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  1. This sounds pretty good to be honest and should be a nice visual treat, all those dark scenes on an OLED* Seems reviewers are finally learning to use the actual 10 point scale rather than "looks pretty and hyped so at least 8" lately so i do wonder if it would have reviewed better a year ago. *OLED owners just gotta make it known This is why i still physical game. I got Forbidden West in the summer, played it for about 30 hours and then sold it on for a couple of quid less than I paid for it. I'm sure if I had paid £70 for the digital version to collect invisible dust and take up precious HDD space, I likely wouldn't have been as fond of it. The game is of course, the same, but the 'good value for money' proposition always helps. A bit like all those 'perfect for gamepass' comments. I mean what game isn't perfectly suited to a free as part of a subscription service?
  2. What's nice is I can flick the 60hz switch on the Saturn and it just works, I don't have to go into the tv menus and change the colour from PAL to NTSC to stop the image shifting. Also with the Argos switcher box, I can plug the Red/White phono leads into it, then those straight into the back of the Panasonic mini hifi/amp and the AUX will just process what's being sent to the TV, so I can pump the sound through those bookshelf speakers with whatever system i'm using (except the Master System which is RF, but that would probably be overkill!) Just have to pick up a 360 Scart lead, and i'll only have to swap the scart going into the 3rd slot on the switcher (the DC and Saturn always take the first two, no questions asked) so I won't ever need to manhandle the CRT to get to the back either One other thing I've missed is it's nice to put crap on top of them I remember back in 2006, paying nearly £600 for a 27" Samsung HDTV, one of the first ones out, that didn't even have HDMI sockets on it. All of my consoles except the 360 which went into the VGA slot, looked like complete and total shit, with horrendous motion blur, but I'd convinced myself that hey, they work, it's acceptable, and this is the future. What a colossal waste of money that was. I took my CRT to Gamestation where I worked, and put it in the staff room. It's probably still there, even though it's a CEX now ! On modern flat screens, I'll still maintain you can get excellent results with an OSSC, especially if that's your only TV, but I'm glad I have the space for this lovely slab of analog goodness.
  3. I managed to pick up this JVC 24" yesterday for just over a fiver. it's a 2001 model so hopefully still has plenty of miles on the clock. Surprisingly light at around 18kg or so? I would have preferred a non widescreen set, but it's 5 quid, not excessively deep and the 4:3 aspect ratio still delivers around 20" of picture. The picture was slightly off tilt and had the usual RGB shift (the VF2 pics were from before adjusting) but it was easy to get into the service menu (just mute and info simultaneously on the remote) and managed to get that sorted no problem. The picture is way, way sharper than my old CRT - A Panasonic Quintrix from 1996 i believe - but that broke not long after purchase so i think the tube was just worn out. This is razor sharp by comparison, probably the first time i've seen a good CRT image in over 16 years in the flesh, i'm kinda taken aback by it.
  4. How's the Dualsense stuff? the DF video said it's the best implementation since Astro Bot
  5. Watching the DF tech review, this looks like the sweatiest game since Fight Night 3! The models and environments look incredible, those character models are outstanding. Really hope the team can tweak the gameplay and techical issues, because there's clearly been an awful lot of effort put into the overall presentation.
  6. @dreamylittledream No ill-will intended mukka. Should have posted that separately rather than a run on edit. Been a long week.
  7. Sounds like the mandate was to get it out before the Dead Space remake at all costs, and i can understand why they would want to do that, but it has led to underbaked combat design and technical problems. Still, one to pick up eventually, looks like it would make a decent one-two with Evil West.
  8. Bit too much weightless CGI for my liking and just play the damn music at the original speed but other than that? I'm optimistic. Really hoping, genuinelly hoping it will be good.
  9. I'm on about Pokemon Scarlet, but i'm sure you knew that already. Actually I dont even know anymore. I am tired of this thread. Arguing with the same few people who never had any intention of ever buying it telling those of us who actually did that we're wrong for enjoying it. In any other thread, that would be trolling. I've said my piece on this game, and got 33 hours of enjoyment out of it. The comments from others in here who actually played it, are all mostly positive. So make of that what you will, and i'll leave dekay to do his hilarious, rib-achingly funny thread edits.
  10. That's a shame because the dodge animation and camerawork looks pretty good, I envisioned it would be kind of like a parry i.e perfect timing > safe dodge. I wonder if that can be toggled in the options?
  11. So good notorious tight arses Nintendo are offering refunds on it
  12. I still want to play it, reviews aren't too far off Evil Within 2's reception and I loved that game.
  13. Understandable why you would be confused. They both must be shit rite
  14. Games don't have to look amazing to be enjoyable
  15. That's me deliberately cancelling moves with the stomp attack.
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