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  1. Chapter 5 question:



    So I’ve got the boat now and am happily ignoring the urgent rescue mission to explore all the islands. Can I still do this after the mission or do I lose the boat?


  2. 1 hour ago, yakumo said:

    I prefer the form factor of the Gamecube.


    Anyway, I remember the Gamecube was the only device we went for a midnight launch. I was at Uni, and my mate James was buying one,  me and Dan were there because we were good friends with each other. Spent the whole night playing Super Monkey Ball, and Rogue Squadron at the Dorms. One of my fondest memories I still cherish.

    I did the midnight launch too. @dumpster sold me a black cube with monkeyball, Luigi’s mansion and rogue leader. Best launch lineup ever. Once Monkey target was unlocked the other games didn’t get a look in. 

  3. The default update script doesn’t include any copyrighted files for obvious reasons. If you find update_all by ypsilion then things might fall out of the internet when you update. 

    It might take quite a while though. 

  4. Update on the Japanese psu removal: a pack of molex kk 3.96mm gubbins came today and they fit a treat. The power switch connector is the same but a 3 pin so I’ve modified a connector. Once my dc jack and mount arrive I’ll knock up a wiring loom and it’ll be a fully reversible dc power mod. 

  5. 3 hours ago, T Pot said:

    So it looks like I made a cheeky offer on an IPS colour on ebay. Didn't mean to... Also it was disgusting. Like 50% the seller was asking for.


    He accepted it..


    So if it works I guess I'll be putting the pocket up for sale!

    Got a link? Will be interesting to see how disgusting it is. 

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