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  1. 8 hours ago, Colonel Panic said:

    I have a similar (but more convoluted)  solution. I’d bought a 2.4Ghz dongle and controller to use with the SNES Classic that sat in a drawer until I got a Raphnet Wii accessory to USB adapter. 

    How about wii classic controller pro to 8bitdo gbros to 8bitdo Bluetooth dongle?

  2. Every ascension quest done, every side quest done and I’m now on to hunting the last of the Aionios’ strongest. It’s a level 110 Beastie and I’m at level 90. Once that’s down then chat and do the final beast before heading back to wrap up the story. 

    Gonna be so ridiculously over levelled. 

  3. I would just watch a few videos on YouTube from the likes of Voutar to give you an idea of usual mods. 

    basic pointers though:

    1. Get a decent soldering iron. They are worth the money. 
    2. use flux. Cored solder is not enough. Get a little syringe or bottle of something like chip quick (spelling?)

    3. Ask on here. 

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