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  1. Addictive? You have no idea. My collection has got completely out of control in the last 4 years.
  2. If you want another game with no luck then you should try Terra Mystica. It can be expensive but worth looking out for, I got mine for a bargain price in one of Travelling Man's sales.
  3. Riverboat and Climbers please
  4. The great thing about board game clubs is the fact that you don't have to be good at small talk as you've got the game to talk about while you're playing so it's a very good way of getting to know new people in an easy way.
  5. I did not know that, I'll be using that facility next year.
  6. I went into the Bring and Buy on Sunday afternoon and it was very civilised and easy to move around. I didn't see anything I wanted until later when I saw several games that I would have bought when I was collecting a couple of my games that hadn't sold. I saw a deluxe TMG version of Belfort that I would have definitely bought but by then the tills were closed and they were cashing out. I didn't have time to wait around and buy it off the seller when they turned up.
  7. It was really strange. I scoured the whole stall twice and found none of my games. I looked around in a resigned kind of way and my eyes landed straight on one of them. Five more minutes of searching was fruitless and I was on the point of giving up. I plonked down the game I was carrying in front of me as I went to get my phone out of my pocket and realised that my other game was on the table in front of me. I must have walked past it several times.
  8. Well done. I thought I'd done well on my £150 at the Bring & Buy. I brought back a couple of games that didn't sell but I wasn't unhappy to get them back really. The money I made covered most of our purchases which was nice. We picked up: Imhotep: A New Dynasty - an expansion for the brilliant Imhotep. Age of Giants: Kingdomino expansion Cuzco - the final game in the Mask Trilogy. We already had the SuperMeeple prints of Mexica and Tikal so really wanted to complete the set. Ceylon - F wanted this as she loves Sri Lanka and it looks like a really pretty euro. Tribes: Dawn of Humanity - We demoed this at the Kosmos stand. It's a quick, light civ builder that took three of us under an hour on our first play. I really liked it and it was a good price. Honga - a new light family game from Haba. We all enjoyed this one. I got a copy and my friend bought one for his family. Definitely worth a look. Meduris - a Haba family game from 2016. Looks more strategic and thinky than their other games and it was on offer at £15. I couldn't resist. Visiting the show for one day only made the whole thing a bit of a rush. I'll be trying to make sure we are there for the whole weekend next time. There was so much stuff we didn't get to see never mind try.
  9. What else did you buy? What did you all buy? What gems have you discovered? I'm going on Sunday so only have a limited time to look around, I have a plan but want to make sure I see as much of the good stuff as I can so recommendations would be very useful.:)
  10. I think you get the proper plastic card at WH Smiths, I'm sure I got my daughter's game pass from there at Christmas.
  11. I got mixed up as well and messed up my rota at work so it's the Sunday only for me.
  12. Carc is rather dull really although The City and The Castle standalone versions are good for two. Isle of Skye takes the tile laying genre up a notch with an auction mechanic. That's available digitally and is worth a look. We've enjoyed Kerala and Explorers of the North Sea which both do slightly different things with tiles. Kerala is a quick pattern building abstract game. Explorers is a fun game of placing tiles and heading out to grab the resources that appear.
  13. I managed to get this working by downloading a Retroboot setup from Arcadepunks. It was very easy and now I'm hankering after a Spectrum core for Retroarch. Will it be easy to put those files into the setup I already have? I think I'm going to have a snoop through the directories to see where different file types live.
  14. Did someone say Diddy Kong Racing? I'm in!
  15. I'm in for 3 of them. Goal already funded, that was quick.
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