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  1. Metroid prime remaster. You heard it here first.
  2. The sound board could very well need a recap too. Try it with headphones. If you get audio through there then the sound board just needs a recap/modern replacement
  3. You should also get game sound if you plug the sound board in.
  4. I used a set of R6 ceramic caps. Worked fine for me. Interestingly if you’re doing a screen replacement the game gear will actually boot without any caps fitted. However some of the screen kits use the high voltage contrast circuit to control the brightness.
  5. I wonder if you could play them through a translation app on your phone like a real-time text translation.
  6. I’m still waiting for more representation of the dad bod males. We’ve not all got 6 packs and 20inch biceps you know.* *obviously I do…
  7. At the risk of going slightly off topic no, there are other non aqueous fluids that can wet.
  8. First one down: Golden Sun TLA ticked off. Took two attempts to finish the last boss but I can finally lay a series to rest that I started in 2001. no new additions to the backlog as it stands. I did pick up Sega rally for the Saturn but that’s exempt being a pick up and play arcade game.
  9. Fresh save battery and maybe a little lithium grease on the laser rails.
  10. That’s a nicer cover than the subscriber copy in my opinion.
  11. Quick restore/sleep functions are the key for me. With the Series S I can easily suspend a game and pop back in when I have time. The switch has a great sleep mode. Just tap the power button when you have to put it down and drop straight back in later.
  12. What level are your party? iirc you should be around 60-70 to do Sin comfortably. Also are you using the zombie strike / life combo on the first form (the glowy yellow orb I think)?
  13. I think there’s something around the wiring on sync that means a regular composite video sync pal scart won’t work right. I’m gonna get a retro gaming cables csync cable unless anyone tells me not to. https://www.sega-16.com/forum/showthread.php?13966-Mod-How-to-make-an-NTCS-Saturn-work-with-an-EU-scart-cable
  14. So I ordered a copy of Sega Rally and it works great. However I only picked up a cheap av cable and my tv doesn’t do ntsc. Turns out I’m even worse at sega rally in black and white Shopping list: 1. Resaturn psu 2. hi quality rgb scart cable 3. HOTD & Virtua Gun 4. Bigger CRT.
  15. Oddly enough though the original ngpc non backlit screen does still hold up.
  16. I think I’m going to have to deliberately break my streak on the Xbox. It’s asking for three achievements and I’m scanning my owned games for three easy chieves to grab. It’s not fun. If it was for the monthly bonus round maybe.
  17. Nice job. Before I did mine I couldn’t believe that we once thought those screens were acceptable.
  18. Yay! Anyone who hasn’t already played this (and those who have) should buy this immediately. Any news on a physical edition?
  19. Nb delete the ?amp=1 to get it working on proper browsers
  20. Yep there’s some stupid rule that lithium batteries can only be shipped installed in a device. I also recommend putting the screws in and out before you put it all together to cut the thread. The screw holes will just be straight tight holes (ooh matron) before you do this.
  21. That’s the Amiga issue. Any idea what page? edit: just checked. A whole two page spread in pages 12 and 13.
  22. Absolute piece of piss. Assuming you don’t need to do screen adjustments there’s no soldering. Most obscure tool needed is a triwing screwdriver and we all own one don’t we?
  23. Take them when you go to a dentists or doctors and leave them in the waiting room. Much better than a 2 year old copy of woman’s weekly.
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