bits. I just love it! I haven't even got far yet, but it seems to have enough depth to keep me coming back for a very long time – not that I ever stopped going back to SoR2 anyway.. Out of the base characters I really like Cherry, perhaps because she has the right balance of powerful quick-dash moves for a newbie. Maybe she's seen as cheap, no idea.. but she works for me
  4. I reckon the QTE's are much harder – you have to process the button much more than on DC I think, where the big coloured buttons were perhaps easier to visually distinguish very quickly than X O □ ∆ I also felt the fighting input was less responsive somehow (never helped by Sony's d-pads..)
  5. this coincidental twitter stream mirroring made me happy Nap? Forget that, time to mash some punks!
  6. Loved Alpha 2, an absolute Saturn classic. Haven't played or listed to the OST in years, thanks for the prompt. One from me for the day: Skies of Arcadia – Pirate Isle (Dreamcast)
  7. It's a beautiful bit of hardware but yes, I can run al those systems games with the appropriate aftermarket or real pad on my 2013 iMac using OpenEmu (which is also just a nice wrapper for mednafen). Granted I'd rather be on the couch in front of my TV with a wireless pad, but that seems a rather expensive privilege via the Polymega.. I still want one – it looks a wonderfully convenient and sexy not-quite-all-in-one , but in terms of actually playing games properly I'm much more interested in original hardware enhancing accessories like the Everdrive and Satiator.
  8. I only ever played the demo of Swagman (on Saturn Power, I think?) but loved the music. Nathan McCree of Tomb Raider fame – very clearly! Swagman – Symphomaniac Fantasia (Saturn/PS1) (note: possibly correctly called "In the Tunnels") A decent article on the OST here: https://www.greatestgamemusic.com/soundtracks/swagman-soundtrack/
  9. Must be time for a few tracks to mark the PS2's birthday? Shinobi – Transfiguration (PS2) What a bastard hard game this was!
  10. The PS3 remakes of SOTC and Ico were of course technically more polished but definitely lost the hazy ethereal quality of the originals. I haven’t tried the PS4 remake of SOTC, but it looks as if a lot more care was taken with the art direction.
  11. Thought this thread deserved reviving – my boss said he'd just watched The Mighty Ducks with his kids, prompting me to consider this triple bill: The Mighty Ducks Remember The Titans Cool Runnings many parallels between 3 ostensibly family friendly movies which nonetheless tackle a few issues between them, not least acceptance and racism. Remember the Titans is one of those films that seems to be shown all the time (at least here in Australia), and I really adore it. Never fails to trigger tears. I guess for a decent quadruple bill you could add The Blind Side?
  12. Brilliant artwork ^^ and lovely track. The first couple of minutes remind me of some of the Kowloon music in Shenmue 2. Shogun Total War – Tension (PC CDROM)
  13. Yeh I looked it up, looks like he wrote a lot of music for Sonic Adventure. Figures! Time for a track, and it's a ripper: Sega Rally – My Dear Friend Rally
  14. I absolutely loved WWS, and the OST is a bit of a happy place. Did it have the same composer as Sonic Adventure? There are huge similarities, perhaps just representative of Sega of that era.
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