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  1. Switch port incoming!!! despite having the x360 version sat ready I’m stupidly excited about playing this on my switch. I’m really hoping it’s going to be just like persona 4 on vita. just me then?
  2. Turn it off, unplug power cable. Turn power switch on, hold down reset button then connect power. wait 5 seconds then release reset. wait 10 seconds then turn power off. unplug cable and then reconnect and try to switch it on normally. edit: this switches it to FEL mode then turns it back off again. This might fix something if it’s stuck for some reason. is it modded at all?
  3. I definitely spent £65 on street fighter 2 turbo for the SNES. Never regretted that for a moment. And £50 for starwing on launch. the argument back then it was the pcb manufacture that drove the costs up. We’ve been in a period where the reduction in production costs from carts to discs and increase in volume has offset increased development costs. unfortunately we’re on the other side now and there’s no margin left to squeeze. You can either increase revenue from add ins such as loot boxes or increase the cost of entry. I know which i would prefer.
  4. Once again our unelected chamber, free from the shackles of populism, makes a more sensible decision than our popularity chasing weather vanes in the elected chamber.
  5. I’m solo lite as I mainly play in bed in handheld mode. My eyes are 41 years old and have no problem with the little text.
  6. Exactly how many hours a day do you get to play?
  7. Rise!!!! quick question, what’s the going rate for a Wii u nowadays. I think I might fancy picking one up?
  8. my tv is only 1080p. A series S would do me perfectly fine.
  9. not that you can burn yourself.
  10. FYI anyone wanting to put their legally extracted rom from their purchased copy on to a Nes classic, you’ll be out of luck with the stock emu. The game uses mapper 19 so isn’t supported.
  11. I read about this last night. Still a little convoluted to implement but I imagine once it gets properly weaponised then it’ll be pretty sweet.
  12. None of them are perfect, they all have different issues and quirks. There was a cycle accurate emu in development but that hasn’t had any updates in a long time.
  13. Mupen64 I think is regarded as the best but it’s command line only.
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