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  1. Once the cps2 core is out of beta I’ll probably go up to a 128mb sdram board. I’d also like a more consolised plastic case than my mini stx pc case and possibly change the straight otg cable to a powered internal hub. however none of those are needed for my main purpose which is playing super Metroid repeatedly.
  2. Or if you want a console that looks like it’s been in a house fire.
  3. I name myself THIEF in link’s awakening to save time when I steal the bow.
  4. this is as bare bones as you need. DE-10 nano usb otg cable I also have 32mb sdram and a heat sink/fan on there too. if you’re only using hdmi don’t bother with the io boards and if you only need one controller you don’t really need a hub board. I would recommend a usb hub though as it’s very useful to plug in a keyboard when first setting up the controller. You can disconnect it once it’s done.
  5. I’ve removed my inline switch. I think it was causing voltage drops. any micro usb otg hub and a sdram board is the bare minimum. 32mb will get you started (that’s all I have) though you will want 128 at some point (I do). I also recommend a fan or heat sink for the main chip. Some folks run them naked but the consensus is to keep it a bit cooler. I get my stuff from misterfpga.co.uk. I have a 5% off code somewhere… esit: PGMA6F3
  6. Distance selling regulations. You have the right to return anything within 14 days as long as it's returned in a resellable condition (iirc). There's no way amazon can get out of it as it's their whole business model but i bet they'd love to.
  7. You’ve just reminded me that I would happily pay £60 for persona 5 on switch.
  8. If you’re UK based I might be interested in the second copy.
  9. Back in 1993 (there it is!) I did pay £65 for SF2turbo on snes. Nowadays I only get my series a games in sales with ms reward points. It seems the older I get, the cheaper I get. That said I had a few moments when I thought £80 for the Metroid special edition was too much but I bought it at that in the end. I think for the right game the limit is going to be much higher but in general I fell we’re getting a lot more for less money. Win!
  10. Isn’t that because the ps2 had a totally shite video output. It’s like the screen is smeared in Vaseline.
  11. Nope. Just this place filled with middle aged grey beards talking about slippers and saveloys.
  12. I think I was wandering around habbohotel/gamesradar on my own to avoid doing serious science after the edge forums closed and someone said there was a cool new place called rollmuck.
  13. Worth a shot. I wouldn’t have expected a surface mount resistor to fail unless they’re putting big volts/current through. im sure you know but you don’t need to remove them when testing. good luck!
  14. I really think your problem is mechanical contact over electrical failure. double check nothing has moved out of place
  15. Do you have a multimeter? If not, you’re really gonna need one. Probe either side of the resistor and find if any are bad. If so remove with some hot solder and replace. You could probably get away with a thin film resistor replacement if it’s easier as long as it’s the right value. However firstly I would use a tonne of contact cleaner on that rotary switch. what are the not working symptoms you’ve got? edit: ok read a bit more carefully. It doesn’t sound like a blown resistor problem. I’m thinking dirty or bent contactor. Check to see if anything has moved out of alignment and clean all contact points. Got any IPA? edit 2, if it is a resistor it’s most like R35 or R34 since it won’t go past point 1.
  16. Massive long shot here but I don’t suppose anyone wants to sell me the preorder bonus keyring?
  17. Special edition arrived today. Wow it’s heavier and larger than I expected.
  18. Conversely I would say get one now and enjoy all the other 8 and 16 but gems that you can play at the moment. The DE10 from digikey came from Nebraska in 2 days all duties paid. Add in a sdram card and a usb otg cable and you have a starter pack for not much more than £150. That’ll play anything snes, mega drive and most neogeo.
  19. Buy a mister and play it on that.
  20. I really recommend the psx mini usb controller. No analogue though. I think a dual shock 3 will work natively too.
  21. Not impressed by the disc just left laying on the top though.
  22. “I want to play this game but won’t buy it because this other game is the same price” u ok hun?
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