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  1. The other region versions of the included games are on there but that's it. Changing the language to Japanese isn't going to make Revenge of Shinobi appear for example
  2. Imagine trying to flog this with a straight face # https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sega-Saturn-Sonic-R-Game/113887062469?hash=item1a8432a9c5:g:CRIAAOSwSwFde9-j bargain at £15
  3. Straight outta TGS: Stunning ! an older build too - the Tiger patch on Ryo's jacket is too high and his walk animation is unfinished unlike the gamescom footage.The nighttime footage at 1:40 is really atmospheric! Bodes well for final release. Roll on November
  4. If you've not played it already, give Terminator a go. Great run and gun (once you've got the first weapon upgrade) with an awesome soundtrack. It's the opposite to your Spider-Man situation in that the CD version is far superior to the cart version
  5. Sega Sports one has black power and eject buttons
  6. I got one from shopto for £62 with silver discount, its £65 usually but sold out atm. I'm sure there will be one more go around before release, I'll update the thread when it happens
  7. Sold out again. The US version by limited run games sold out in 41 minutes. Just over 2 months to go!
  8. Collectors Editions back in at Amazon , be quick if you want one.
  9. Thinking of getting the RS-97 from alixpress on the previous page. Two Q's: will i pay any taxes/import duty? also, can I get Neo Geo Pocket games on this? I've got a hankering for some Cardfighters. Thanks !
  10. You only have to do the boxes once in Shen II. Shen II pretty much wiped the tedium out. One of the best games ever made!
  11. When i replayed this on PS4 last year I found a wonderful cutscene of Ryo slapping the shit out of some mouthy schoolgirls at the docks. Missed that back in the day.
  12. I've got to be honest. I really don't like the Dragon Engine games. I hate the wonky physics, the weightless fighting, the lack of moves. Zero with it's 60fps and tons of moves and heat actions really spoiled me. Zero though what a game you are in for a treat. Best game of 2017 and that was a good year too !
  13. 'LOOKS LIKE A PS2 GAME LOL!! Sorry, thought I was in a Shenmue 3 thread. Anyway. I loved Deadly Premonition. I hope this sequel is absolutely bananas like the first game.
  14. It was same day in the a week prior in the UK and the same day in the US. Microsoft proper shafted it.
  15. A new challenger appears 'Advanced Entertainment System' I'd assume it's got SNK games built in and could hopefully be used on other formats. Please come in black though.
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