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  1. Ninja Doctor

    Currently playing...

    I was just wondering if you used emulator to play or just grab a screenshot.
  2. Ninja Doctor

    Currently playing...

    @deKay emulated ngpc or hardware?
  3. Ninja Doctor

    Neo Geo Mini

    Usb c going from the pictures. Same for the power lead too.
  4. Ninja Doctor

    Neo Geo Mini

    The picture of the unit in that link seems to vary from the earlier renders. Has anyone translated the games on the back?
  5. I would suggest getting one of those madkatz ones with the 6 face buttons then. I don't think it'll be easy to turn the analogue triggers to digital inputs.
  6. Cheers all. I was aware of the account thing just wasn't aware if it was x360 compatible.
  7. So what's the quality like of Orta on a regular xbone and if I buy it will.it be playable on my 360?
  8. I would imagine the internal PCBs would have been skipped. You're best off buying a gash condition one off eBay and using that for parts.
  9. Ninja Doctor

    Currently playing...

    Freeshop is your friend...
  10. They gotta just be trolling now if that picture is in anyway official.
  11. Ninja Doctor

    Currently playing...

    Original Tetris on GB via the 2ds VC. Still one of the most addictive games ever crafted. No going sleep until I've launched that bastard space shuttle...
  12. Ninja Doctor

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Personally I have no preference but the internet seems to rate 2 higher
  13. Ninja Doctor

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Snes9x and super bomberman 2?
  14. Ninja Doctor

    Removing content you've already paid for...

    You can. It won't show up in the store but you can find your download history in settings and grab it for there. I did it a couple of weeks ago when I replaced my dead x360 HDD. Marvel Vs capcom 2 was also redownloaded. I should sell my x360 with them still on.

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