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  1. Opl can do iso loading from a network share that uses the samba protocol.
  2. I’m actually more worried about this: what the hell is this cart made from?!?!?!
  3. Mine came too!! disappointing lack of Sega on the box.
  4. Torx security bolts have a pin in the middle of the recess so the tool end looks like a hollow star.
  5. Don’t worry, it’ll be back on sale in 3 weeks: Deku deals!
  6. Actually out now: https://retrosix.co.uk/CleanPower-GG-USB-C-Game-Gear-Power-Regulator-p241798108
  7. The US model game gears have a different power jack to the EU and JP models. It’s a bit of a nightmare. I think it must be a common issue with them.
  8. In other news I’m having to admit defeat on fixing the external power jack on my game gear. After a reflow of the solder it still refuses to pass power unless held very firmly towards the front. I think something is damaged inside it and buggered if I can find an actual replacement jack. might be a good excuse to get one of those usb-c power boards from retro six.
  9. Very easy. You will need a torx t8 security bit. There’s also a hidden screw under the tamper seal inside the battery bay. undo screws, open casing. Lift up board. Pull thumb stick off and put new stick on. Replace board and screw back case on.
  10. It’s only £11 in the current eshop sale. edit: My LRG copy has cleared customs! After ordering back in March it may arrive this week!
  11. If you like the ps2 rgb output you’ll be knocked breathless by the Dreamcast vga output. It truly is on another level and in my opinion still unbeaten by hdmi outputs. There’s a vibrancy that’s unmatched.
  12. Just a marginally thicker paper than the 20gsm stuff they’re using.
  13. I’d like to do mine myself at some point but I don’t know if I could spare the 4 hours or so it would take. I’ve been looking at the retrokai one with the easy solder guide.
  14. I was scrolling through and that microscope caught me eye too. how long did the whole screen job take start to finish?
  15. Are you going to do a preventative recap whilst it’s stripped down?
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