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  1. 1 hour ago, probotector said:

    need a physical version of this classic!

    I really hope it’s actually a modified snes rom in there and it gets dumped. 

  2. Question for the group: Has anyone replaced the fuses on a 2DS? I have one that only charges when fully powered off. When trying to charge whilst on/asleep I just get a blinking orange charge light. A quick web search (via altavista) shows it’s likely to be the fuse next to the charge port. Am I risking a battery fire if I just bridge it?

  3. Boxed wise I only have turf masters and Sam shodown 2. The latter only because it came with a machine. I’d love to box up my cart only copies of puzzle bobble and sonic but no way am I paying the inflated eBay prices. I do fancy getting a boxed copy for the first metal slug at some point though. 

  4. 12 hours ago, spanky debrest said:

    Assault Suit Valken was a game I first discovered in a box of floppy disks that came with a copier device my mate leant me in the early nineties, and it stood out because it was an action game that completely wrecked everything else in that collection. 


    It had scale, class, atmosphere, strong / varied level designs with non-linear sections / branching paths, phenomenal graphics and even better music. A total monster of a game across the board.


    When I had the give the piracy device and the disks back, it was Valken that I knew I was going to miss access to the most, and I did. I never forgot about it.


    Cybernator was a random Konami-published game I acquired as part of SNES bundle circa 1999 (bought for Super Mario Kart which I'd only recently gotten into at my Uni halls of residence), and I was delighted to discover it was the localised Assault Suit Valken. Enjoying it again was a treat.


    Fast forward to today, I give the fan translated Valken ROM a spin with its crystal clear audio being routed through the stereo, and it's never been more impressive to experience.


    It might not feel great at first to play for a newcomer because your mech has weigh and heft, but there are dash and shield moves mapped to their own buttons - as well as a fully rotatable default main cannon that you can power up (to have wall-bouncing shells) within in the first area. Basically, provided you do a bit of area clearance as you progress, you'll be adding a lot of permanent weapon upgrades to your arsenal throughout the game and you shouldn't ever feel underpowered. 


    I'll leave it there.

    You do know M2 have ported the Japanese version to the switch with updated translation?

  5. Chapter 5 question:



    So I’ve got the boat now and am happily ignoring the urgent rescue mission to explore all the islands. Can I still do this after the mission or do I lose the boat?


  6. On 22/03/2023 at 17:35, JoeK said:

    This is such a delightful game. It’s like a brilliant anime series full of bonkers stuff happening all the time.


    And it’s all the good type of bonkers.


    And the soundtrack. I know its good when I find myself  humming it randomly.



    The original Wii special edition came with a mp3 soundtrack.

  7. 1 hour ago, yakumo said:

    I prefer the form factor of the Gamecube.


    Anyway, I remember the Gamecube was the only device we went for a midnight launch. I was at Uni, and my mate James was buying one,  me and Dan were there because we were good friends with each other. Spent the whole night playing Super Monkey Ball, and Rogue Squadron at the Dorms. One of my fondest memories I still cherish.

    I did the midnight launch too. @dumpster sold me a black cube with monkeyball, Luigi’s mansion and rogue leader. Best launch lineup ever. Once Monkey target was unlocked the other games didn’t get a look in. 

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