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  1. It's the power edition logo in reverse!
  2. Maybe it's something to do with VR? A Sega produced headset powered by the MS consoles? A virtual arcade filled with classic Sega game with online play? I'd fucking buy it so it won't be that but it's fun to speculate
  3. Xbox One S Xbox One X Xbox Series S Xbox Series X These names are all terrible. If Sega are branding this new console it needs to be something totally 90's Sega. Like the SEGA BLACKBELT *POW*
  4. Well whatever it is lets hope it leads to more revivals of classic Sega franchises, surely the runaway success of Streets of Rage 4 has raised a few eyebrows over there.
  5. The build quality of that S controller was amazing !
  6. Remember around 2001 when EB got a load of new Jaguar, Game Gears and Lynx consoles in? I think they were ex-telegames stock. I bought a brand new Jaguar for £9.99 and one of those Majesco Game Gears, I think that was £19.99.
  7. I don't really see how either Sega or Microsoft will benefit from this. Everyone knows it's a Microsoft console underneath and it's not like Sega have the manpower or money to suddenly pump out a load of in-house titles. I mean if they turned round and said Yakuza and Persona are now only on the new 'Sega' console it would do those franchises more harm than good. I'd say if it is true, it's more likely to be a streaming BC service, playing the back catalog of in house Dreamcast, Saturn and Mega Drive stuff on it.
  8. Seeing as the last big hype Sega event lead to an advert, I'm going to er on the side of caution for this one
  9. I can't believe they got Peter Weller seeing as he's wanted nothing to do with Robocop for years. I guess a truck full of money will sway anybody.
  10. Yeah, shoving an Axe up a giant pigs arse is pretty grim
  11. When the Neo Geo pocket died I traded in my mint in box Stone Blue system with UK Metal Slug 2nd Mission, Sonic and Dynamite Slugger to Gamestation for £55. I put the money toward Crazy Taxi and MDK 2 on the Dreamcast. I saw Dynamite Slugger alone hitting well over £300 not so long ago. Sigh. Punisher on the Mega Drive. Bought it from Bilston market for £5, sold it for £40 and thought I'd done good out of that. it's worth 10 times that now - £40 or £400 it's a shit port though.
  12. UK cover is reversible too
  13. Microsoft are making all the right noises with their BC offerings. As someone who skipped the 'One' generation completely, being able to play super duper versions of my 360 and OG Xbox games is really enticing.
  14. I feel you bro Did you notice Alice's face in the water on the 360 version?
  15. My last two orders from shopto : Shenmue 3 collectors edition and Doom Eternal both came on launch day. I bought a PS+ sub from them yesterday for £29.85 that came in code form within 5 minutes. Personally i still think they are great. Lot of love for base.com as well who have never delivered a pre order late.
  16. Try cleaning it with alcohol - if you've got none, I've used lighter fluid in the past, and that's booted games that previously failed
  17. My finished curated DC collection. I'm really happy with it. Though admittedly I'd really like Project Justice as there's no other version, there's no way I'm forking out £100 for it.
  18. Awesome man, i'm exactly the same, just try it till it works. Can't believe these machines are knocking over 20 years now.
  19. Yeah, It's all about context. You aren't running around slicing people up for the sake of it, they would do the same to you if they caught you. It's meant to be a dangerous, hostile, kill or be killed world. To me that's better than something like Call of Duty where you are sneaking around, headshotting guards with silenced pistols who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  20. Just thinking about it, are you using HDMI or VGA? I don't think PAL MVC1 is supported. I know Capcom Vs SNK PAL isn't either, so I had to hunt down the US release of that one.
  21. Likely to be laser calibration. I opened a brand new copy of Virtua Fighter 3tb on Christmas day last year (20 years since I got mine as a lad and wanted to recreate those feels) and it wouldn't boot at all until I tweaked the laser. I tend to have problems with Activision discs, Episode 1 Racer and Tony Hawks 2 have give me shit recently and those were good discs too. Alternative cleaning the laser with a qtip and alcohol has helped in the past.
  22. That dodging system in the melee attacks looks so fluid. The camera work is terrific, it's weighty, bloody and the sound design really sells it This didn't age well at all did it
  23. Looks brilliant, like there was ever any doubt.
  24. Sheng Long, Resident Evil 2 Akuma, Bigfoot from San Andreas, Nimbus Terrafaux and Shaggy from scooby doo.
  25. Haggar, Maki, Guy and Sodom. Lets get the whole Final Fight crew in here. Sean for the 5th spot. Personally, I am not a fan of any of the Street Fighter 4 newbies.
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