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  1. It's gonna make a fortune this is. Even after all the shitty games Kids still love Sonic.
  2. Yeah that's the best line. His dancing...LOL it's gonna be worth it just for his performance
  3. Like HOW did that original design ever get approved?
  4. Different UK trailer here: Oh man it actually looks quite good. I'll watch it ! Also the Sega logo has Shenmue, Yakuza and Virtua Fighter in it. WHATCOULDITMEAN????? (nothing of couse but you know)
  5. Yeah you really need a wheel to enjoy it the most, or turn the sensitivity right down in the options if you have the UK or US version
  6. Didn't know that. Holding down gas and brake on Daytona USA 2001 gives you a sunset varation of all tracks.
  7. A good chance backers will still get physical copies early as they are shipping. The one in the tweet is from a store in finland that dun goofed and put it out early. Either way we're just (almost) one week away ! Exciting times !
  8. It's leaked! Watch out for spoilers. LOOK AT IT. IT'S REAL. IT'S OUT THERE. IT'S SHENMUE MOTHERFUCKIN THREE
  9. crossover fan art by You Liao (Facebook):D
  10. After a pretty iffy start, I ended up really enjoyed the campaign I have to say. Infinity Ward just knows how to do them, they are always way better than any of the other studios. There should be some sort of score attck mode for the SAS levels. Sneaking around shooting out lights and headshotting people in night vision is SO FUN
  11. The all digital future claims it's next victim
  12. 10 days tomorrow! I envy you playing Shenmue II the first time. Enjoy.
  13. New video focusing on the mini games and jobs (including Fishing and delivering Arcade Cabinets!)
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