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  1. A jpn ‘backup’ should boot in 60Hz. Some detect its a pal system and give you the 50/60 selector screen. the psus will just drop in to each other. In fact, there’s no reason to keep the original psu in an ntsc machine. for the controller ports try cleaning the contacts on the controller plugs. You could try cleaning the contacts inside the controller board but I nerfed one up that way.
  2. Can that not just be fixed by patching the ipl.bin? admittedly that’s a bit difficult with a retail disc.
  3. What’s the point? If it’s never opened, it might as well be a box with a potato in.
  4. Question: if I was only looking to use the hdmi output, is the io board then just for adding a fan? Also, do you have to have a keyboard attached or can you drive it all with a joypad/stick?
  5. Today I fitted a cleanpowerGG board from retrosix. The main attraction for me was that the power jack on mine was loose which I failed at fixing leaving me with only batteries for an option. eesh! anyhoo, 2 day delivery and 2 minute install time. It runs sweetly off a usb power pack so that’s game gearing on the go sorted. I recommend it heartily.
  6. Yeah, I would go ICO / DPO as if the hacker is emailing you then there’s deffo been a data breach.
  7. Already thinking about the feasibility of a mark 2 SMS with a usb power mod and internal composite to hdmi adapter. I’m always surprised no one has thought of doing a decent rgb to hdmi internal mod board. Surely there’d be a market for it.
  8. Mwahahaha. It lives!! Well eventually. I first got some odd Sega Mark III error screen. I think some contacts need a good clean. anyway, quick 2 minute blast. Music is quite catchy, seems fun enough for a start. You can steer the bike in midair! Will give a fuller review later.
  9. Cleanrip + nintendont. (might even be able to use nintendont to run straight from disc but don’t quote me on that).
  10. I recently played through the gba version, zero mission. I enjoyed that one a lot but I never got in with the Nes original.
  11. Like the one that Niasse got? Salah would only play three games a season if they brought it back.
  12. Skyward sword is better than Ocarina, even with waggle. and whoever did that list on the Gruniad needs shooting for having Links Awakening so far down the list. It’s the third best Zelda (after BOTW and Lttp)
  13. I recently tried to play through ocarina again but abandoned it on the volcano dungeon as an adult. I’m sorry but it just wasn’t fun. It has aged terribly.
  14. Or maybe SS and BotW are directly related: Hmm
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