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  1. I’m keeping a 360 wired up just for that (and rock band Beatles)
  2. I got 8/10 after realising that if you think they were involved they were probably neutral. I’d have guess Ireland and Portugal were involved but apparently not.
  3. 1. They totally avoided game of thronesing the ending. Well done. 2. Holden is always gonna Holden I guess. genuinely happy with how they wrapped it up and now on to read Babylons Ashes and the rest.
  4. Wordle 208 5/6 Guess 4 I was trying to guess extra letters as I was drawing a blank on what the heck it could be.
  5. Wow! Everything you said was wrong. /Luke anyways, worst pad out there has to be the dual shock. The original digital pad is a fair evolution of the sublime snes controller. Then they stuck two analog sticks in as an after thought to respond to Nintendo’s innovation. However they couldn’t have thought about it more than “where do they fit? Oh there which will induce hand spasms from unnatural thumb movements? Sod it, we’re late to the party so it’ll have to do!” And then they kept it! Talk about stubborn.
  6. I’m slowly building enough information about Sean to seamlessly replace him in his daily life.
  7. It’ll never take off. It doesn’t even do 4K.
  8. how are folks sharing their result on the forum? Manually choosing the coloured blocks from the emoji?
  9. Yo dawg! I heard you like walking. So I put assassins creed on your switch so you can walk whilst you walk.
  10. Heads up for the retro folder but I’m going to stick my black version up in trading soon. £50.
  11. Might have fallen off the wagon a wee bit: Purchase 2: charity shop full set of Xbox 360 rock band instruments and rock band 1, 2 and Beatles. £50. Nothing now until March I promise.
  12. You never know. Not splurging in the hundreds for one though. I’m not that mental.
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