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  1. Hard Target, Broken Arrow & Face Off - The hollywood John Woo trilogy Bloodsport, Kickboxer & The Quest - The JCVD Kickboxing/Karate tournament trilogy Under Siege, Sudden Death & Speed - The other Die Hard Trilogy
  2. The baseline from Tekken 2s character select sounds suspiciously like the verse of Vanishing Point by New Order
  3. I've just sold my PS3 collection so would be impeccable timing if true
  4. I picked it up off the shelf about 20 years ago in my local Gamestation for £6.99 and put it back
  5. If you grab them first then execute , it's a couple of quick stabs rather than the throat slitting. Which don't get me wrong is still grim as fuck but it's preferable to hearing the death gargle/ same animation over and over again
  6. This is so Rocky IV its almost unbelivable. Added straight to the gym playlist
  7. There's always the Taito Mini Egret II Trackball/Spinner add on in the meantime, surely this would work with the Mister being USB?
  8. Initially though the same, though it's a bit of a grower on repeat plays. The non-video version is a minute longer.
  9. What a loss, but what a legacy. RIP Meat
  10. No problem, fantastic for Streets of Rage 4, Sonic Mania, Huntdown...all that good 2D stuff! If you try and play a PS5 game with it you get a system error message which is real shitty of Sony - hopefully there will be a firmware update in the future. A retrobit 2.4ghz wireless pad also works if you use the PS3>PS4 brook adapter.
  11. I use the below setup - it works on PS5 for PS4 games
  12. I voted Sega too. Bit daft Publisher/Developer is the same category really seeing as Housemarque didn't actually publish anything
  13. Ages is 165 Stars I think? # If I can get over 200 and I can't even powerslide consistently in Daytona USA, then just stick at it. Find an event that you're good at and just rinse those on expert, just avoid traffic attack as they are rock solid
  14. Dead to Rights (the original one) I LOVED this game when it came out, imported it for the xbox way back in 2002 when i had a US machine. I was 17, super into John Woo / HK style action at the time and this was hard as nails, had really loud, tense and exciting gun battles so I was so excited to replay it on my One X last year. Anyway, there's a pole dance mini game on the 2nd level and it is so out of place compared to the tone of the rest of the game it's just flat out bizarre. It's like someone hire up said 'we have an M rating so stick some softcore in there for good measure' it wouldn't be so bad if it was just a short segment but it goes on for like a full 5 minutes. So embarassing. Can't ever go back.
  15. In a twist of fate I walked in on my wife while she was playing Kiwami 2's big baby sidequest and she just beamed a smile at me and said 'this game is AMAZING'
  16. Forklifts! Rotary phones in tobacco huts ! "Oh hi mark" Sega arcades! The original Ryo and Lan Di return for the Japanese dub, English is an a new cast New key art I thought Joy had a giant ass, but it's Lan Di's arm 5th Feb !
  17. Gotcha. Really need to play through this again.
  18. lol the Sony doomsaying is hilarious. They got a console people pay above RRP to get, is so in demand they can't make the things quick enough and have like 47 million paying PS plus subscribers. The idea they are all going to shift alegience overnight because of one title is bonkers. If anything it will give them a kick up the arse to get their own CoD clone to market, competition that would benefit everybody. They might even have one in the works right now, who knows what Bluepoint, Bend, Naughty Dog, Housemarque etc are up to. I'm quite happy about this now. If CoD gets it's arse back in gear I have an xbox to play it. If Sony decide to take them on with their own FPS rather than just thinking 'CoD's got the market sown up, don't bother' then good. If Microsoft decide hey, we don't fucking need 6 internal developers working on map packs and puts them to work making new games, that's even better as well
  19. Maybe Sony will put a team on a first person shooter so we can actually get something new. Battelfield was a disaster and other than Crossfire X I can't think of any traditional military FPS coming out this year, and that's exclusive to Xbox too I think. Personally i'm much more exited for that due to Remedy's involvement than anything the COD mines spit out
  20. They are apparently owned by Warner Bros since 2004, but Condemned was published by Sega, FEAR by Vivendi (Acti) and Mordor by Warner Bros so a bit of a hodge podge !
  21. This documentary should be compulsory viewing for rllmukers. It's really well made and very entertaining. The fact the original xbox barely happened and now within 20 years they have bought Activision is even more eye opening.
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