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  1. I don't think Sony will ever release PC versions the same day and date as the Playstation ones. That way they keep the console gamers happy, the PC owners eventually get to play it, and theres no doubt a portion of who will double dip for better performance on PC, too. Everyone's a winnar.
  2. It was announced at E3 iirc. It's much better value to buy the season pass at £11.99 for all three (Battle Rally, Merry Chase, and Story Pack) than this at £6.49 on it's own.
  3. That looks worryingly cutscene heavy for a Doom game. Shouldn't it be: 1. Monsters arrive on Earth 2. Doomguy kills them all Roll credits? Still day 1 though, it's DOOM!
  4. Those last 7 years sure went quick blimey
  5. None of the valuable ones respawn, but there seems to be instances where Licorice does. You can do it on NG+ too, so the ones you already picked, stay picked. I've got them all in Bailu, but have just got to Niaowu on my NG+, just waiting for the patch before I dive back in. There are loads of them, but I love the sound it makes when you collect them so it's quite enjoyable. I'd recommend waiting until you have the entire village opened up, then systematically clear each area. For areas like the fields around Shenhua's house it's worth waiting till dusk as the red outline is much easier to see. Some of them are hidden really, really well. The ones most people miss is there's a small hill you can climb behind the cow sheds, on the way to the hermits nest from the panda market. There's a couple of rare ones there, along with a path that Ryo won't go down...(could possibly be a DLC area I wonder?) There's a couple hidden behind the abandoned temple, and a cinnamon wedged between rocks to the right of Shenhua's house (looking at it from the front) The fortune tell lasts until the end of the day I think. Happy hunting !
  6. If you're going for the plat, if you collect all the herbs in Bailu and Niaowu and sell them you'll earn around 20,000+ Yuan IIRC. When I got to the 'paywall' in Niaowu I simply spent the afternoon picking herbs near the temple (loads of rare ones there) and flogging sets for 600-950 Yuan a pop.
  7. Switching from 360 to PS4 last gen was a no brainer, there was no back compatibility, no reason to hang onto Xbox, especially as it was more expensive and not as powerful. This gen? If PS5 plays my entire PS4 collection out the box and I can plug in my current VR headset it's already a done deal. Surely now it's just the matter of which ecosystem you've invested in moreso than anything else when it comes to next-gen? As well as the games, I don't want to leave £300 worth of accessories aside (VR, Move and Dual Shock Controllers, Chargers, PS+ Library, Gold Headset, TES+ Arcade Stick etc) either. I'd imagine an Xbox user with game pass paid up probably feels the same.
  8. Zero Wing on the mega drive. The soundtracks fucking amazing, one of the best on the system imo!
  9. Patches 1.03 and 1.04 are dropping back to back: Shenmue III Update 1.04 Patch Notes Made adjustments to certain game contents. Optimized background displays. Made improvements to the conversation function. Updated localization texts and displays. Made adjustments to the credits roll. Made fixes to backer contents. Made preparations for DLC application. Other minor bug fixes Shenmue 3 update 1.03 changelog Added fixes for some crashing. Addressed audio-related issues. Addressed issues related to UI. Added fixes for framerate drop and freezing issues. Added performance and stability improvements. Fixed blue screen issues on PS4. Added fixes for stuttering/lag issues. Other under the hood fixes. Should come out tomorrow
  10. It depends really, you can continue playing after completion and it's cool to see how the characters react to the changes that have happened, but I did all the side stuff purely for the costumes and platinum trophy.
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