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  1. Finished it on Normal difficulty this afternoon, what good fun this was. Just as it's starting to get a bit samey, it'll chuck a load of new weapons , stage types and enemy variety at you to keep you invested. For a game with 20-odd bosses , it's an achievement that so many of them were so uniquely designed. Probably the best side scrolling shooter I've played in over a decade, and an absolute must if you like synthwave and 80's action tropes. Bargain for 8 quid at the moment, don't sleep on it.
  2. When you say it's jumping all over the place, do you mean like a fast vibrating effect? If so, if you can change the colour output on your TV from pal to NTSC 3.38 or 4.43 that will fix that.
  3. Got this in the sale at last, put it on for a quick go, had to force myself to stop playing after 2 hours. Great fun, it's like Elevator Action Returns X Hotline Miami. Funny too, even has the classic Seagal Blood Bank 1 liner in it. Mowman is the best. Huge Terminator vibes on the first areas boss music, lots of love went into all the 80s action references.
  4. Down by Law


    One of the many reasons why Yakuza Zero is the best one is the insane amount of contextual heat moves.
  5. Yeah but that credits track though !
  6. Personally I don't get the appeal and frankly care not one bit for it. However, a lot of people seem to care and graded games seem to fetch insane prices : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Die-Hard-Trilogy-Sega-Saturn-New-Sealed-Graded-80-Rare/303894553681?hash=item46c186e451:g:FHcAAOSwL0pgJWgy You could probably buy a similar condition ungraded copy for a 1/5th of the price. Anyway I have a sealed copy of Project Justice on the US Dreamcast. A collector offered me $500 for it, later stating he'd pay up to $800 for a graded copy. So if I can get another 300$ for it for the sa
  7. No, but it's well worth a play. Smooth as butter.
  8. Some games can be tricked into booting into VGA using a DC-X disc. The DC-X will boot (you won't get an image over VGA) when the drive stops, take the DC-X out and put the game in. Some games that don't support it, can be brute forced into VGA compatibility this way, but it's not guaranteed. These games are VGA COMPATIBLE VIA BOOTDISC (Source: Dreamcast Talk) Aqua GT Army Men - Sarge's Heroes Buggy Heat Bust-A-Move 4 Cannon Spike Conflict Zone Dino Crisis (GLITCH: no videos) Dragon's Blood Evil Dead - Hail To The King Evolution 1 - The World Of Sacred Device
  9. I've only ever had one controller stop working. A black Xbox 360 controller i yeeted up the garden then stamped on because of Modern Warfare 2 rage (to be young and stupid....now i'm just stupid) I usually tire of them and trade them in when I get a new colour or something. Actually my launch PS4 sticks flaked away to nothing, complained to Amazon who gave me £100 and then I sent them off to Sony who replaced them for free. That was a good week
  10. Amazon Japan. Still in stock at the mo
  11. £145 all in. They were fetching close to £200 on ebay before they dried up so thought it best to get in now before they dissapear for good. I haven't tried it yet but it apparently works with SFV as a legacy stick and i'll be using it on coinops / m2 emulator so i'll get my monies worth out of it.
  12. Managed to get one of the arcade sticks, shame the box got corner bashed though, but it's lovely and really heavy.
  13. I've had £14 in my PSN account since this came out and it's not dropped below £16 yet. I will continue till HODL till that first sale price
  14. Kyo's eclipse super looks awesome. I really like how its shaping up. They need to get the netcode right though. I could not get a single game on xiv after the first few weeks.
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