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  1. I dig it. The stage transition @ 6:15 is lovely, really nice detail. I really think they got the weight of the characters and hits just right. Sometimes feels like the sprites could be larger on screen (ie: camera closer in) – but I guess you need that space for SoR (especially 2 player) to work. Some of the camera zoom stuff on special breakers is neat – always liked that Street Fighter Alpha finisher stylee! Also think they've done a fantastic job recreating the classic sprite baddies – though the knife wielding Galsia perhaps doesn't look quite such a sneaky furtive bastard as he does in SoR2! Always hated those dudes Looking like an absolute definite purchase.
  2. Rogue One is by far my favourite of the new movies, I think it's wonderfully focused and brings some added depth to the rebel back-story. I loved it from first viewing. I guess because it's connected to the story we already know so well without relying on any of the main characters it's able to avoid doing things we feel are wrong. I love the morally dubious nature it adds to the rebellion. Yes it's overt but I think it's an important aspect that helps ground this story and perhaps the whole OT. I haven't watched it for a while so perhaps it deserves another more critical viewing.. but I just love it. It's such a great addition to Star Wars.
  3. Command & Conquer - Mechanical Man I might be a rare breed but I played C&C on Saturn, never PC.
  4. Ridge Racer High Spec (the 60fps version on PS1) is utterly brilliant, and a game I always go back to for its purity. You have to be pretty much perfect to win the "secret" challenges. But I am also throwing my weight behind Rage Racer as the best overall package – I love how it is that much less rooted in reality than say R4 and that it gives us some really fun undulating courses which at times have a bit of that crazy Outrun sprite scaling effect about them. It's also one of those games you can look back on and marvel at how they created atmosphere and gave the game so much character with limited hardware.
  5. Yep I think I played the DC game for a matter of hours before deciding it was actually not worth the bother at all. How they got it so wrong I will never understand! I played loads of F355 with a steering wheel but I can't remember trying Daytona with it at all. I must've given up on that version entirely!
  6. @wev I’m sure on Saturn you could do this every lap. I’ll dig out my PS3 for a go when I find the time..
  7. Yeah I can no longer recall and certainly have no records on internal memory to refer to! perhaps the pit lane trick is forgotten or perhaps it was a CCE only thing. One for you guys to test out!
  8. I played both the original release and CCE a lot on Saturn, but whatever reason I also wouldn't list it amongst my own favourite racing games. Some brief thoughts I posted a while ago on a Digital Foundry vid about Daytona, which I stand by: I can't remember my best laps on 777 Speedway but I'm sure it was a 16-something or perhaps even a 15.... it's been a long time! The famous "cheat" is to go through the pit lane tight along the right hand side!
  9. PAC erm it's just the first bit of my surname really but I like to think it also gives me a connection all the way back to PACMAN.
  10. Ah I miss this game. Cannot help but let a little "RAIZING!" escape my lips.. Battle Garegga - Underwater Rampart
  11. It's turned to self-indulgent tosh. The first season was utterly spellbinding, but it feels so lost now with no way out other than an unlikely Rambo-esque uprising. Perhaps that's the point but the execution is so flawed and lacking in the essential qualities that made the original season so powerful. I guess I'll slave through to the end of this season.
  12. I think it's superb and has been from the 1st episode. The human element in terms of the huge emotional impact on the characters as they struggle against their fates coupled with the intrigue in the wider story arc, the pacing, the sound design.. it's all top drawer! My wife falls asleep through most episodes and doesn't really get the appeal at all. For me it's the perhaps the best thing I've seen on Netflix, and certainly the most impressive show in this genre that I've ever seen. There's a huge risk it will grind on like so many shows before it and lead to a disappointing conclusion, but I desperately hope the story is all planned and has an ending we can feel satisfied with.
  13. I really get the feeling that this is going to be brilliant, and won't it be special to have a 2-player local game for a change?
  14. We've covered most I'd suggest immediately (Ico, SoTC, RE:make, Tomb Raider 1 etc) so I'm going to pick a few alternates.. Operation Flashpoint Even at the time it was a bit of a haphazard looking game, with some rather poor models, textures, hilarious voices and dodgy sprites.. but the experience of being in that world tied all that together and gave it a unique feel. A stealthy approach suddenly caught out in the search lights, alarm blazing and tracers filling the night. A carefully directed approach to the outskirts of a ruined village only for a tank squadron to roll over the nearest hill, the elation as backup arrives in the form of an Apache gunship cannon ripping through the air above.. it had a magic about it. Burning Rangers This game is pretty much all atmosphere! No soundtrack – just you, the environment, and lots of fire. Panzer Dragoon Saga A totally unique world dripping with style, aided by fabulous music and inventive game dynamics. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Who can forget the beaches of Normandy or the raid on Trondheim as experienced through this game? Quiet moments built tension wonderfully. I'm sure it'd feel ancient and limited now but when it was released it really put you there in a way no other game had done before. Jet Set Radio I just loved being in Tokyo-to, what can I say. I was my best self!
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