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  1. Eventually I will. This was just a quick and potentially fatal way of checking it survived the very well packed delivery.
  2. Well this is totally not going to kill me at any point: I only have a UK power lead suitable for a Saturn so it’s Stepdown > travel adapter > uk power lead > Saturn. But it lives!!! Just need my tv lead to arrive and some software now. Happy days. Not owned a Saturn since 2000.
  3. US snes is legit fugly. So much so I resent my supernt a little as it’s the naff grey and purple coloured version.
  4. You have a cupboard for your crt? Fancy! Mine lives on the floor next to the bed on the wife’s side.
  5. Any usb drive can be used for archive storage and 360/xbone games can be ran from a usb3 drive. Anything series exclusive needs to be copied onto internal storage.
  6. Your fourth will be getting a restoration job this summer.
  7. I suppose in theory with enough hacking it could be possible. There have been back ports from atomiswave to Dreamcast and from triforce to wii due to the similarities in hardware
  8. I remember buying my first Saturn in 1998 for £15. Owned most of the big pal games at some point but always sold them on (never really been a collector, more of a play it then sell person). I do remember @dumpster giving me a lead on a copy of PDS for £15 which I later ebayed for a whopping £41. Didn’t have the slipcase so I guess it wasn’t worth a lot. I think I even gave him my switched pal console once I bought a Dreamcast (no regrets!)
  9. I found exiting to the dash before putting the Xbox to sleep mitigated this a fair bit.
  10. Any of the xenoblades
  11. The third party ones never have a network port
  12. Wince held it back. It absolutely could have been done. The wince powered games were notorious for it. another video game esoterica subscriber?
  13. That’s an ideal sized spot for a mister…
  14. Sean is a totally cool guy. Definitely my favourite person at the Bath meets.
  15. So when I last set up a hdd I didn’t do anything to the drive. Just popped it in and used hdloader to do its thing. OPL was perfectly happy with what it had done. I still keep hdloader for ripping my discs directly to the hdd. maybe take the drive and erase all its partitions the boot straight to hdloader? You are using freemcboot?
  16. It’s toast. Don’t buy it.
  17. Also if you can find the lair of vimm then many things are at your fingertips.
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