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  1. Terminator Dark Fate Put off watching this for ages but went in with the 'what if?' mindset rather than it being a 'true' Terminator sequel and was still dissapointed. A decent opening (basically everything before Sarah turns up) got my expectations up somewhat then it slows to a crawl for a good hour, before a barage of increasingly over the top action sequences, especially in the last 30 minutes that would kill a grown man 10 times over but barely scratch an ancient Linda Hamilton and an 8 stone wet teenager. There's no suspence or sense of danger at all and it just becomes a joyless slog. Honestly I'd rather watch Terminator 3 or Salvation again than this. 2/5
  2. Shenmue 1 & 2 is 8.3 user score on PS4, so a difference of 0.4 points. 3 is actually 7.9. Regardless, I wouldn't put much stock in user scores. It's usually fanboys giving 10s and people who don't like something giving 0's.
  3. The entirety of Shenmue is his pet project.
  4. because he wanted to implement it in the original games . I can't find the quote but he said it was strange they developed all these assets for the shops and stores like the crisps and candy bars in Shenmue 1 & 2 , along with the market stalls, restaurants and all the other eateries, yet they served no game play purpose.
  5. ...and the driving...and the map oh my god....the worst map ever implemented in a video game...and the controls..the graphics... and I liked the game. I bought it on DAY ONE MUTHAFUCKA! I can look past all that shit because in spite of it there's a good story and there's enough charm to make it all worthwhile. The same way that Shenmue III is a terrific game with an average story (that does actually reveal a fair amount, especially in it's closing scenes if you've been paying attention) with a metric ton of charm and character and more importantly, atmosphere and music. You and your obvious troll bait of 'SHIT AND SHOULDN'T EXIST' is tiring and stupid and makes you look like a fucking tit. Yeah, but you moaned in that thread about having to explore rooms in Shenmue II. It was the 5 Star corp in Shenmue II. You wrote a huge wall of text about it. Yu Suzuki is 1 man, not the entirety of AM2. YsNet is a small developer with 45 staff and this was their first game. On a kickstarter budget! Yeah that's rubbish. The majority of people here praised the game and it came in at number 97 in our top 100 games of the decade. You can, except for about 3 instances when you have to search for items in a 40 hour game. There are 3 instances in the game where you HAVE to search through draws. Everything else is there at your leisure. Exactly the same as the originals. Agreed this is a problem especially early on Already patched Occurs at the start of the game only You didn't get far enough to judge this. Nowhere near. What's wrong with the controls? Did you even get to the first arcade? Already patched to reduce slower .. plus train for gods sake it's what the endurance stat is for. I could run round the entire village from top to bottom without needing food by Level 25. Dude's been stuck in a cave for 18 years it's gonna take a while for those legs to start working again
  6. Gamestat isn't reliable. It tracks players and not sales.If someone has played it, but doesn't have a trophy unlocked yet, it doesn't count. That report is from Jan 19th by the way and didn't gain any traction until it was posted on Resetera. I know every single post in this thread from you since the game came out is negative, that's a reliable stat if i ever saw one. You seem to forget this was a kickstarter project and all those things you keep complaining about were stretch goals. They had to be included. You barely got 10% through before getting stuck and having a hissy fit. Slating this as a bad game while championing Deadly Premonition which is a fucking terrible 'GAME' in almost all areas of execution but had a good plot makes you look like an idiot. If you want great stories and don't care how shit the gameplay is, watch a fucking DVD
  7. Apart from the Gamecube, I haven't liked any Nintendo consoles.
  8. That report is based on players, not sales, from Gamestat. It's being disputed as we know there are more than that based on backers alone, the 5000 sales from the LRG edition, the 2500 from the Pix N Love edition, and the known 21K sales from Japan. The idea that it only sold 20K other units in the entire rest of the world, and not counting the kickstarter backers which are 4:1 in favour of the PS4 version, is ridiculous. Deep Silver's Terminator game which came out the same week has 34K players on gamestat so did even worse than supposedly Shenmue did, but of course, that's the reason they have reduced forecasts... http://gamstat.com/games/Terminator_Resistance/ It's poor form of the Embracer group to ok this report without any hard sales data to back it up - they don't even have numbers for the PC version from Epic. We will know for certain on the 19th when THQN give their quarterly presentation
  9. On track for a 43-48 million opening, perhaps higher https://www.boxofficepro.com/weekend-box-office-forecast-sonic-the-hedgehog-tracking-for-possible-breakout-blumhouses-fantasy-island-the-photograph-aim-to-leverage-double-holiday-frame/ Sonic the Hedgehog ($43 – 48 million three-day / $50 – 60 million four-day)
  10. The earlier PAL cardboard box style boxes were fucking shite . Most of them have probably disintegrated by now. It's kinda funny how Sega had brilliant boxes for the Master System ,Mega Drive and Mega CD, then they dabbled in shite cardboard for 32X and the Saturn. The later Saturn games came in pre-DVD long cases that are really nice but a bugger to open, but by then the writing was on the wall for the system in Europe anyway. Dreamcast ones look lovely as but are likely to implode if you look at them funny.
