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  1. The kitchen demo is a pretty good scare and free: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0102-CUSA06799_00-BH70000KITCHEN01 Edit: oops, just seen you're aware of it
  2. Watched Colossal last night. It's pretty light weight but also very enjoyable, and an interesting premise. I'd recommend it to those looking for a quirky movie
  3. OPINIONS! I HAVE SOME! (seems like a pretty decent list)
  4. It’s the implication that they are not aware of it and that if they were they could easily fix it. The comment appears dismissive and while I’m probably wrong it has a whiff of ‘entitled gamer’ about it. They’ve come out and said they are aware of some of the flaws and are trying to address them.
  5. Yeah, game development is easy. They should code better.
  6. Happened to me too ( different app). Restarting the app seems to fix it, but it was a surprise when I saw it
  7. I just put them into folders (arcade, main, vr, media, and multiplayer). Very little scrolling needed
  8. Was halo supposed to be running on the next gen? If so that was terrible, there are way better looking games on current gen. If not that was terrible, all the messaging suggested it was.
  9. They aren’t (or claim to be) journalists
  10. Stavi

    American fugitive

    Metro review up. 7/10. Pretty good but a touch repetitive. Think I might give it a shot. https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/21/american-fugitive-review-gta-2-5-9630647/
  11. Stavi

    American fugitive

    Yeah - seems a bit suspect to me and an effort to be 1st considering I can't find any other reviews at the moment. I don't see anything in that video that could have been extrapolated from other preview videos (although I have no idea). One such preview video: Looks fun to me.
  12. Anyone heard anything about this? I'm very interested after watching the trailer - seems to have an old skool GTA 2 feeling. It's out today for £18 (or £14.39 if you're a PSN subscriber).
  13. Quite a lot of the storylines will ‘pause’ until other storyline quests are completed. It’s a bit confusing, but I don’t think you’ve missed anything. I also find that sometimes quests can take a little while to trigger once the previous ones are done. Just riding out in the world and exploring a little will often trigger a radio call opening up the next one.
  14. Just listened to the latest Bombcast today. Jeez, Ben is terrible in it. It's actually difficult to listen too - he constant chips in with nothing of any value or humour. Completely wrecks it. I've given it my best shot but I don't think I can take anymore. Farewell Bombcast
  15. Yeah - keep posting. I have my eye on this and I'm keen to hear impressions. I have a lot of time for slightly janky open world RPGs (like ELEX), so this has been on my radar for while. I don't have time for it at the moment, but it's on my list.
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