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  1. They tend to appear randomly after trapping monsters in rainbows then jumping on them.
  2. All of those are good games so which ever wins will be good. Now what to vote for? I think I'm gonna tip my hat into the Rainbow Islands ring. A bit of a sideways sequel to Bubble Bobble, I remember my older brother playing this a lot on the spectrum. The first level had some crazy spider type boss I think. Off to locate a reasonable priced digital download ;).
  3. And that’s why I used the Japanese voices.
  4. And I ordered the physical one from limitedrungames. Best part of £50 with postage
  5. Ordered a physical version too. Pd2 was the first game I had for my Saturn so would love to see a remake of that following.
  6. Skies was only a tongue in cheek mention. I like keeping this to 16-bit and below so that emulation is pretty easy and most have a plethora of ports across different 8 and 16 bit formats.
  7. Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast). mainly as I’ve just started another play through using redream on my cloudbook.
  8. Did you get the soundtrack mp3s from the Wii version?
  9. A man after my own heart. I only finished this a year ago, too soon for a replay?
  10. Skies of Arcadia for switch hd remaster. GameCube mechanics with Dreamcast audio fidelity. Day one baby!
  11. Please please please straighten those doors before I get itchy
  12. Incorrect. It worked fine and had motion controls.
  13. Just bought the gameboy version for a fiver. Damn you all. I did really enjoy them on the 2ds and I’ve got picross s on the switch. Picross!!
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