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  1. Thanks for letting us know.
  2. Just following that now. Thanks.
  3. I will be going. It's all booked and we're down in the Midlands for our wedding and then attending the expo with 2 of our grown up kids who we haven't seen much the last year. At worst we'll spend some time playing games together in the open gaming areas. It's disappointing that the organisers went this route, they could have continued with enforcing masks and distancing and I'm sure they would have had less push back.
  4. oh no, it's going to be really tiny this year isn't it.
  5. The Pirates Life update for Sea of Thieves has some serious problems. I had a quick go a few days ago and the tearing on my Series X was awful and very distracting. I thought I'd give it another go today to see if it had improved, it hadn't, and then it booted me out of the Tall Tale and back to a starting dock twice before I'd made it through the second portal. I hope they get this sorted out soon.
  6. Is it easy to access the SD card with that case?
  7. @Cosmic_Guru Love your write-up as always, you're a games playing machine! I don't know how you manage to fit so many big games in.
  8. I tried it tonight and the tearing was terrible on my Series X, hopefully they'll sort it out quickly.
  9. I bought it last night. Might get a chance to play through it with my partner this weekend.
  10. @Munkienut I'm waiting to hear back from @therearerules as he had messaged but you're next if you still want it.
  11. Prices include postage. The Andor bundle is heavy. I would consider selling the expansions on their own but not the base game. Dominations is also going to include the last kickstarter content, not yet released, I will change the delivery address so that was delivered to you on completion of the campaign. I like the game more than Fay does so it isn't going to get played enough to keep it. I'll leave this here over the weekend and will take any leftovers to the fb groups next week. Gaia Project £35 SOLD Terra Mystica £35 Ponzi Scheme £40 Spy Club £30 Pioneer Days £30 Racoon Tycoon Deluxe £40 Sola Fide £20 Legends of Andor base +Journeys to the North +The Star Shield (in Journeys box) £55 Dominations Kickstarter edition + 4 expansions + latest KS Deluxe upgrade when released £80
  12. @therearerulesI was about to post up a photo and prices. £35 Inc postage.
  13. @skittlesWe have all the expansions so far, my partner loves this game, and have the final 2 on pre-orders along with the big box to combine everything together. However, I wouldn't recommend playing them all at once although they can be combined to an extent. Bellfaire is the smallest expansion adding a number of modules to the game. You can add the ones you like and leave out others. This can be combined with any of the other expansions. We always use the variable player powers and draft the characters at the beginning, although Fay mostly seems to get the hedgehogs. We like Bellfaire quite a bit. Spirecrest is a good addition for when you know the game. It messes with the players by enforcing restrictions on you in each season and forces you to reconsider strategies that you may have learned to rely on. I would play the base game a few times before adding it. This is our favourite expansion so far. Pearlbrook adds another resource, pearls, and high scoring items to buy with that resource. We scored higher in these games but whoever managed to get the pearls first would win. The game became a race and we've only played this one twice. We wouldn't normally use this expansion. It's normally a pretty close fought game where we frequently don't know who's won until the scores are added up. A 3 player game over the weekend ended up 69,69,74. It was so close. We've also ended up getting little add ons for the game. Walnut shells to hold resources etc. Twee but lovely. Your first game can be tricky. Especially after the first season, you'll look at what you've achieved and think I'm not getting anywhere, how do I do this? Then the engine begins to kick in and your turns get more powerful and before you know it you've gone from "how do I do anything" to "can I fit in everything I'm able to do".
  14. I've got another batch of games to sell. Will put up pictures and prices later this week. the list so far includes: Racoon Tycoon Deluxe Terra Mystica Spy Club Pioneer Days Ponzi Scheme Gaia Project Dominations Kickstarter edition + the 4 expansions Sola Fide Also Legends of Andor + large expansion Journey to the North + small expansion The Star Shield
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