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  1. I think there’s something around the wiring on sync that means a regular composite video sync pal scart won’t work right. I’m gonna get a retro gaming cables csync cable unless anyone tells me not to. https://www.sega-16.com/forum/showthread.php?13966-Mod-How-to-make-an-NTCS-Saturn-work-with-an-EU-scart-cable
  2. So I ordered a copy of Sega Rally and it works great. However I only picked up a cheap av cable and my tv doesn’t do ntsc. Turns out I’m even worse at sega rally in black and white Shopping list: 1. Resaturn psu 2. hi quality rgb scart cable 3. HOTD & Virtua Gun 4. Bigger CRT.
  3. Oddly enough though the original ngpc non backlit screen does still hold up.
  4. I think I’m going to have to deliberately break my streak on the Xbox. It’s asking for three achievements and I’m scanning my owned games for three easy chieves to grab. It’s not fun. If it was for the monthly bonus round maybe.
  5. Nice job. Before I did mine I couldn’t believe that we once thought those screens were acceptable.
  6. Yay! Anyone who hasn’t already played this (and those who have) should buy this immediately. Any news on a physical edition?
  7. Nb delete the ?amp=1 to get it working on proper browsers
  8. Yep there’s some stupid rule that lithium batteries can only be shipped installed in a device. I also recommend putting the screws in and out before you put it all together to cut the thread. The screw holes will just be straight tight holes (ooh matron) before you do this.
  9. That’s the Amiga issue. Any idea what page? edit: just checked. A whole two page spread in pages 12 and 13.
  10. Absolute piece of piss. Assuming you don’t need to do screen adjustments there’s no soldering. Most obscure tool needed is a triwing screwdriver and we all own one don’t we?
  11. Take them when you go to a dentists or doctors and leave them in the waiting room. Much better than a 2 year old copy of woman’s weekly.
  12. I went stealth black with mine. that’s retrosix shell, buttons and glass lens. The screen is a funny playing ITA screen (recycled dsi tft)
  13. Well looking at some of the credit counts here I feel less bad about my complete lack of metal slug ability.
  14. https://retrosix.co.uk/Game-Boy-Advance-2001-c54012087
  15. I have shells from retrosix on my custom gba. I can heartily recommend. Also get yourself some buttons and a glass screen. They apparently mold all their own plastics rather than just buying cheap mass produced Ali express kit. edit 2: their screens and battery stuff however is at the top end of prices but very good.
  16. Was it found in a bush or some railway sidings?
  17. If it helps think of them as little puzzle sections. There is a solution to all of them. Quite often it’s just leg it out of the nearest security shutter.
  18. Update: just done a run through. 21 continues used. Man it gets cheap after about stage 3.
  19. Fantastic shout! I’ve got this on switch arcade archives. Handy for infinite continues and save states. I remember the first time I played this. Must be about 25 years ago on one of the floors in either Jilly’s rock world or the Krazyhouse. I don’t recall doing very well but I was likely seriously bladdered. During my first stint as a NGPC owner I did also own first mission. I think that’s on the switch ngpc collection too!
  20. @MagicalDrop nominate a game. Then at the end of the month the nominator gets to choose another nominee. Stops us from getting bogged down with surveys and polls.
  21. Not gonna lie, no idea what the cover is related to without opening the mag:
  22. Trade for an analogue pocket? 😉
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