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  1. I agree with keeping the rankings, but there needs to be encouragement to 'fight down', too. Take the Askren v Gunnar fight as an example. That fight makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways, but Askren would be mad to take it because of the rankings of the guys he just fought. We lose out on fights that make sense due to other factors because of the popularity aspect. You could make a case that Askren probably shouldn't get a crack at a top 10 fighter due to his loss and the controversy regarding the Lawler fight, but because he has a big sway with he fans, he'll likely get one. I get it to an extent, but it's also a shame. A win of a lower ranked guy secures him as being able to hang in the UFC and instantly puts him back in the mix, but instead, we'll see him get another high ranked opponent, just because it sells. I personally will never understand why the UFC didn't re-run Lawler v Askren. I think they missed the boat on that. That said, i'd say Askren was too canny to take the fight anyway, so hard to know if it was even talked about. I see both sides. Rankings are a necessary evil, but the chips are stacked in the UFC's favour, as we know.
  2. Yeah, you're bang on there. Ladd isn't ready for that level of competition yet, despite some of the hype. De Randamie will spark her out and despite her inactivity, I think it makes sense, should she get the win, to do her v Nunes. 100%. Simon has been on a really nice upward trajectory. Problem for Faber is that his reliance on wrestling could force him to draw a blank against Simon. Simon's wrestling is great and i'd have to favour him in the standup exchanges, I think. With that said, if FAber can't get him down or at least secure some cage work, I think simon poses more of a threat in the open. I think we either see a sad ending for Faber, or we see a complete masterclass showing that Simon's not on the level yet. Instead of being wishy-washy, i'll make a pick. Simon, one sided decision. I think Simon is legit. Yeah, it'd be dope. It means the UFC won't do the fight though haha. You're bang on with the "gotta fight upwards" mentality. Gunnar would get a major popularity boost of beating Askren and Askren doubters would be shutdown if he beat an elite grappler in Gunnar. It's the perfect fight. Again, means the UFC won't do it haha. Rumours are circulating that Gustafsson wants to fight again. Can't say I'm surprised. If Rockhold decides to come back, give me Rockhold v Gus. Yes please.
  3. Probably won't watch live, but I very strongly believe De Randamie starches Ladd. She's tough and has great wrestling, but her striking defense has been terrible her last two fights in particular. Sijara Eubanks pieced her up real good. De Randamie is going to maul her. She's got great TDD and hits super hard. I think it's a short fight, to be honest. Askren has managed to make fans in defeat, something that's really rare in modern day UFC. Can't knock the guy the way he's handled the 'L'. He'll be back. I'd love to see him v Gunnar. I know it's a step back, but it makes sense and it'd be a super high level of grappling. Ryan Hall and Elkins is currently a Pick 'em with the bookies. I forsee a Hall Sub, handily. May consider putting some shillings down on it.
  4. Yep, Sugru is the stuff. Yeah, @cubik, your skill set obviously may make this doable for you! Keep us posted. If you need any help with the woodworking side (this is not meant to be patronising!), I can maybe help! Keep us in the loop. It's definitely set to be one of the more unique builds I will have ever seen
  5. What about spinners and a trackball that clip on the front? I think that mech would add so many headaches, but that is me as an ex-joiner
  6. This started off for our group as one of those games we'd use to bring gaming noobs in to our world. It has turned otu to be one of the most incredible, popular and inspiring games ever. We love it.
  7. Just in case you can't picture it - See where the two red lines are in this image? Have sections like that that clip on and off! Obviously doesn't need to be as big or as deep as that layout, but gives you a rough idea.
  8. To be honest, I'd sooner build out the control section and make it an little bit wider than the cab and put a trackball on each side. Something like this but with trackballs instead of extra sticks and buttons? I totally understand the appeal of the way you want to do it, but I think you're giving yourself 10x more work, but it's not 10x better if that makes sense? What about detachable trackballs for the left and right hand side? If you did that, you could build two trackball units and two more button and stick layouts. That way, you can extend the cab for the games and stow away the 'extras'. That means that you could have two players with trackballs or have a four-player option for the other games
  9. I'm assuming that allows fire to spread?
  10. I just meant anti-climatic in comparison to the Pearson v Ray fight which i thought was an excellent battle. I agree that itnis absolutely possible Romero could dominate Bisping but for me, i think Bisping's experience lets him ride out the storm. Romero's cardio over 3 round bouts has been questionable (despite some wins in the 3rd) but i think that if bisping can drag it to the championship rounds, he could drag romero in to deep water and scrape a decision
  11. Holt-Watch - Wondered where I knew him from. Turns out I recognized him from Men of a Certain Age, which I remember really liking.
  12. I love pandemic, but was really hoping there was something in this game (aside from theme) that really set it apart, but unless I have picked up on it wrong, it seems to have the same strengths and weaknesses as pandemic!
  13. I used to really really enjoy this show, but recently I have found myself watching through the 20-odd minutes of episode for 2 minutes of Captain Holt making the entire show worth watching. And it's worth it. Every. Time. HOLT!
  14. Exactly my fear, so I am not even going to bother. Yep, that's the feeling I got, but my problem with that is that despite him being an 'ex' scientologist, I found him thoroughly unlikable and at times, unstable. He seemed to let the fact he was a scientologist now run his life, if that makes sense. He seems still absorbed in that world, so in many ways, I found it hard to believe he was trying to do good away from the church.
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