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  1. Does anyone have the name of that horror book set on an alien spaceship that explores some of the origins of aliens, I think? I'm pretty sure it was asked about in ATF not long ago, but I didn't make a note of it.
  2. I just finished my first Pohl book this week - Man Plus. Thought it was excellent, and Is Mars Plus any good? I also have Gateway, how does that compare with Man Plus?
  3. I hate that nearly every match* you watch has a player being described as 'diminutive'! *(or too many matches) And I expect to be bored watching this game, so I will be trying to wipe out the whole world on Plague Inc.
  4. Just put down The Man in the High Castle. I don't like stopping books before I finish them - I have only done it with American Gods and one or two before that - but it is one of the worst books I have read. I gave it 180 pages, but then realised I care little for the story or the characters. The only one I did enjoy was the Frank Frink character.
  5. Found it through Asian Horror Movies website, thought it sounded interesting but not really interested watching through Youtube.
  6. I watched that yesterday, and after seeing parts of the trailer over the last few days I was looking forward to it. The word 'shit' is used so many times in the opening five or ten minutes, and it is like they are trying to tell you something - it was absolute SHIT! Apparently it is also known as 'The Unidentified', and is on Youtube under that name in 11 parts.
  7. Yea, it is similar to a charity shop - people donate the books freely and then you just donate what you want. So it is quite good you can decide how much you want to pay, so I may pay a bit less depending on quality and whether I donate anything at the same time. It is Bookcycle in Wigan, though the address listed there is wrong. I think the idea is the donations pay for the running, and also they hold other events to bring in more money. It is also in an old library, so they may get grants. I am really enjoying the book now, I love all these old SF books written around that time. Just up to t
  8. I found the best thing ever last week: a free bookshop (just donate what you want)! Got quite a few SF and fantasy books from there, which I may not have tried had I been buying from Amazon. So, i took the opportunity to get Dr Futurity, which I thought was brilliant. I don't see it recommended when people talk about Philip K Dick, but I thought it was just as good as Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. There was a dip in the middle where he goes back , but other than that it was great. Particularly liked the bit where he is learning about the civilisation and . Now onto The Day of the Tr
  9. About halfway through The Last Werewolf. After a slow start, it really is a good book - hopefully it will continue. Would've been better though if he didn't use quite as many more 'obscure' words (I consulted a dictionary once for promontory). Some passages look like he wrote a different word then looked for a synonym, and it disrupts the flow. The book looks lovely though with the gold edge
  10. Worst trailer ever! What were they thinking?! Would have been nice not to have seen it - if you plan on watching the film, don't watch the trailer.
  11. You're safe if you install Priiloader; I just had it prompting me to update before I could play, but after installing that and skipping disc/online updates, it works fine. (Look for Guide: Softmod ANY Wii if you need it)
  12. Well, I got the game from the shop after DPD being shitty and saying they attempted delivery, even though I was in all day and they never. Didn't even leave calling card like they said they did, lying bastards. So much for release day delivery. When you feel the box, it feels like it has a nice thick manual inside - it isn't, it is a shitty 4 page job! I thought Zelda games were better than this; I have Wind Waker here and it is 100x better than this. Now to play!
  13. Get an enchanted item that fills it after you kill something, or there may also be a spell.
  14. You don't get cash from hostages anymore it seems, just respect..
  15. He 'singled her out' by saying he's not seen much from her - she says it like he saw she's perfect for the task
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