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  1. Maybe he should just go to eBay then. The twonk .
  2. Ninja Doctor

    Currently playing...

    Are you playing it on ds?
  3. Ninja Doctor

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    Just got to get past that damned walrus.
  4. Ninja Doctor

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Have you also put in a bivert mod?
  5. Ninja Doctor

    Xbox One Console Thread (s4Kiro)

    Is true. I’m allegedly on disc 2 of ff13 but only disc 1 has ever left the box.
  6. Ninja Doctor

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    There’s another key somewhere. I couldn’t find it though so just skipped the room with the compass in.
  7. Could be. I only had a non motion plus controller.
  8. Good. I hope the receivers ask for it back.
  9. Has it been pulled then?
  10. Ninja Doctor

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    I appear to be playing through at the same rate as Nate. I had a bit more of a play last night. Bottle grotto again with a missed key so I didn’t go in the room with the compass. Took a few attempts on the boss for my shame but after getting the next instrument on to the prairie. But first a trip to the castle to find some good leaves. Good job I already had some bananas with me. Gold leaves get and then save for another night.
  11. I’ll dispose of it for you for a tenner.
  12. Always R-Type for me. I’m sure I could the first level blindfolded. I did once have Darius 2 for the Saturn (Pal) but never got into it. Too much bullet hell. R-Type is more nuanced.
  13. I had to have a small text file for xenoblade to work or at least get listed in cfg launcher. I think it had one line of text which was the wbfs filename then the disc ID and a text string of the game title: xenoblade.wbfs sx4p01 “Xenoblade Chronicles” - or something like that. Maybe it it wasn’t necessary but I could only get it to work once I copied the file from a rip of smash bros I did myself and changed it to match.
  14. Wbfs files need to be in a folder titled “wbfs” along with a text file describing the title. I can’t remember the format off hand. Then you’ll need a launcher to boot it such as cfg launcher or usb launcher gx.
  15. Ninja Doctor

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    Yeah. DX has a ‘full’ colour palette mode on the gameboy color but can also run in greyscale on the original. The non DX version has a much more limited palette on the color. Just one set for sprites and another for background. The DX cart was however too expensive for me so I’m playing the original in 8 colour glory. Completed the tail cave, got to go to the swamp now but moblins!

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