  11. Yeah, this is a good point. We often talk about authenticity when that would entail sitting in front of a tiny 14" ALBA TV from Argos, tuning in a Megadrive to play a fuzzy, mono, slowed down version of a game with big black borders. I remember getting my Saturn and it killed me I couldn't play it for a week as I didn't even have a SCART socket on my TV Dreamcast offering 60hz was an absolute revelation...I finally understood what Sega Saturn Magazine had been harping on about for years.
  12. For me it's mainly the ease of access, cost, and space. So for anything 16-bit or under I emulate. The games just aren't worth the prices they command nowadays and having a HDMI out solution with save states is ideal. The Mega Drive mini when hacked is great - it's a proper Sega product, nice HDMI output, can play all the Mega Drive / CD / 32X games I want on a nice UI and by using an official wireless six button pad I have something that ticks all the boxes of modern convenience and without shelf loads of plastic. A PS1 classic takes care of the PS1 stuff, and I have other systems on that such as the Master System, Game Gear, Snes, Neo Geo Pocket and the like that all run great. I can plug in any modern arcade stick , or a wireless retrobit dongle and enjoy wireless gaming on all those systems, too. PS1 is easily emulated, but the Saturn a whole other story. So I have a multi region Saturn and about 15 of my all time faves on it and that's enough. The likelihood of Exhumed, Die Hard Arcade, Fighters Megamix, Panzer Dragoon Zwei appearing on a modern format anytime soon? Those games are three times older than I was when I first played them, so I doubt it. Dreamcast, I got 'my top 20' and called it a day. Again, stuff like Dynamite Cop, Virtua Fighter 3, F355 Challenge etc. Sega are terrible at re-releasing anything from those eras, so it makes sense to get them now before the prices become out of reach. I still have my original xbox games, in the hope that Microsoft will come good with their BC and hopefully get most of them running. 360 onwards everything is pennies - I've never seen anything like it. Shows how much popular gaming has become that there's literally hundreds of copies of everything. Sure there's a couple of rarities (Splatterhouse on 360 comes to mind) but it's nothing like pre-2000 gaming costs now.
  13. Had this Streets of Rage 2 canvas made for the games room. Well pleased with it!
  14. Well hopefully it will come to Xbox so more people can play it. Straight to gamepass maybe? As for rewards the most recent kickstarter updates have the time frames in them, but it's easier to kick off on reddit than actually read correspondence. user ShredingSkin at the dojo received this amazing Ryo bust that was featured in the Project Berkley video all the way back in 1998!
  15. I'm planning to buy the Champion Edition , but I still have 600,000 FM still in my account. Is there anything left to actually buy with that?
  16. Japan was the Saturn's best territory and was still getting releases even when the Dreamcast was on the market. Street Fighter Zero 3 came out in 1999
  17. After at least 100 hours got the platinum trophy. Yeah I definetely got my monies' worth. "I know rite?" Until the next time...
  18. If it's a small form factor how about the Madcatz Fightstick Alpha? I've seen them go for as low as a tenner on ebay.
  19. I'm sure I have an unused code for Shao Kahn at home. I'll have a gander tonight
  20. I do think there's a lot of blue sky thinking when it comes to gamepass. Of course it's amazing value for money now, but so was PS+ when that first launched too. Soon as those subscription numbers skyrocket more people will want a cut of that pie. It'll be like how Netflix was 5 years ago to how it is now. Sure you'll get Microsoft games on time but you'll be subscribing to other services before long to get what you want.
  21. It's a mad catz TES+. I got the sign off ebay, a guy on there makes them for twenty quid, really pleased with it. I'll grab the link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402009030741
  22. Beating one of the hardest fights in the game in less than a minute due to 3 ring outs Feels good bro
  23. Picked up this big Ikea unit on ebay and redid my retro setup: Cozy !
  24. I think this is my fave PS4 trophy. Really felt I'd earned it Managed to get it with 30 rounds to unlock the bunny ears:
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