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  1. That's one I didn't buy so it's not my fault.
  2. I had both. If I purchased a system it didn't have long to go.
  3. I'm looking to get this on the switch so may hang on for a reduction in the season pass. Hopefully it may come down in the xmas/new year sales.
  4. Is there a season pass deal like there was for Stadium 1?
  5. It's understandable that you don't have time to post write-ups of the game sessions but I'd just like to say I thoroughly enjoyed your session posts. Thank you.
  6. I have that model so it's useful to know. Hope your repair works.
  7. It could be the dongle. My bluetooth controller stays paired up all the time.
  8. Got it. If you go into the main screen for Capcom Arcade Stadium it lists the different pack options further down the screen. Thanks.
  9. Where did youo find that? I've been looking on the eshop online and can only see all the individual games for sale.
  10. Horrified is a really good cooperative game. If it's a good price it's well worth getting.
  11. I thought all of the Tank options and the plane one you mentioned were on the Combat cartridge and accessed by setting the switches to the right places. I only vaguely remember this from playing an Atari at a friends.
  12. I have fond memories of playing Moto GP on the UK beta, at least the couple of tracks that they included, with people from the Edge forum or had we already moved to here? I remember racing Kryptonian in particular and I can't believe it's 20 years ago.
  13. I'm not sure you're missing much in Quacks. I don't think there is any player interaction so it is a solo puzzle of what chips to put in the bag and then a healthy dose of luck. The different sets of chip tiles add some variety but the biggest improvement to the game, imo, was the Alchemy expansion which gave you something else to do if the draw was going badly. I liked that change a lot although I realise it's not very helpful to suggest buying an expansion for a game you don't like too much. The Herb Witch expansion also added some extra mitigations to bad draws but didn't seem as big a change to me.
  14. Fort was definitely a bargain. I played full price for it and I didn't mind, I also bought the expansion which adds cats and dogs into the mix.
  15. @therearerules Looks like you've just funded! Well done again.
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