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  1. I felt it was a story about finding self worth regardless of our flaws, disabilities, or situation. That you all saw other things as well is testament to the writing. Bravo Pixar!
  2. Watched yesterday, loved it too. So fun, made me laugh a lot, and I loved the messages around worth and value as well as gender issues – some important subtext in there that I think added hugely to the experience as a whole. And god how I loved Duke Caboom!
  3. are you going to post that every half an hour until Shenmue IS finished?
  4. Yep sure that would seem to solve it but I'm also absolutely certain that part of the deal is about building the ecosystem, ie getting people to install and use the launcher. That's pretty huge and they have however many thousand pretty unusually hardcore gamers that they've just invested in onboarding via Shenmue... I don't think Epic will let them out of this one. That'd be crazy from a business POV - the vast majority probably won't care that much that they are willing to boycott entirely until the Steam release. But yes, what a mess – and such a shame it has stopped us talking about Pachinko and Lucky hit for so bloody long. What about that slightly creepy come-on from the Pachinko lady, eh? Script WIN!
  5. I must admit that I half expected this to end up on PS5 after a protracted dev cycle. Imagine!
  6. I’m sure there would be some very useful bits and pieces of code to do with battle stats and relative weighting of dragon’s attributes.. but it is 2019, the bulk of the code would be ancient, surely? Perhaps a ground up rebuild would be preferable anyway? A bit like when you get outsourced code back and think, shit... it’d be easier to just write it again from scratch...!
  7. I love the battles in PDS but agree it never held a candle to Starfox 64 as an on-rails shooter.
  8. Brave question. I don't know because I don't really PC game these days.. but thought everyone loved Unreal Engine and therefore Epic by default. Not to mention in the old days the UT players were definitely the hardcore PC gamers. Epic must've taken a serious tumble!
  9. Looks fairly cheap and cheerful, but it's nice to see Panzer Dragoon is not totally dead. The old games were more sparse in their environment, and though I'm sure that was down to the hardware it's probably fair to say that lent it a certain aesthetic and feel. So many repetitive tower things!
  10. hahaha my lord it is so very very Shenmue. The log splitting - brilliant! Fighting looks spot on – not the simplified version of Shenmue fight engine after all? The lack of music doesn't help but by gollly it seems like everything takes so very long to do. Select.. dialogue... select again.. more dialogue.. select.. finally do what you want to do! Again.. very Shenmue and part of what sunk you into the world, but by today's standard it feels rather a lot of effort. Much skipping. Can't see myself turtle racing very often, that's for sure. They do seem to have made it look complex, will wait until I play it but from those videos it sure seems like there are a lot of unique interfaces to learn, with not much in the way of commonality. Wonder if QTE buttons will be off to one side like the turtle race - hope not! But yep.. overall very happy with what I am seeing.
  11. It looks so very Shenmue! The camera angles, the liberal sprinklings of temples and arches, Ryo's grunts etc.. it's Shenmue! I think it was a good decision to watch the Japanese language trailer first though, because I can't tell how bad the acting (still) is.
  12. Have to agree that the overall quality dropped off massively, but Johnny's character remains interesting. Perhaps there was too much focus on some of the kids. The bits that did it for me were all Johnny, Kreese, and Daniel. The dojo and kids serve a useful backdrop to that story and I get the mirroring and that the other characters are useful for a bit of relief, so perhaps it just felt a bit juvenile and poorly scripted at times. Didn't really get anything out of reuniting the original Cobra's, which surprised me. Missed Dutch. Loved the bits where Johnny and Daniel realise they could and should just be friends, only to return to mutual hatred. Kreese was excellent. A lot of the stuff around the main story was bordering on excruciating.
  13. WipEout 3 Special Edition: Underworld - Kittens Relentless!
  14. Thanks to all the recommendations here we just watched Knock Down the House. Absolutely brilliant, as promised - and also worth noting that it’s a wonderfully compact documentary. Zero fat.
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