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  1. Can asthma inhalers fix an ACL?
  2. Quick little job today: fix the game gear sound output. Problem child is this: what we are looking at are the five silver round capacitors. No real issues aside from C7 being really fiddly due to its location and then the nice nichicon electrolytics being too tall so I had to delicately bend them over to make enough clearance. so it’s now really loud. Next job is recap the power board (three through hole electrolytics).
  3. I’m still waiting on a native GameCube or Wii home brew port. The vc version definitely isn’t as responsive as it needs to be.
  4. I paid via credit card and when I checked out it asked whether I wanted to pay in pounds or yen. Hopefully not getting a foreign fee. edit: if anyone wants to know how to open the in game menu, hold start for 1 second. There you can have up to 4 save states, change the brightness or exit to system menu.
  5. And mine arrived today. however Amazon jp do similar packing even for international shipping. The box got a little squished. but it’s so teeny!!!
  6. All four firmwares on one unit you say?
  7. Mine is also in action under the tv. Mainly as a worms Armageddon machine as that’s all the wife and I play nowadays but I did redownload Bayonetta. Still as good as always (the game, not me).
  8. It's ok. The wife has prime so that's my Christmas pressie sorted.
  9. Ooh very tempting at that price. I don’t have prime however, does the free trial work on this?
  10. Oh well, I needed to set up an Amazon jp account anyway. it’s got to be the classic black one surely? edit: £57 posted with import fees deposit from amazon.co.jp. Not too bad for a curio.And I went for the black one.
  11. Also that way you can just pick up the player hardware a lot cheaper than a compete set with the software disc.
  12. It’ll be a master system mini if nothing else.
  13. Earlier this year I ran through half life 2 on the Xbox one. That was a pretty nice way of playing it. Being able to fire up Daytona was also nice. I’d say the thing I was most excited about playing on the series s was some old 360 arcade games!
  14. Pops in from Xbox series thread Eneloops! /pops back to Xbox series thread
  15. Done my carts with IPA. It’s an odd one. if I turn the power off and on a few times eventually it’ll boot fine which makes me think it’s not a contact issue. Oh well I’ve ordered some caps anyway so expect some pictures in one of the retro repair threads soon!
  16. Question: is not reading carts a sign of needing a full recap?
  17. Eager to hear first impressions. Which did you go for?
  18. I picked up one of these last weeks thanks to this here very forum. Got a set of caps coming to do the sound board. The screen isn’t too bad but the sound is teeny tiny. Once that’s done if i fancy it I’ll have a stab at the main board.
  19. I would probably be interested in a couple at non-eBay prices. I still need to pick up metal slug 1 and my sonic is unboxed.
  20. latest pickups. Shodown 2 boxed and compete was bundled with an Anthracite unboxed console and NTF came today. No manual but boxed for £30 I can accept that. Nobody reads the manual anyway.
  21. That looks very similar to the one I have. I think it’s just some mass produced low quality ‘good enough’ power supply.
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