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  1. Wired to one of those giant mushroom buttons with a big play Xbox logo on it.
  2. I’m assuming the series s version will be smaller due to the lack of 4K textures?
  3. get the s now then upgrade in November surely.
  4. I give it 24 hours before the speed benefits of the ssd sway you.
  5. In that case New wouldn’t have been capitalised. I think this is going to be the real name just like the New 3DS was.
  6. I would recommend a downgrade to 3.60 principally as it’s fully exploitable and has enough to run everything.
  7. They must have released the switch pro firmware by mistake.
  8. Bit of a sale going on at the moment. Might pick up Forza H4 and Gears 4.
  9. Wouldn’t it be nice if this was announced for back compatibility this E3 season?
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