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  1. This. It's not that cynical, though. It's realistic. Particularly in combat sports where the physical toll is so high. I had two amateur MMA fights last year and I was injured the entire camp and during both fights. That's with nowhere near the level of training and output those guys have. Recently worked with Johnny Walker and seeing him train at SBG, the intensity level is just different altogether. Granted, their bodies are somewhat more used to it than Joe Average but i'd say most UFC fighters are on something. It's the age old cat and mouse USADA thing. They'll be on the latest and gr
  2. Might also be worth seeing if you can pick one up that supports component. I remember them being pretty sought after for a while. I could be talking gibberish, though.
  3. This fight isn't happening on the island. It's a native reserve. The island is for international fights apparently. Deal being finalised this week. Shame Rose is out. Was looking forward to that fight. The same people I have seen say how mentally durable she was during the JJ fights/buildup are the same people who are now saying she's a pussy. Unbelievable. I have a feeling Gaethje sleeps Tony.
  4. Thanks man! Most of them have been in the works for a while, but Forrest Griffin was definitely just an opportunity due to the lockdown! Hopefully more to come! Here's the video of the Forrest Griffin interview for those who didn't fancy a podcast!
  5. Yeah, was really cool. We've been hustling bit style over the last few weeks. Had Curtis Blaydes, Josh Emmett, Jon Fitch, Johnny Walker and Forrest Griffin. Here's a link to the podcast if anyone here's in to podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-super-rad-mma-show/id1437794396 Also, here's my top 10 KO video!
  6. That's a cool concept. I dig it. We just had Forrest Griffin on the podcast. Was so surreal.
  7. UFC LHW Johnny Walker joined me for a chat. Interesting cat.
  8. My gates are open. Feel free to stop by. No clue what I'm doing yet though. Stop by anyways. Gates will be open on and off all day.
  9. I take it I can't use my airport until tomorrow? I just started the game a few hours ago, but can't do much more other than fish over and over currently.
  10. So it's safe to let people (randomers) in. They can't wreck the place or anything. Sorry if that's a stupid question.
  11. Can people ruin your town? I got a load of requests off reddit. Can people be dicks in this game?
  12. Just added a bunch of you. Haven't figured out the online thing yet as I am still settling in to Berk Island, but I'll open my gates at some stage and come visit you all! Add away - Friend Code - 4618-4326-0602
  13. Just started. Wow. It is beautiful. Wi share my friend code when I have Berk Island up and running. Can't wait to visit you lovely folk. Most wholesome game ever.
  14. Got a message from Nintendo saying that due to warehouse issues they wmcsnt delivery the pins from the special edition. Fine. But we have an animal crossing switch and a copy of the game that was supposed to arrive today between 8-1. No sign. Worried it isn't coming today
  15. My copy is due tomorrow along with the Mrs.' Animal crossing switch. Can't wait to play it. All of your posts are making me excited to play.
  16. Home of the Wyld Stallyns. Ours doesn't arrive until Saturday. Gutted.
  17. Can't believe that bellator made the call after the fighters had cut weight..
  18. Thanks bud. Josh Emmet on Monday. Already recorded!
  19. Here's the Skype interview with Curis Blaydes if you're interested!
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