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  1. Down by Law

    The Retro Import Enthusiasts Thread

    The Dreamcast and original Xbox were the last times I really heavily imported. After the 360 publishers really stepped up their game in regards to simultaneous worldwide releases, and with the packaging slowly getting worse the reasons to import were over. Original Xbox was great to import. Stuff like Panzer Orta and Dead to Rights I had months and months ahead of the UK releases, and they often had holographic covers, fullcolour manuals, proper logos on the spine and generally just a lot nicer looking than the overpriced late pal tat we had.
  2. Down by Law

    Shenmue 1&2

    I started Shenmue II on Thursday and have played about 10 hours already. Apart from one section where the music is slightly off key I've had no issues. Also it's amazing. So pleased it's just as good as I remembered.
  3. Down by Law

    The PAL Bingo List!

    I never got round to it and sold my PS1 collection in 2012, so I'm really sorry I can't help!
  4. Down by Law

    An Essay For Edge And Games Tm

    Isn't this the same person who posts on every single hotukdeals game thread "it'll be cheaper on black friday!!"
  5. Down by Law

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    The sound of a million dual shock 4s will cry out in pain knowing the x button is going to be mashed like a maniac for the next hundred hours
  6. Down by Law

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'm dead serious : have they said if you still have to mash x to run yet
  7. This is the biggest problem with crts - finding a 20" is rare - they are either 14" portables or back breaking 28-32" lounge fillers.
  8. Thanks for the offer mate but I've nowhere to put it now the donated lcd took my crts place
  9. I had to skip my crt last week, absolutely gutted as the rgb scart socket went (pink tint to everything) took it apart to try and fix it to no avail. It was a black 28" 4:3 Panasonic set from 1996 so it looked ace but was heavy as fook. What shocked me when I took it to the tip were the 100s of good condition sets and monitors in the shipping container. They won't let you take them either. Saw a lovely looking trinitron in there too. Ive had to replace it with a lcd and to be fair the Dreamcast over VGA looks great, so does the ps2 and xbox over component. However the Mega Drive over RGB scart on a lcd is horrific. Cannot get a decent picture out of it at all.
  10. If you have any Dreamcast stuff I'd be interested?
  11. Down by Law

    Restoring a knackered yellowed dreamcast

    I found this post on reddit (credit:kettchan) Can't really argue with that. Though the Dreamcast shell is really good, thick plastic - I doubt any damage has been done.
  12. Down by Law

    Choose my first "full" collection

    My advice - don't start, it will soon become very expensive and take up loads of space. Make a top 20 list for those six formats instead and work on those. I'm going for a top 20 DC games at the moment and it's fun curating a small collection of excellent games I know i'll want to play again. And when the time comes to get rid it won't be a massive pain in the arse either.
  13. Down by Law

    Restoring a knackered yellowed dreamcast

    Post wash: Much better, the buttons actually click now, and all the funk is out of the sides and in the button grooves. With everything washed and dried its time to coat them with retrobrite aka Jerome Russell BBlone 40% Cream Peroxide. It's £1.39 in B&M. You can apply it neat, but watch your hands as this stuff will burn you. I applied it with a soft paintbrush for an even coat (a little goes a long way) and when done wrap each piece individually in cling film. This stops the peroxide drying out so you don't need to keep reapplying throughout the day. Once i take the bit of sticker residue of the back of the controller, it's time to apply. Here they are sunbathing. I decided to do my Dreamcast while I was at it (the less yellowed one on the right), as it's rare to have a free time + sunny day combo! After they had been in the sun from 10am-6pm, I bought everything back inside. Chuck everything into a soapy sink straight away to get any remaining peroxide off as it'll still burn. You can see how much whiter they are already. Pad Case: After leaving overnight to thoroughly dry, I reassembled everything and this is the finished product: And done ! Really happy with how this one turned out. Wish I'd have done the analog stick on the pad as that is slightly discoloured and didn't stand out till I put it all back together. My first go at 'retrobrighting' and I'm pretty chuffed with it, especially with change from £1.50.
  14. Bought this fella off ebay last week. Looked much better in the pictures than it did in person put it that way. Very yellowed, loads of grot on the inside and in the console's buttons. The pad was also yellowed and the amount of filth in the sides and screw mounts was proper rank. I've always fancied a crack at 'retrobrite' so i stripped everything back, washed it and set about giving it a go. Doesn't look too bad here - when it came i got the wet wipes on it straight away before i thought about documenting it (inspired by Mr Tony's Amiga thread). You an see the nice grot living in the power and open buttons mind... Always a nice surprise to see the colour it should be... The controller. This thing was proper rank. It's had a quick wipe but between the cracks it's manky as. The buttons barely press in. Typical ebay sellers 'good' condition. Makes you wonder how bad it has to be to actually be bad. First step - disassemble the controller and completely wash it. Soapy warm water and old toothbrush for getting that funk out of the sides, an absolute must. I popped open the vmu mount, so you can see the colour it's meant to be : Next take the DC apart. Pretty painless. Wash the top and bottom of the case. Pre wash
  15. Down by Law

    Yakuza Kiwami 2: Blond Ambition

    Just finished this, it definitely picked up towards the end, and it's easily better than Kiwami 1, but this game doesn't come close to Zero imo. However (final chapter spoiler)

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