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  1. Jim 'I don't have 28 hours' Cameron I really hate his gatekeeping of these films. Got plenty of time to shill crap terminator sequels though
  2. I've been playing the original trilogy recently and goddamn those soundtracks for 1 & 2 are timeless. I really hope they look to those for inspiration moreso than 3 which only has a handful of decent ones.
  3. can anyone post the 8bitdo subscription details as I can't find them online? Apparently it's a Shenmue issue next time so feel a subscription is due !
  4. Absolute bargain that is, £16 for two usb playstation pads is a good deal nevermind the unit itself. Get yourself a cheap sandisk usb stick and it's brilliant. You can play the Mega CD version of Snatcher through retroarch, shove that Japanese only PC Engine guff!
  5. Exatly, I mean how many people in the UK are nostalgic for the PC Engine of all things? If it had Castlevania on it and the other games in english I would buy it as an enthisiast product..... but it doesn't so easy pass
  6. From last August's The Prophecy trailer
  7. £99 no thanks. Makes the MegaDrive look like a steal at £65 (Base.com)
  8. The fact that Lan Di and Ryo will showdown in this one will give me a sense of closure even if it's not the end of the complete story. I've been waiting years to see how that encounter goes down. The collectors edition is out of stock at every UK retailer including Amazon, Argos, Simplygames and Shopto Either they've made a paltry amount or unexpected demand. It's a good sign either way. There must be a lot of new fans who have played the games in the 20 years since they came out that now have disposable income and a willingness to see the story progress.
  9. Shenmue I for Dobuita and II for Kowloon. Alan Wake's forests at night The Last of Us has many but I found the whole University portion really effective and unsettling. Dead Space - the Ishimura is a wonderful setting and feels like a coherent location The abandoned shopping centre in Condemned with the out of tune christmas music and mannequins was really unnerving Resident Evil 2's RPD in original and remake form is one of the best locations of all time. The first time round Rapture in Bioshock is extremely effective. Less so on subsequent playthroughs but the first time round is a real trip most recently though the entire Libertalia section of Uncharted 4 is absolutely incredible. There is so much environmental storytelling there you really do feel like you've stepped into a real place lost to history
  10. I'm as much excited for the soundtrack as the game
  11. In the original two movies if a terminator got within striking distance you were dead or fucked up. In all the new ones they just throw people around a bit. Shite.
  12. The Terminator on the Mega CD is well worth a playthrough, good run and gun fun with a fucking awesome soundtrack. Robocop vs Terminator on the Mega Drive was pretty fucking cool as well.
  13. New screens and trailer https://twinfinite.net/2019/07/shenmue-iii-video-screenshots/ It's looking better every time. Lan Di looks boss as fuck. All games in the arcade to be playable
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