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  1. Really easy to lighten with this stuff, same as a dreamcast
  2. Everytime I'm doing really , really well the game crashes . Toughest enemy in the game , you never see it coming It's annoying but the one more go factor is so strong you can almost forgive it.
  3. If you want ps+ wait until the days of play event - I paid £29.85 for a year at the end of last may , from shopto
  4. Just finished the story after 56 hours. (Level 74) Really great game overall, loved it. I was worried about the move to turn based, but I found that it gave enough new moves and great animations to keep it from getting stale. The characters are just so likeable and the constant banter/hanging out is something I'm going to miss going back to typical entries. Just behind Zero as my 2nd favourite entry in the series.
  5. Loads better than the PS4 at this point, where the exciting new games were Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein, after a barren launch period. The PS+ games at this point were poor too, whereas the PS5 selection has been great (all these souped up releases have been very nice) Having 30 odd PS4 games on Disc and another 200 from 7 years of ps plus and the choice is incredible really . It's also great that stuff like Metro Exodus are getting next gen patches for free. I can pick up a disc version for around 15 quid and enjoy a next gen experience dirt cheap.
  6. I think this is what sets Returnal apart from others, you've always made progress, you just immediately don't see it. We are so used to assigning starting over at the beginning as failure when in actuality it's like entering the gym on a new day to add fresh gains to the progress you've already made
  7. Finally managed an hour on this yesterday (thanks @Vemsie!) first impressions are really solid. Housemarque have really nailed the otherworldly atmosphere, the monolithic alien structures, fauna and chest high smoke really look impressive and intimidating in size, as do the now trademark over the top particle effects. The droning , understated music fits really well. Got the sword which one hit kills the weaker enemies, found a huge chasm which i dived into with low health and was introduced to (and promptly stomped by) Phrike. Looking forward to getting properly stuck in over the weekend but
  8. The returning characters seem to have very little effort compared to the newcomers
  9. Couldn't even finish Leon's campaign which was supposed to be the best one. If that was the best then the rest of it must have been utter toilet
  10. I love Yakuza as well, but it's nothing like Shenmue. They complement each other very well. When you fight in Shenmue, it's a big story event. There's more fights in Yakuza running from one end of the town to the other than the entirety of the first Shenmue game. Yakuza's time of day changes to suit the plot. Shenmue is a full day that you must plan to make the most out of. You must work, train, fight and investigate in equal measure to progress, in a real time setting. In Yakuza, if I want to spend 30 real hours between the next story checkpoint just doing management mini games or
  11. Kaiji Tang , the english voice actor for Ichiban in Yakuza LAD is absolutely spot on, really makes Ichiban seem an earnest and likable dude.
  12. Personally i think it's a miracle they got anywhere close to the first two games with the budget they had. YS stated it was a difficult game to plan as the kickstarter was so successful, then deep silver came on board and also apparently the Sony stage at E3 was in exchange for console exclusivity, which was a pretty bum deal when you think about it now but back in 2015 when the PS4 was breaking records and the xbox one was floundering? probably not so much. The ever changing budget meant that things were chopped and changed around, this is evident in the cut introduction
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