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  1. I think @kernow has the right idea. It was much better when we were kids and only had two games to play.
  2. This. So much this. I don’t think any pad since has recreated the floaty feel of the Saturn’s starship enterprise pad.
  3. @Nathan Wind has 79 of them. The last one is still unsold.
  4. Ninja Doctor

    SNES Mini

    They are discontinued. Production shifted to the nes minis that are still available.
  5. @Lorfarius the card goes along the side of the psu and then round the corner to the fan making a little corridor from the fan to the psu. It then drags air from the psu to the exhaust keeping things cool. There’s a good photo on that link in the thread at Dreamcast-talk.
  6. You will also need to switch the door latch part to stop it clashing on the fan and get a adapter cable to fit the fan. It’s not quite a drop in solution. first off get a piece of card (McDonald’s happy meal box works great) and improve the airflow first.
  7. You’ve got the lack of load on the 12V line problem. Your options are either replace the psu like you said, remove the 12V regulator (not recommended for noobs) or add a load resistor between the ground and 12v pin on the psu connector. some people think the lack of gdrom drive inside affects the airflow that would be pulled over the psu normally. Some folks cut a bit of card and have it run down the side of the psu and along the front to the fan, making a corridor from the back of the Dreamcast to the noisy stock exhaust fan. https://www.dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12034 I never did any of those, I just kept the lid open (more airflow) and only played for an hour at a time.
  8. This is also in switch and very timely in the current offers.
  9. Picked up Virtua Tennis 3 on x360 for 50p from CEX. It truly does scratch that virtua tennis itch without needing to get the Dreamcast out. Highly recommended.
  10. They’re not as fragile as you think. Wrap them up, keep them dry and let them out an about. (Maybe wait a few weeks mind). My first was out and about after a few days in the mid November rain and cold.
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