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  1. It’s more like a 70% payout rate typically from what I can remember. Not been to the pub in years, do they still have fruities?
  2. I think @dumpster did some work on these a few years back using save states to show how the higher/lower type games always make you lose.
  3. Small tweak to my setup today. The usb bus on the de10 doesn’t supply a great amount of current so I’ve disconnected the vbus wire from my usbA socket and ran a bridge wire from the dc in +tab to the usb A vbus pin. Now any usb devices I connect are powered directly from the power jack. I can now run usb hub, controller, keyboard, mouse and WiFi dongle all at the same time.
  4. The pal GameCube does support prog scan but only when booting ntsc software. If you have a way to load swiss you can force 480p via the digital output.
  5. At launch I got Luigi and Monkey Ball. The pre launch price drop from £179 to £129 weeks as awesome too.
  6. Yeah deffo either get yourself a little microscope or a grip for your phone. Makes a handy microscope at short notice.
  7. That a va0 Japanese unit? Check which ode unit you’re getting in that case. Some don’t like the 5v the gd drive bus uses on the va0.
  8. Put them in the cells. Let’s get back to discussing double A games.
  9. It would be simple to just ban buy it now prices on eBay. Then the prices are just what people will actually pay rather than what some shill thinks something is worth.
  10. He’s probably still working through those car loads of unboxed final fantasy discs.
  11. I received my 8bitdo g-bros today for use with a wii classic controller pro. Aside from no clicky sticks I’m of the opinion it’s the perfect controller.
  12. I like to create the pretty sassy style queen that I am deep deep down inside.
  13. @Yasawas here’s a cheap way to get started: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284437787047
  14. Probably not. I’ll give you £20 for it.
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