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  1. This is why I'm not too bothered about jumping on the next gen yet. Too much stuff left to do
  2. Most pleased with Lukaku for a year. No point buying strikers if we ruin them after 12 months. Does this mean Cheebs has stayed?
  3. That said the shite have only scored one more goal than us so far and they think they're gonna win the title already. We'll see what happens once we've sold everyone and bought a new lawnmower.
  4. I kinda like it too but my 3dsxl can already have the 3d turned off so why?
  5. Same price as the store itself and you do get stars.
  6. Well this is confusing. It's not august 31st yet and Everton are making signings. Four so far and only Mucha moving out. Could Martinez be getting us ready for a good start or does he know something about who's leaving that we don't?
  7. Get the 3ds version. All the others are bobbins plus you'll keep your 3ds forever.
  8. I had an ags-101. It was well ninja. Easily worth £50. Comparable to a dslite screen
  9. I'm sure I saw recently that there was a chinese manufacturer that was making drop in replacement screens that were backlit but I can't remember where I saw them. There was also a cable to allow the straight drop in of a AGS-101 screen.
  10. According to xda the x360 wired pad works with it. Anyone tried that yet?
  11. It wasn't great but it was quite fun, especially when drunk
  12. Link to the past 10. Mario world 9 Axelay 8 Cybernator 7 Super tennis 6 F zero 5 Probotector/contra III 4 SF2 Turbo 3 Star wing 2 Tiny toons buster busts loose 1 Special mentions to super pop n twinbee, disneys Aladdin and pretty much all the rest of Konami's output 1992 to 1996
  13. That would be super awesome of you. Pm me your email and I'll bounce the code onto you.
  14. Aimless, if you're saying you don't want to download MH, I've got a mate id love to give the game too but he's already got a 3ds.
  15. oh God, that sounds fuscking terrible.
  16. I have minish cap as part of the ambassador lot. Worth playing?
  17. You've always needed the sd unless you set the forwarder channels to a usb drive i think.
  18. You have to go back to Layton. My most played 3ds game currently.
  19. I'm out. There's still 500 games on the x360 I haven't finished yet.
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