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  1. That may be true, I can only think of one film I disliked more and that was Chappie. Terrible performances and a cast of hateful characters. Truly awful.
  2. Lucy is better? Holy shit, Lucy is one of the worst films I've ever seen.
  3. jonnyalpha

    What are you playing?

    Just as well, I had another game arrive in the post today and I'd pretty much forgotten I'd ordered it. And where did you get The Gallerist from?
  4. jonnyalpha

    What are you playing?

    Where are you selling your collection? Not that I need any more games.......
  5. jonnyalpha

    Sega Announce MD Mini and Shenmue 1 & 2 Remastered

    Was this actually announced or are you joking?
  6. Throttle control is up and down on the right stick so throttle right down as you come in to land.
  7. jonnyalpha

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    A bit of a mixture: Hanabi Deluxe (Mahjong tiles not cards) Escape Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King Guardians Chronicles Episode 1 Spy or Die Trying Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space Aquarium Renaissance Magic Maze Through the Ages (First Edition) Mythos Tales Those Pesky Humans Oregon Onward to Venus Mousquetaires du Roy Richelieu Warships Ace of Spies Hoping to offload all of that and then make sure I play lots of demos. I'm there for the whole thing this time.
  8. jonnyalpha

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    I'll be getting that. It reminds me of Wings of Fury which I used to play on the Amiga many years ago, I still bust out that game every time I have the urge to tinker with an Amiga emulator on my PC.
  9. jonnyalpha

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    I'm putting aside games to sell at the UK Games Expo later this year. I've done that a few times and it's quite cathartic and then lessens the blow when you spend lots on new games in the trade hall.
  10. jonnyalpha

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    That's a lovely storage box for Arkham, very thematic.
  11. jonnyalpha

    Burnout Paradise

    *insincere dave* Reporting crashes? In Burnout Paradise? That's unusual. *insincere dave*
  12. jonnyalpha

    Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    The rumble is annoying me. Can I turn it off? Otherwise this is strangely addictive.
  13. One less now, hadn't seen this before but just ordered mine. Looks great.
  14. jonnyalpha

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    I wanted to but we're booked into a hotel in Northumberland for the weekend instead. We will be taking a few games with us for the quiet moments. We're booked for the UK expo in June, looking forward to that.
  15. jonnyalpha

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    Great. Now I've gone and backed Co2 and Robin Hood! You guys......

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