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  1. Now looking for the expansion to Santa Maria, American Kingdoms. Has anyone got a copy they are selling or seen it anywhere on your travels?
  2. I was looking for Sno, the expansion to The Magnificent and I found copies in the EU but they won't ship to the UK. Has anyone seen this anywhere in the UK? edit: found it on Matagot and they will ship to the UK.
  3. They also offer modded machines. I know it's expensive but I've ordered a NTSC-J machine. "All premodded consoles will have undergone capacitor and voltage regulator change and a deep clean as standard. (For those that will buy the kit directly from BDT take off £185-195* from the price below) Pal N64D modded console £379 NTSC-J N64D modded console £409 NTSC-U/C N64D modded console £429 These prices reflect the price/difficulty in obtaining consoles from different regions here in the UK."
  4. @Colonel PanicWhere did you get it from? My S-video cable is a piece of unshielded shit and throws up massive ghosting on the image.
  5. I got the De10 board from mouser. I got all the rest of the boards, memory etc from https://misterfpga.co.uk/ Very good quality boards and components and quick delivery with good prices.
  6. How many characters are you using? I think the difficulty in Pandemic alters with player count. More characters give you more options but spreads the cards out making it harder to collect the sets you need.
  7. @frumiousYou've given up!? Are you going to the meetings? Does it get easier?
  8. It's not going to be cheap but I'm treating myself as things have all come together very recently. I've got an Everdrive and just want to get the best signal out of my 64. It's a system that holds a lot of nostalgia for me as I played these games with my daughter when she was a toddler. She was well trained and still thrashes all and sundry at Mario Kart which always takes the lads she works with by surprise. I'll let you all know how much it does cost when I get it done.
  9. I put a deposit down through ebay with a console refurb company in Nottingham. Not sure of the full price yet. I will report back. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RESERVATION-N64Digital-PixelFX-Installation-Premodded-Console-Nintendo-64/124610004130?hash=item1d0355c4a2:g:oBQAAOSwBCFgP62I
  10. Has anybody else looked at this HDMI mod for the 64? I've stuck in a pre-order with a modding company in Nottingham for one as they are expected soon. I'm going to get them to recap my 64 whilst they mod it. https://www.pixelfx.co/
  11. I was going to say no but then I realised I've spent quite a bit on a Mister set up, I've ordered a Spectrum Next on Kickstarter, an N64 Everdrive and am now looking into an HDMI upgrade for my 64. So maybe I should say yes.
  12. Doing a bit of searching for pizza ingredients I stumbled across this website which seems to stock the Caputo pizzeria flour. https://www.marcoalimentari.com/online-store/Flour-Breadcrumbs-c33274277
  13. Diddy Kong Racing was the first game I booted up when I dug my N64 out, it's such a good game.
  14. Fay does quite a lot of multi-part dishes, Sri Lankan curry and the like where having another bowl and machine to do stirring and heating is a bit of a boon. It's definitely a luxury rather than a necessity but we're using the thermomix so much at the moment that we decided to treat ourselves.
  15. @Dirty Harry PotterWas it Swandale Butchers? I can't find them online but I can find swaledale.co.uk so was wondering if you had been autocorrected.
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