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  1. I really really hate thunderblight ganon. Such a dick.
  2. Holy fuck truck (it’s new name in my mind) can be picked up for less than a pint. It’s legendary. Also you can play mp3s off the sd card whilst you tear up the tracks.
  3. Charge business rates on properties that have been empty for over 12 months? I’m assuming that empty units aren’t attracting business rates? edit: apparently you only get three months grace so I’m assuming the landlord is liable for business rates on empty units.
  4. I’ve put this on my ps classic on your recommendation. It is jolly good fun. Only had a quick play, very much in the vein of micro machines. I shall have to grab a copy for my brother in law.
  5. In the end I got a sata conversion board for the hdd adapter so I can use an old 2.5" ssd I had knocking about. Sega rally is now installed and running great. Defaults to stretch in widescreen mode though Now, what other oscure/hidden gems should i peruse?
  6. And more of the same. We’ll get nosebleeds if we go higher up this there table.
  7. Voted. Looking forward to whatever is chosen. I promise not to nominate anything next month.
  8. Could I maybe also throw in Dr Mario into the mix? Bit of a different puzzler but only available on gameboy, nes and phone afaik
  9. I’ll be honest, I’m loathe to recommend anything because I want to play something random I’ve never played before. I’ve said bomb jack as there’s a metric tonne of different versions and I can play in on gameboy.
  10. I never knew the 360 version had an unlock able Christmas Nights. I know what I’m doing for next three nights.
  11. Breath of the Wild still. Probably still be playing it next Christmas.
  12. I think FF12 and Grandia HD collection for me I think. yep I have an RPG problem.
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