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  1. Yeah the adhesive lightly pulls on the plastic so over time, you get those annoying bumps. You'll know if you're OK just by running your fingers over them
  2. The forest demo of Zwei used to be mind blowing back in the day. Especially the boss and the way it galloped through the trees toward you
  3. Not yet pal but still waiting on todays Post...
  4. Ordered through thegamecollectionoutlet on ebay and it's been dispatched today? Maybe they are sending early in case royal mail limit services?
  5. Dotemu have released some songs on soundcloud. Briefly listened to each one , all pretty good, different styles. I love this one though!
  6. I did feel bad for a bit then I remembered how much worse Konami fans have it
  7. It's crazy how good VF5 still looks. Good art direction goes a long way.
  8. Introducing...... Virtua Fighter 6 For mobile
  9. If you like Ryuichi Sakamoto give the Shenmue OST a whirl.
  10. I hit that guy with probably 80% rounds on target, taking swathes of flesh of him and he didn't even drop into glory kill state before it ran out of bullets. And every single upgrade I've found so far I've pumped into more ammo, so now I can carry a decent amount of bullets , but at the cost of any health or armour improvement. I've ditched it now though so won't moan up the thread any longer, but fuck me if I'd have paid £60 digital for this I'd have been fucking livid.
  11. Funny that because I played 2016 yesterday to double check I wasn't going crazy and beat the first level on Ultra Nightmare for the trophy. I never ran out of shotgun ammo once, no enemies spawned up my ass or dropped on my head, and every time I got killed (which was about a dozen times as it's the hardest difficulty) was because I fucked up. The game looks clean, consistent, you find things like keycards in the game world on bodies, same with weapons, you have a clear motive from the off, Doom slayer wastes no time in showing how little he cares. All the cutscenes are in the first person, and the design of the Foundry level alone trumps any of this 'Super Mario in Hell' nonsense that Eternal is full off. I got to chapter 6 in Eternal before tapping out. Doomguy hasn't done anything funny or memorable at all. There's story, presented with zero context, there's no urge to push and see what happens because NOTHING has happened. The game world, feels like a videogame. Its full of floating spinning pickups like a Quake map. If you think of Doom and think of this then I just don't know what to say. There's SO MUCH platforming it's almost unreal. They give you a double jump and a double air dash and fill swathes of levels with purple muck you can't even run in, never mind jump out of. Whoever said they were getting Halo 2 vibes earlier absolutely nailed it. Doom Eternal has an absolute ton of new stuff compared to 2016 and it's all hideous, superfluous guff. Swap out find the Hell Priests for the Prophets and it's almost the same thing. You go through a teleporter from your random, unexplained floating DOOM FORTRESS to yet another unconnected level. 2016 , end of chapter load screens aside, feels like a proper journey through a facility on mars so when you do go to HELL it's a pretty big deal but it all makes sense in the context of the game at that point in time. I got the Chaingun earlier which should be a proper power weapon 'bring it on' moment, and the first demon it drops on you soaks up every single one it's bullets like it's a tickle gun. I bought DOOM Eternal expecting a solid follow up to 2016, playing as the hardest space marine to walk the earth, who demons fear, and instead, I've got a platformer with the occasional shooting sections where you feel like a fuckin' wimp...and that's the biggest mistake of all of it.
  12. I was gonna order the mega drive case version from limited run games but it's over £60 with shipping. Shame a european company isn't doing a physical version.
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