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  1. Hang on, I thought Yakuza was the 'Japanese GTA' and Sleeping Dogs was like 'Shenmue but with driving in it'


    Anyone with actually plays them knows they nothing alike, aside from a Japanese male protagonist. The only thing similar is that they were both on life support 5 years ago but Yakuza Zero hit at the perfect moment and Shenmue III delivered a decent game on a fuck all budget. 



    I love Yakuza as well, but it's nothing like Shenmue. They complement each other very well.


    When you fight in Shenmue, it's a big story event. There's more fights in Yakuza running from one end of the town to the other than the entirety of the first Shenmue game. Yakuza's time of day changes to suit the plot. Shenmue is a full day that you must plan to make the most out of. You must work, train, fight and investigate in equal measure to progress, in a real time setting. In Yakuza, if I want to spend 30 real hours between the next story checkpoint just doing management mini games or go kart, I can do that. Shenmue is quite downbeat and dry with a small main cast , with the occasional comedic element, and a large emphasis on martial arts. Yakuza is hilarious and melodramatic with many excellent characters, with a large emphasis on hitting people with breakdancing moves. 


    They are both great series and nothing alike, apart from arcades rammed full of Yu Suzuki classics.


  2. I thought the controls were totally fine. I think the main problem was people tried to use the dodge too early, you are meant to hit it at the very last second but from watching my friends and partner play the game they often preemptively dodged straight into danger. The amount of people online moaning about the dodge is really quite something. You can even string multiple last second dodges together which always looked quite awesome.



  3. The Anime first look is at New York Comic Con on October 7th so if there is going to be an announcement it would likely be there.


    Yu Suzuki is also featured in a recent trailer for 110 industries (it's in the Wanted:Dead thread) and they have new games to announce, so there's speculation they are working together. 


  4. Panzer Dragoon Orta on the One X 

    Firstly my NTSC-U copy installed with no issues which was nice

    Secondly wow it looks amazing. It's the kind of crisp graphical fidelity I'd imagined the Xbox should've had over RGB Scart back in the day instead of the smudged dark image that plagues that machine to this day. Its like a whole new game. It didn't crash on chapter 3 like the 360 support did so I actually got to chapter 5 in one sitting. It's a glorious bastard hard game and the music and bosses are awesome. I really hope Microsoft restart the back compat program because I am thoroughly impressed with being able to run a nearly twenty year old disc on a console under my TV in amazing clarity with a modern controller. 







  5. To add to the above , 4 Wheel Thunder, Hydro Thunder and Rush 2049 are great arcade racers. The former is exclusive and the latter two are leagues ahead of the N64 versions. Blue Stinger is well worth a go, especially once you hit the Christmas market. I really like Virtua Fighter 3tb and that's the only home port as well. Fighting Vipers 2 is a great port of a poor sequel but you might enjoy it. King of Fighters 99 Evo has an amazing soundtrack and 3D backgrounds that actually blend pretty well with the sprites. So many good games on Dreamcast! 

  6. 14 minutes ago, dreamylittledream said:

    My sons Switch copy also arrived.


    There will be much excitement no doubt when he gets home from school


    I'd get it patched ready for him, the unpatched versions a bit of a mess on PS5. Even the intro video stutters. 


    I know your son's feeling all too well but I was rushing home to play the new Sonic Chaos on the Master System when I was in primary school 😅



  7. I'm playing this on X1 BC . Loading up my save from 2013 on 165 stars, I finally hit the 200 stars marker, up to 206. I noticed i need 232 to unlock everything. SHEEEEEIT


    I absolutely love this game and team sonic racing to a lesser degree, but fuck me they make me angry like no other game possibly can! the AI in both games is such blatantly cheating bullshit (rival cars going as fast as you when you're at full boost is the one that really grates my cheese) and whoever designed the expert traffic attack mode is a proper sadist, i mean, a proper maniac. I managed to do the Panzer Dragoon one after about 20 goes as you can at least grab boosts and defense on that track but the expert Jet Set Radio one? Sadism of the highest order. The expert ghost car time trials are some cheesy BS too, if you don't do the first lap then save the boost till the very end so you cross the finish line absolutely flat out and earning another boost in the process, you can't beat them. I've got experts in the first 7 GP cups, but man it's annoying when the same AI character wins every race so you either have to come first every time or do the whole thing again.


    Still looks good mind and that AGES track puts a smile on my face a mile wide, but why is my boy Ryo not available in the console versions? Really strange to have a PC only DLC character?


    Also the Outrun 2 inspired track being preorder DLC is a right headscratcher, it's so good and i never played it back in the day due to not looking at the slip in the box ! It's so nice to play some sort of Outrun 2 on a modern console, even if it is only cosmetic


    Do Sumo still have a working relationship with Sega now they've been bought out?


  8. Well the Xbox chat guy was as bamboozled as I was. He sent me a link to connect to a specialist which goes here




    Looking for help?

    We've taken down the support experience you were looking for, but there are many more ways to get help. Try one of these support sites for issues with Microsoft products.



    which leads you back to where I started :facepalm:


    even true achievements know I own it 


  9. Yeah, that pretty much mirrors my experience so far. The purchase history through 360 is a dead link, seems the website was taken down in 2018.


    I guess my best bet is to send photos as proof of ownership on 360 and um, not proof of ownership on XB1 and see if they can do any behind the scenes magic. 


    Thanks for the info though ! 

  10. No, it's definitely my main account. I logged into my 360 upstairs, went to my games, and Sonic CD is sat ready to play. So i went to options, licence transfer, to ensure that all games are licensed to my account, which went through successfully. I then deleted it, and on the game page through my 360, started to download it again no problem. Just booted up my One, went to the store and it still wants me to pay £3.39 for it. Weird.


    If I log into the xbox live website, I can't access the 360 history, just the history on my One and it's not there of course.


    Will do a full shutdown on the one and log back in, maybe it takes a while to identify the license holder


    Will also try the phone app


  11. Is there anyway to restore licenses on XB? Some of my 360 BC XBLA games aren't showing in my library, and when i search for them in the store it's asking me to pay again. I definitely own them on this gamertag/account, and can boot them on my 360. Sonic CD and Blood Dragon so far.

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