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  1. https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/PSX_MiSTer there’s a section in the readme about them.
  2. Some variants of the usb hub don’t have a proper barrel connector and rely on a fork touching the underside of the de10 power jack. Sounds like you’ve gone with a proper board that has a power jack and comes with a splitter. You’ll be good.
  3. Man, now I feel embarrassed. Totally should have clocked that.
  4. Almost. The analogue io board will take power from the de10 but you’ll still need to power the usb hub. Normally this is either done via a splitter off your psu or by contacts on the usb board touching the underside of the de10 (very sketchy at best). If you’re technical you could always just solder a power line from the de10 power jack to the usb board.
  5. A mister will output VGA via the analogue io board. Has some nice line doubling options for the scaler.
  6. My wife’s got a friend in Stroud. I wonder if she wants to go visit…
  7. XG3. was slated as a poor fzero rip off with bikes but I spent quite a fair bit of time on it. Can be found very cheaply.
  8. Does that have an internal psu or did they externalise for the super slim?
  9. Mine came just before the weekend. I then realised I don’t much care for Atari
  10. The psx classic usb controller is great for mister. Otherwise you’ll want to get a dualshock4.
  11. I’ve never done a swap out. I know some folks have used GameCube style stick units. The actual stick isn’t bad to take apart and grease up. I have bought other bits from this chap though: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194309669034
  12. Yeah this is just using a pi as a smb share server.
  13. The stick itself is a single unit with a connector. It’s really simple to swap it out as a unit. even opening it up it’s not too bad. A couple of screws/clips and you’re in.
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