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  1. I love Jojo, too. Huge step up. Jojo has improved her all round game but she's just simply going to get outclassed everywhere in this fight sadly. Love him or hate him, he is the biggest name in combat sports. Youd get 1m buys on him shadow boxing at this rate. Rankings wise the fight sort of makes sense and Jono is one of the UFC darlings. But I agree it's likely going to be one sided.
  2. He did 'buy' the win, but it was a smart move by him. Took less damage, kept his win bonus. Nobody will remember it was a win, either. It was a foul at the end of the day. As you said, confirming the rules with the ref made me positive it was a win-bonus move. Did a quick video on it today if anyone's interested. Was such a good scrap. I love Miller, too. Holtzman is older than I thought. Was a lovely performance. It goes the same way 99 times in 100. I don't see how Conor has a path to victory at all. I think Conor will box again this year, sadly.
  3. We put a podcast excerpt discussing the Jones v Reyes fight up if anyone's interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCFWjc8EeXc
  4. This is great. Open scoring would be awesome. I am not so sure we see Jones at HW now, though. Or is he more likely to do it? Thoughts?
  5. That's so true. He's never been as active as he could have been. His skill set is pretty awesome, though. Want to see him get back in contention. It's that third round is the questionable one. Could see it either way. Judging needs sorted. They all need to have the sam criteria at least. We've heard judges say odd things like "leg kicks don't win fights" etc, so there needs to be an inclusive scoring system that means all judges are looking for the same things. You're right about takedowns. They mean very little if the opponent pops back up or avoids damage. The 49 judge was indeed, mental. He did great, though. I 100% agree with this. I think you're right, too. He's going to get the piss beaten out of him soon. I think this talk of heavyweight could be the nail in the coffin for Jones if he's not smart about it. Given his resume, something's off in his last few fights. Could be the picogram stuff, could be a mental thing. Could be mileage or concealed injuries, but whatever it is, you're bang on. He doesn't look unbeatable. I kind of want the DC trilogy at HW now. Adesanya might actually have a good shot at Jones if it were to happen. Everyone jumped on Gus for his 'running' from Jones. Jones was literally Overeeming his way away from Reyes last night. His defense seemed off. Great fight though. Deserves a rematch.
  6. I know what you mean. The whole thing has a surreal vibe. We just confirmed some big news today. Our media company is doing a fly-on-the-wall type video for Brent Primus. So pumped. Just waiting to get cleared by bellator for full access. Would be huge for us.
  7. Thank you mate. I'll keep working on the vids to tighten them up. Appreciate it. I know right? Every time I 'calm down' on Jon Jones' antics you see a clip like that and despite it being old, it fills me with rage. He really is a scumbag. Thanks McFly! Appreciate you checking them out!
  8. This makes sense. Allows people to decide very quickly whether they want to watch the whole thing or not, too. I will look at that for next week's video in that case. Again, appreciate the feedback. We're keen to get this right and subtle changes like this aren't difficult to implement, but everything yourself and Orion have said makes sense, so appreciate you taking the time to watch again and give some feedback. Thanks bud. We're aiming to make our youtube videos much more cinematic down the line but want to get the format right first as it's a tremendous amount of work. We are willing to do it, but need the format nailed. We actually do 4k video production which is how we got in to this realm in the first place. We're currently in talks with a Bellator fighter (an ex champ) about doing a short film for him. Hoping it goes ahead. It's actually more what we want to do long term, but the youtube side of things is to help build the 'brand' if you will. Plus, we really enjoy it. We did a video last year for a guy who went on to fight Cain Cowley and Kiefer Crosbie (in Bellator, too) If you're interested, this is actually the kind of work we do.
  9. Hey guys, we just dropped another video and I took this all on board. I don't expect you guys to like it, but I wanted to thank you both for your feedback on the last video. Hopefully (if you fancy checking it out, even if it's just to give feedback, I get that it's perhaps not the type of content you guys dig) the changes have at least helped make it more engaging. I included some fight footage and some pictures in this video as you said @Gotters, there wasn't anything to engage with in the last video, so hopefully this has helped that. And as you said @Orion, we strayed away from the 'cut-cut-cut' edit and used a more 'single take' approach, so hopefully that has helped with that. Again, really appreciate the feedback from the first video. Said it before, but we can't improve if we don't take others opinions in to account. Kebab
  10. That would have been a good one. Yeah I don't get it at all. I can only assume it's a pr stunt by Smith. Don't feed the trolls is probably the best course of action. The one that is bothering me at the minute is the amount of people saying the Conor fight was fixed. Ridiculous.
  11. You're right about the development of the sport, but that's why the Cain record is impressive. Things of course look different now. If you look at when he beat those people, they were the best around. For instance, the JDS he beat was the one who battered Carwin, Gonzaga, Hunt etc. Bigfoot silva had just smashed Fedor, Travis Browne and Overeem and had just lost to DC and Brock was the defending champ. It's about beating the best at the time. In hindsight you can question his record, but I don't think you can at the time. It's a fair point about injury though in that he could have had a few more losses in there had he been healthy, so that's always up for debate.
  12. This is like the ultimate dream fight. The one that got away. For me anyway.
  13. I actually tweeted a guy saying something similar yesterday about his fights with Cain. Those fights were brutal. I feel similar about Whittaker. I reckon those two Romero fights might have done enough damage to affect his performance long term. I don't mean because of his performance against Izzy, though, I just think in general we'll see him lose more often off the back fo those losses. I think you're right. Sometimes you're better getting put out wuickly than taking 3-5 rounds of a serious battering. It's so sad that's Cain's career was marred by injury. He is one of the best to ever do it when we had him healthy. You're bang on about JDS moving forward. At HW he can still be competitive and Japan or Bellator would easily take him, where he could compete for belts again potentially. BUT, he's had an amazing career one way or another. He seems to be the nicest guy in MMA, or one of anyway. I hope whatever happens, it's not BJ Penn-esque.
  14. Yeah, that's true. It's very much a better pacing. Chiesa looked massive. Was a solid performance. RDA looked good but seemed to fight as if he had two rounds left to go. Stuck in 5-round fight mode or something. Was odd. Chiesa fought a perfect fight, though. Respect to him. JDS is now officially the guy you beat to prove contendership. It's a shame. Love JDS but USADA seems to have affected him to be honest. Perhaps I am wrong on that. I never like eharing people be like, "that guys needs to retire", but it's one of those ones where you'd like to see him retire more like GSP than BJ Penn. JDS v Arlovski would be a nice one to go out on, perhaps.
  15. Yeah, that's what I have it it, really. To be fair, Chiesa looked big at the weigh ins, but RDA was never a big welterweight. It more makes me wonder how the heck Chiesa ever made LW. I'm loving the pace of UFC Ralieigh Prelims so far. Walkout, fight, official decision, straight in to walkout. That's they way it should be, always. Allen looked good. I think Emmet would starch him though.
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