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  1. Absolutely delighted for Glover. When my mate and I had a podcast, we said three years ago that in a world without Jon Jones, that Glover could hold the belt because the division is so thin. Delighted to see it. Definitely looked like Jan was hurt in some way. All aboard the Chimaev train. Knew he was good, but that performance was incredible. His previous wins were good performances but hard to guage the level.
  2. Aspinall is saying and doing all the right things. Haven't even seen the depth of his ground game yet. Pimblett gets slept by the upper echelon guys, or even just a good striker. Someone like Brad Ridell would sleep him. That said, he's fun, marketable and has time to improve. I couldn't afford to, but I wanted to bet on Brunson by sub. Called it on a FB page. I just don't think the UK has the wrestling required to hang with the top guys. Till v Izzy would still be fun and possibly competitive, but Till just doesn't have the ground game in my opinion. To be fair though, Brunson's wrestling is legit. It is another thing to note for Aspinall, too. Someone like Blaydes would murder him in my opinion. I strongly feel that the UK guys should all travel to the us wherever possible to at least scrub on on wrestling. The younger the better. Seems a shame as there's so much talent from the UK and Ireland, but they'll all suffer for the wrestling.
  3. Thanks very much man! Appreciate you checking it out. Feel free to follow the social media! We've loads more coming. Yeah, that's not us on YouTube. No idea what it is. Looks like someone automatically uploads any music under the name 'Brigade'. It's not our channel though so struggling to figure it out. Nightmare.
  4. Self promotion incoming. Apologies, but looking to get ears and feedback, so feel free to give feedback. We are all ears My band 'Brigade' have just released our new single 'Generation'. Would love it if you lovely for forumites could check it out. We are heavily influenced by Manchester Orchestra, Death cab for Cutie, elements of Bon iver, but use a lot of 80s synths to create atmosphere etc. It's electro/pop/indie Here's a link to some of our stuff,, but you can also find it on Apple and Amazon etc. - https://open.spotify.com/album/6MTDPIQk7tCD6bJOOdFj3U?si=oCxuGk_tRaW93sG5bj6MiQ&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1 Obviously with lockdown, it's been hard to build a following without gigging. With that in mind, our Facebook is "Brigademusicni" and our instagram is "brigade_music', feel free to share it to anyone you think might dig. Peace and love Kebab
  5. Heads up that the multiplayer can be played online vis the link service RGH had.
  6. This. It's not that cynical, though. It's realistic. Particularly in combat sports where the physical toll is so high. I had two amateur MMA fights last year and I was injured the entire camp and during both fights. That's with nowhere near the level of training and output those guys have. Recently worked with Johnny Walker and seeing him train at SBG, the intensity level is just different altogether. Granted, their bodies are somewhat more used to it than Joe Average but i'd say most UFC fighters are on something. It's the age old cat and mouse USADA thing. They'll be on the latest and greatest and then at some stage, someone will pop for it when a test is found for whatever substance it is then they all move to the next thing. Having spoken to quite a lot of guys around the UFC, it seems that most of them are at least rumoured to be on something. Negates injuries, helps with weight cuts and obviously fight night performance. I'm torn as to how to feel about it if that's true, but i'd say more of them than we think are on something. Dustin gets hit too much. I think Conor wins, as much as I'd love Poirier to sleep the man. I don't see a bath to victory for Dustin. Dustin's boxing is his strength but Conor's boxing is crisp and clean and despite getting mollywhopped, it'll have only improved since the Mayweather fight after dedicating so much time to it. Cou;d argue we haven't had a chance to see it because the Khabib fight wasn't the fight to showcase that IMO. Poirer could potentially out tough him, but I do favour Conor a lot in this fight, despite being sick of him. You're bang on about this card. Low Key Bangers. Can't see a path to Victory for Amirkhani, though.
  7. Might also be worth seeing if you can pick one up that supports component. I remember them being pretty sought after for a while. I could be talking gibberish, though.
  8. This fight isn't happening on the island. It's a native reserve. The island is for international fights apparently. Deal being finalised this week. Shame Rose is out. Was looking forward to that fight. The same people I have seen say how mentally durable she was during the JJ fights/buildup are the same people who are now saying she's a pussy. Unbelievable. I have a feeling Gaethje sleeps Tony.
  9. Thanks man! Most of them have been in the works for a while, but Forrest Griffin was definitely just an opportunity due to the lockdown! Hopefully more to come! Here's the video of the Forrest Griffin interview for those who didn't fancy a podcast!
  10. Yeah, was really cool. We've been hustling bit style over the last few weeks. Had Curtis Blaydes, Josh Emmett, Jon Fitch, Johnny Walker and Forrest Griffin. Here's a link to the podcast if anyone here's in to podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-super-rad-mma-show/id1437794396 Also, here's my top 10 KO video!
  11. That's a cool concept. I dig it. We just had Forrest Griffin on the podcast. Was so surreal.
  12. UFC LHW Johnny Walker joined me for a chat. Interesting cat.
  13. My gates are open. Feel free to stop by. No clue what I'm doing yet though. Stop by anyways. Gates will be open on and off all day.
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