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  1. It could very well be your av port on the Saturn. Looks like the green channel is not making a good contact. Do you have a second Saturn to test it on? Your other cable works fine as it’s probably not a RGB cable. hopefully its just a bit of dirt in the socket. Dip the end of the cable in some IPA (propan-2-ol not a tasty small batch ale) and plug it in and out a few times.
  2. Pretty much my entire games collection fits in a single kallax cube. I’m very much on the play it and sell it team
  3. Another off my list: Zelda 3:lttp. My annual play through complete. Now to devote time to Bravely Default.
  4. To be honest you should really get a super Famicom if you can. However it’s not too difficult. There’s a multi function 50/60 super cic mod out there. It does involve lifting chip legs though.
  5. I remembered I had ace attorney trilogy on switch I abandoned ages ago. I’ve put it on the list so I can at least finish the first set of cases.
  6. Ooh yeah that screen looks toast. Getting audio is a good sign though. It shows the ASICS are working fine. Looks like it’s a tft screen upgrade candidate. I really should do mine at some point but my original screen actually works ok.
  7. Metroid prime remaster. You heard it here first.
  8. The sound board could very well need a recap too. Try it with headphones. If you get audio through there then the sound board just needs a recap/modern replacement
  9. You should also get game sound if you plug the sound board in.
  10. I used a set of R6 ceramic caps. Worked fine for me. Interestingly if you’re doing a screen replacement the game gear will actually boot without any caps fitted. However some of the screen kits use the high voltage contrast circuit to control the brightness.
  11. I wonder if you could play them through a translation app on your phone like a real-time text translation.
  12. I’m still waiting for more representation of the dad bod males. We’ve not all got 6 packs and 20inch biceps you know.* *obviously I do…
  13. At the risk of going slightly off topic no, there are other non aqueous fluids that can wet.
  14. First one down: Golden Sun TLA ticked off. Took two attempts to finish the last boss but I can finally lay a series to rest that I started in 2001. no new additions to the backlog as it stands. I did pick up Sega rally for the Saturn but that’s exempt being a pick up and play arcade game.
  15. Fresh save battery and maybe a little lithium grease on the laser rails.
  16. That’s a nicer cover than the subscriber copy in my opinion.
  17. Quick restore/sleep functions are the key for me. With the Series S I can easily suspend a game and pop back in when I have time. The switch has a great sleep mode. Just tap the power button when you have to put it down and drop straight back in later.
  18. What level are your party? iirc you should be around 60-70 to do Sin comfortably. Also are you using the zombie strike / life combo on the first form (the glowy yellow orb I think)?
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