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  1. Back up your SD card regularly for peace of mind.

    Thanks to the promotion(s) and Monster Hunter, my 3DS pile of shame is getting out of hand.

    Need to complete Luigi's Mansion, Resi: Revelations, Kid Icarus (1 stage left!!), Layton (2 hours played since I received it free on New Year's Day), SM3DL (2nd playthrough) and I'm yet to even START Fire Emblem.

    I think I'll have to cancel all my freelance bookings for a fortnight just to get back on track, before Animal Crossing sucks me in.

    You have to go back to Layton. My most played 3ds game currently.

  2. Gerrard gave the ball away far too much, but he was our best player of the Euros so he does deserve his place in the team. Cleverley was average, didn't create as much as I'd have expected. Carrick was the best of the midfielders, didn't put a foot wrong.

    I like England playing 4-3-3, but not when James Milner is part of the front three. He didn't have a bad game, but without a pacey, creative player out on that right hand side the formation is too negative. Hopefully Walcott will play out there when he's fit.

    Overall, not a good game, but not a terrible result. Pretty sure we'll beat Montenegro at Wembley and qualify.

    Simple question: Why does the fact a player was once good mean he automatically gets picked even when he's playing shite? (legs gone).

    My take: scrap the captain role and allocate it on a per game basis.

  3. Has anybody had experience of getting Dolphin running F-Zero GX? Based on the wiki my machine should be up to it, i5 3570k, 7870 Gfx etc. but even following the guide I can't get a decent frame rate. Figured i'd try here before I start messing around with older versions of the emulator and/or playing around with other settings.

    I'm just starting out to try dolphin for xenoblade purposes, how did you get on? I'm gonna try the mac version on a macbookpro (intel gpu)

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