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  1. Is that just for Spiderman though? If it's all games then that really blows. Sony are giving me more and more reasons to hang on to the Pro rather than upgrade at this point
  2. Baller move by Microsoft. This is exactly what they need to be doing.I love Sony, I love Playstation, but more than that, I love having competition that keeps them on their toes. Otherwise you get unchallenged "£69.99 RRP" pure bullshit.
  3. This game took longer to come out than the entire PS4 generation. I'm sure it's going to be wonderful though. Way more exciting than anything next gen is offering up.
  4. Loved this game, great soundtrack too. I played it on Gamecube first and loved it, then picked up the Xbox version which I recall having a really odd control scheme you couldn't customize so never played it again. Definitely worthy of a remake or remastered version.
  5. This really shouldn't work as well as it does but it's amazing!
  6. It really is an absolutely hideous, disgustingly coloured, power hungry gigantic eyesore. Sony are usually pretty good on the design front so I just don't know what happened. I'd imagine someone sketched it for a laugh as part of a prototype portfolio but Jim Ryan came along and just went 'THAT ONE'
  7. Jūnen hayain-da-yo! My fave is 3TB as well. Great stages,music and roster and the best intro out the whole series ! I love Final Showdown too, great that you can use the classic music. One of the all time best fighting themes! the arcade original goes even harder, but this has a great outro.
  8. Yep it's Call of Duty alright. Diorama like maps that seem oddly static (palm trees don't move) with the same gunplay from 2009. I've long grown out of it but I'm sure you'll enjoy it if you know what you're getting into.
  9. After 2 days . It's not perfect, theres some very light bits that wouldn't shift, but much better. Here's one I did last year - if it's only moderately yellowed the results can be fantastic : Man, this Xperia XA2 camera really is terrrible. Don't buy a Sony phone if you want a decent camera.
  10. At the minute I'm thinking i'll play Astro Bot, have my curiosity satisfied about what the pad feels like, the UI, quality of 4K UHD playback and PS4 back compat ( you know - all the things we should already know at this point but they haven't bothered to communicate) etc, then box it up, walk into CEX a few days later and (likely, on past experience) get given more cash than i paid for it. There is no way I'll ever part with £70 for a standard disc or digital download.
  11. Free cancellations, effectively giving you 8 weeks to see if they do actually want to make an effort with it, between now and then.
  12. Seeing as you don't get charged up front I can see the logic in banging in a preorder so you have time to think about it and change your mind. Either that or people are expecting a scalpers paradise this Christmas, as if it's not expensive enough. It's super easy to wait this time. Thanks to the mid gen refresh I already have a machine that plays nicely with my 4K tv. It's not like last time when I saw the footage of Killzone and looked at my 360 and PS3, coughing their guts up to play ubisoft titles at 720p with screen tearing.
  13. It's quite amazing really, the sheer balls to try and charge £70 for Destruction All Stars, a game you would usually umm and ahh over at £30. I've gone from day 1 to day none. Also helps it's a giant, ugly looking slab of a machine. Hopefully some colour variants come out next year when there's actually more software and the prices aren't just ripping off early adopters. I could stomach £449 for the machine but seventy pounds for a game lmao no fucking way. The library is so anemic those prices will hold for a while too.
  14. imagine casuals dropping seventy pounds to play this on launch day, die a bunch of times, get pissed, throw the £60 dual sense and break it and then have to stare at the game icon every time you boot up the system as a reminder you just paid seventy pounds for software you can't sell or trade no matter how much you hate it
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