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  1. Jet Set Radio – Sneakman How I loved this game, I'd play standing up so that I could get into the music. I remember my elder sister remarking how cool the game was – which meant a lot because I always thought of her as someone with taste in good stuff – she introduced me to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Orbital, Chemical Brothers and many many more in the 90s.
  2. Orbital's "In Sides" takes you on a journey and a half. It's my favourite electronic album.
  3. Ah, that's a good reminder for another futuristic racing game: Wipeout Fusion I was at uni when it came out and a good friend and I were both massive Wipeout fans. We were hugely excited by a next-gen game and he bought it on release. It felt almost nothing like Wipeout. The ships didn't seem to handle or float right, they couldn't leave the track at all and felt glued down. There was far too much focus on weaponry. To us, it was not a Wipeout game at all. It didn't even really look like one – outside of some quite nice graphic design for the teams, it didn't have quite the right aesthetic, and I can't remember it having quite the right kind of music, either. We persevered but it was no 2097 or Wip3out. I don't think I've played it since and have no great desire to either. Thank god HD & later Omega righted all wrongs (ignoring the handheld games for a mo there) - - - Another for almost exactly the same reasons was Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. After the highs of AC4 in particular on the previous gen this had a lot to live up to, and it wasn't the game I wanted at all. They took away everything that made the game addictive – the progression to absolute Ace pilot feared everywhere – and shoved that progression into one of my least favourite mechanics of all time, Close Range Assault. On top of that the default control mechanism was all wrong and you and to set it to the "expert" setting to get proper flight controls. I know it's now accepted it was never part of the main series of games.. but I was hugely excited, and it was awful.
  4. Shenmue 2 - Credits Not long at all now..
  5. I'm still replaying Shenmue (1).. not sure I will get through both games before 3 comes along but I think I'll have to try harder. I'm only up to the bit where Chai tries to steal the mirror! Looking forward to revisiting Shenmue 2, which has so much more going on.
  6. Swagman on Saturn/PS1 might be a family friendly option (that I've never really played other than the demo disc on Saturn Power)
  7. hah me too. And PDS. And Radiant Silvergun. Bring on Satiator.
  8. No worries at all, I've sent you a PM. Have attached the English guide here too for one and all. DemoPlayGuide_250_E.pdf
  9. I don't have access to a machine that I can play the trial on, and I don't think I would bother if I could. Not sure it's possible to share codes but if someone wants to use mine that's OK with me.
  10. Starfox 64 – Main menu theme One of my favourite pieces in all of videogames (and one of my all-time favourite games). Beautifully melancholy.
  11. Yep not wrong there. But truly a shame if the influential in the industry missed Saturn in its own time - one of the great systems in terms of library and creativity, in spite of its relative failure as a commercial platform.
  12. Pretty good video, that. When I watch YT vids where people talk about the Saturn (and surrounding era) I often feel they know less than I do; perhaps I lived through it at just the right age for it all to be burned into my memory. Perhaps it's just so long ago. At least in this video I can trust the old SSM editor, even if he can't quite remember being there What a shame to see almost none in the crowd owned a Saturn!
  13. I absolutely loved and appreciated the craft, the expansive world building, the overall story arc creating such a wonderful and truly worthy backstory (with hopefully more to come). I was impressed and shocked at the themes this dared to tread, and at how it managed to do so whilst neither trivialising nor dwelling too heavily on them. It was profound and silly in equal measure, as well as current and important. Nicely dropped in climate denial – "There is no Darkening!", as well as Chamberlain invoking Trumpisms "sad, so sad" I utterly adored Hup and his spoons. What a guy! Along with Deet, my two favourites. I did think all the sighing and gasping (particularaly from Brea) was a bit much at times though! There was so much detail and so much to love that I can't possibly cover it all, but suffice to say it was pretty much all I hoped for. Some small negatives..
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