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  1. The console cores generally run pretty much all the usual rom formats.
  2. Order a board now and by the time it comes you’ll be fully tempted.
  3. The best thing to do with this is to make it dual boot with the nes classic, which you can do via hackchii. Still a nice curated list but you get all the nes classic games too and a more comfortable controller.
  4. Weekly treasure up
  5. There is a bit of imperceptible delay on the audio apparently but yes it works great. It’s all about bandwidth hence the cores that really push the de10 working better on dual ram.
  6. Also, you will want to bookmark dekudeals. It’s essential for charting deals on the eshop. https://www.dekudeals.com
  7. Indeed. I am currently pootling still with the 32MB I was given gratis but a 128MB upgrade is to be done at some point. However for everything 16bit and below (the best stuff!) it is fine. Once the Saturn core is ready I’m going full ram though! Will probably need a digital io board at that point for the menu buttons. Currently I just wire directly to the second gpio.
  8. I disagree. it comes with a psu that will get you started. You do not need a digital or analog io board. They’re helpful but not necessary. Bare absolute minimum is: DE-10 nano 32MB Sdram usb otg hub or cable usb controller usb keyboard if you’re feeling super cheap you can even use the 8Gb microsd that comes with it.
  9. You could get a de-10 nano delivered from digikey or mouser in that time
  10. I have the filthy grey and purple US snes Color scheme. I really wish it was the SFC colour scheme.
  11. It was set to 16:9 stretched and even had the right side cut off. I’m going to have nightmares for weeks.
  12. I’m at the seaside so imagine my surprise when excitement when I spots a dual seat sega rally cab. The imagine my disappointment when I see that 1. The left cab is not functional and 2. the screen on the right has been replaced with a shit lcd telly from 2008. Total dogshit.
  13. You can either download all the cores automatically (update_all), download some cores (via a menu) or manually manage your cores (copy onto sd card). if like me you just want to run hdmi then bare bones all you need is de-10 nano, some sdram (128mb recommended but 32mb will work for most things) and a micro usb otg cable or hub. Then comes the extra. All these are optional but some are recommended: 1. Uprated psu. Stock is 5V 2A, people recommend a meanwell 4A unit if you have lots of devices plugged in. 2. USB hub board. The otg port does not supply a lot of power. The official powered hub board provides 7 ports and is powered (see point 1. For better psu). 3. Heatsink and fan. Jury is out of its strictly needed but only costs a couple of quid.
  14. How big was the box? Mine hasn’t arrived yet and I won’t be in when it comes so it needs to fit in the secret hidden security cupboard.
  15. Citation needed. I’ve heard the poor choice in having no start button on the dualshock5 thingy is causing games to run like potato.
  16. I’m impressed he managed it on a lcd telly.
  17. I cancelled my order. Nothing on it that a mister can’t do.
  18. 1. A super dock with built in dvd drive allowing GameCube, wii and wiiu back compat. 2. Wiiu mode where the handset functions as the screen controller and the dock still outputs to tv. 3. built in gameboy player 4. rgb and svideo out on dock for us crt affecionados. 5. A range of colours at launch.
  19. How gutted must you be when you open your loot box and you get Francois?
  20. Shipping notification!! Should really get round to picking up the game to at some point (Still have Torna to play)
  21. It’s only £60 for the controller. The additional £150 is the licence fee to Langdell for using the word Edge.
  22. It’s just plug and play. There’s no soldering on the disassembly but you need to be careful with the button ribbon when taking the top off. Check a few restoration videos on YouTube.
  23. For bonus authenticity the dualshock4 works great with it.
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