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  1. The default update script doesn’t include any copyrighted files for obvious reasons. If you find update_all by ypsilion then things might fall out of the internet when you update. 

    It might take quite a while though. 

  2. Update on the Japanese psu removal: a pack of molex kk 3.96mm gubbins came today and they fit a treat. The power switch connector is the same but a 3 pin so I’ve modified a connector. Once my dc jack and mount arrive I’ll knock up a wiring loom and it’ll be a fully reversible dc power mod. 

  3. 3 hours ago, T Pot said:

    So it looks like I made a cheeky offer on an IPS colour on ebay. Didn't mean to... Also it was disgusting. Like 50% the seller was asking for.


    He accepted it..


    So if it works I guess I'll be putting the pocket up for sale!

    Got a link? Will be interesting to see how disgusting it is. 

  4. I’m level 43 and still in chapter 4 (will read that spoiler later). Been rinsing as many side quests and trying to open all the maps. Looking at some of the areas I’m gonna need one of the big robot things from xcx to reach them as I can’t see a regular way up. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Shimmyhill said:

    My other half loves super tennis (obviously as its a brilliant timeless classic) but we are playing it on the Switch at the moment and that just will not do… Does anyone know (or can link to a website that carries this kinda info) if the PAL version was optimised in anyway or if it will just work properly on my Super NT in 60hz mode!?

    I run a ntsc super tennis cart in my super nt. cost me about a fiver. I believe though that the pal version is utterly unoptimised and will run fine at 60Hz. 

  6. had a lively afternoon shooting zombies in the face. Love a bit of HOTD. I do need a bigger crt I think. Fourteen inches just isn’t enough (ooh matron!)

    So my freebie sega saturn turns out has a type C PSU so just needs a 5v line to run so I’m going to remove the psu and wire a dc jack directly. Rather than solder to the psu pins does anyone know what part the connector is that goes on the pins?


    edit: I think it’s a molex 3.96mm pitch kk connector. So I've got a plan. I'm going to run my Saturn off my meanwell 5V supply I use for my mister. That can kick out 20W and my saturn (VA15) claims it only needs 12W. Happy days. 

  7. Sounds like you’re round about where I’m just up to. What I didn’t realise is that by doing Hero quests you get more traverse abilities. I’m assuming at some point you learn how to go across those wires. 

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