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  1. Osito

    Nintendo Switch

    Ooh, definitely one to keep an eye on then. Came as a complete surprise to me, and comfortably my highlight of the presentation.
  2. Osito

    Nintendo Switch

    Unruly Heroes looks like a clone of Rayman Legends. Colour me interested.
  3. Cheers, will try and see if it helps. I think it´s my eyes rather than the headset, unfortunately. I have one eye stronger than the other, and have never been able to get a clear picture on any VR headset. Definitely something to experiment with before jumping into the challenge levels.
  4. Just finished the main campaign now. Glorious, easily my favourite VR experience. I don't think I've ever played a platformer slower either, taking ages to stop and inspect little nooks and crannies. It's just a constant joy throughout, adored it. That being said, I had some trouble with the VR headset, so could never get a completely clear picture. Definitely one to return to and replay when there's a V3 headset.
  5. I'd take a Super Mario Maker port/2 this year, with Odyssey 2 next year. Yes please. I haven't got most of the remasters, still have the Wii U plugged in, but will inevitably do so when they become part of any 'Classics' range. Ended up replaying 3D World over Christmas, it's glorious.
  6. Osito


    Not Speedrun related, but currently watching a Spanish streamer (Silithur) play Mario 64 with voice commands. The challenges takes ages to complete, but are compelling viewing. He's got a history of completing this sort of challenge, things like beating Undertale with motion capture, Dark Souls with a laser gun, Super Mario Worldwith voice commands, etc. Highlight of GDQ so far was Pocky and Rocky, and liked the Aria of Sorrow run, too.
  7. Osito

    Nintendo Switch

    I´m still annoyed we can´t transfer Virtual Console purchases from previous systems. Having GBA and SNES games on both 3DS and Wii U, but not on Switch, is a huge shame. I'd love to move my Advance Wars from Wii U to Switch, in preparation for Wargroove.
  8. There's a 15% off code on ebay until 8pm tonight, brings a PS Classic to around £43 (from Argos, Shopto, etc.). Getting towards impulse purchase now, but will still hold on to see if it goes lower. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sony-PlayStation-Classic-Console-with-20-Games-Preloaded-Grey/332921951998 £42.49 with code POWPOW15
  9. How are Final Fantasy 6 and SOTN on Vita? Half tempted by Final Fantasy X too. PS4-wise, Tales of Berseria looks good at £12.99 too. Some great Japanese deals really- the Nonary Games (£12.99) and Zero Time Dilemma (£8.99) are fantastic. Steamworld games look good value too. 88 Heroes is down to £2.39 too, so might give that a go.
  10. There's one on ebay for £38? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PS4-ACTION-MONSTER-BOY-AND-THE-CURSED-KINGDOM-US-IMPORT-PS4-NEW/113453908997?epid=23025557579&hash=item1a6a614405:g:6ysAAOSwC85cFMyq:rk:1:pf:0 You guys have completely sold me on this. I'll still wait until it hits £20, but it has gone right to the top of my wishlist.
  11. Osito

    Pokemon Go

    How many of you did that take? We saw one yesterday, looked at the CP (45000) and just kept walking until we found a nice two star raid. Today was a nice and easy Duskull- a one star with less than 3000 CP.
  12. Osito

    Nintendo Switch

    Amazon have price matched too, cheers.
  13. Ooh, I'll be playing that. Kinect Sports always comes out for a few hours, too. Probably some Mario Party on Switch too. Over the holidays I'm replaying Mario Galaxy 1&2. Really got a taste for it after playing Odyssey earlier in the year, and seems like the perfect time for them.
  14. Just takes a specific amount of points to increase a level, will take a while. (Tip- in the school quizzes, press the big guide button and it will show you what other people answered) You can increase stats more by meeting certain conditions (studying when raining, for example, yields a better result). You can also increase these through your social meet-ups, too. Job opportunities will increase later, and are normally found in the underground section on a noticeboard. Probably don't want to waste too much time on them as you'll get plenty of money elsewhere.
  15. Osito

    Pokemon Go

    Does anyone fancy helping me out with the 'add three new friends' mission? Friend code is 4806 9928 3731 Really getting into this now. Done my first few raids (Sharpedo, then Mawile... but failed on Alolan Raichu), am starting to a decent collection of Pokemon over 1000CP and taking part in gym battles. Got Moltres as a weekly reward too, which was a lovely surprise. Also got my first shiny (yellow swablu), so want to evolve her. Takes 400 candies, but only needs 1km for one, so seems a decent long-term goal.
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