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  1. I replayed Resident Evil 4 last year and it's still a brilliant game, but fuck me having to bring up the briefcase every time to change weapon is a right pain in the arse. Even having access to just two you could swap between would do wonders for the pacing. I used to spend hours in the Mercenary mode alone but the act of swapping weapon became a massive chore and I just sold it on when I was done with it. The inventory system alone in both LOU games in how it never cuts from the gameworld screen is definitely worthy of praise. Even simple things like highlighting where a molotov should be in your quick inventory, and just holding down X to make one rather than going to the specific crafting tab to do that, is excellent.
  2. Yeah totally. If there were no other options you can guarantee HMV would gladly be selling us CD's at £19.99 a pop by now.
  3. The demand for DVD's , Blu Rays and CD albums dropped off a cliff though.
  4. When the PS4 came out Killzone and Cod Ghosts were £59.99 each in game. Launch prices always take the piss cus you've only got a handful of choices. Luckily Resogun was so good that kept me busy for the first 6 months and I still had my 360 set up. With decent back compatability this time I'll be in no rush to buy games at 50-60 quid a pop
  5. What is the downside to eating a clock? It's time consuming
  6. Yeah just a few clips knocked together in sharefactory. There was so many cool encounters but I kept forgetting to capture them
  7. I honestly think people who say the combat is dull in this game are just poor players. The game gives you way more options than the usual fair so when someone trots out 'waste high cover' as a criticism, when the game doesn't even have snap-to cover or any sort of 'stop and pop' peeking mechanics, I just think of the sort of person who has to stop to turn the camera before moving forward again, like that Polygon Doom 2016 video. Now i'm not saying that less skilled players shouldn't have fun but all the tools are there and if you don't use them it's a bit poor to critique the game for what you can't do. I've watched my wife play the game on the easiest difficulty and it practically plays itself but shes having a great time and not complaining that enemies now have the vision and hearing of pensioners
  8. Being able to go prone and fire weapons 360 from that position Max Payne style is the biggest and best change to combat.
  9. ND confirmed there is no story expansion planned for this, only factions. Ellie sparing Abby redeems the character so she isn't just a horrible piece of shit. Abby and Lev leaving in a near death state is still open ended. I thought finding her emancipated and strung up really horrific. Not to mention it also felt like a massive fuck you to people who can't deal with her physique, like here you go, you think this is better do you? Also the assault on the Rattler base is a really excellent gameplay-wise and the sun soaked environment really striking from three days of torrential ran. Even the clickers had sunburn ! Having Ellie grab the map then credits sounds like Halo 2 all over again IMO.
  10. It's a shame they didn't update the animations, got that proper 2007 jank going on. Gonna pass on this I think.
  11. If it ended there you would never know the fate of Abby and Lev though?
  12. Yeah agreed. I'm really glad they doubled down on that.
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