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  1. Confidential mission is pretty much identical in redream.
  2. A series s for me in the new year. No rush for now, just got a PS4 this year.
  3. I really wish someone would do this for the original HotD
  4. A bit of a bump but I’m probably going to have a go at mine this Friday. It’s horrifically yellow.
  5. I was looking at these last night. Are they worth it?
  6. I’ve just unlocked second licence boards. My characters are becoming much more useful now.
  7. You’re on. I didn’t get chance to test tonight but I’ll do it tomorrow and drop you a pm.
  8. I paid £52.79 all in with postage. I’ll test it later, it’s currently still in it’s sealed baggie.
  9. @SeanR so my rad2x arrived just now for my GameCube. Shame I’ve got a gcvideo in the time between preordering and it arriving. anyone want one for cost+shipping?
  10. SNES controllers are back in stock. Had half a mind to get one but the £8.90 postage is a hard no.
  11. Watching that I genuinely thought it was the original game footage at times.
  12. There’s a few I would miss: Outrun, Rez hd, sc5p2, mvc2, sf3. Basically all the Dreamcast remasters.
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