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  1. flight

    Google Stadia

    Aren't you the guy who insists you can't differentiate between 30/60 fps? What makes you think you'll notice anything with streaming?
  2. flight

    Google Stadia

    I've tried game streaming twice - once on an early beta of OnLive and more recently using PS Now to play Ico. I was reasonably impressed both times. That said, I'm not particularly interested in the initial Stadia offering but I'm keen to see what MS announce and how they leverage game pass.
  3. Yeah, it's not worth that. I quite liked the battle system but it doesn't really add any new mechanics as you progress so you're only left with the stories which are twee bollocks tbh.
  4. The loot hasn't bothered me that much although it is a bit OTT. I've soul matched a couple of times but mainly just using drops with higher numbers and selling/dismantling the rest without looking too deeply into the perks. I'll get into that when I reach the end-game. I hate the skill tree though. It's not readable at all and makes it hard to keep track of things, especially when there are useful passives on trees for weapons that you aren't using. At least you can easily respec. There's quite a few criticisms you can level at the game really but the core mechanics are so good that I've found them easy to overlook.
  5. I've had this for a while but only managed the first couple of missions before real life got in the way. After Sekiro, I've bounced off a couple of games so decided to have another crack and, holy fucking shit, this is incredible. I'm up to the third region now switching between high/mid stance on the spear but picking up new knowledge all the time. The feel and depth of the combat systems as well as the potential for different builds is pretty staggering. Online still seems very busy too - I usually round off a session with some jolly co-op and I never need to wait long. Day one for Nioh 2! Question: Is the season pass worth it?
  6. DoH:
  7. Nice work! You're at the point now where you can follow the steps for the different endings. You need to do them before defeating the boss of the area you just unlocked. I missed a boss and a couple of prayer beads on my first playthrough so look it up if you're interested.
  8. @Pob I found spacing really important for that fight. I had some success being more aggressive but tended to lose focus and get wiped out. If you stay around 2 metres away, it's easy to read him and react accordingly. I did OF today using the same tactics and got him down fairly easily.
  9. The GSO fight is great. I cheesed him first time round so was determined to go toe to toe with him on NG+. The rhythm of the fight is so satisfying:
  10. I don't think that's true. I'm sure I used it twice in the Guape fight and there's a 3 next to the icon in your quick slot. Maybe you need to use the extra emblems first or it's time limited?
  11. For Guape first phase:
  12. Yeah, it's perfect for that fight. Think they actually nerfed it in the last patch so it must've been crazy beforehand. Looks cool as fuck too. The weapon arts are something that could definitely be improved in a sequel. Ichimonji, mortal draw and high monk are the only ones worth using really.
  13. @Let us measure
  14. After beating everything up to this point on my first or second try, the Shura final boss was the first block I hit yesterday on my NG+ run. The increased health and especially posture damage on a second run doesn't leave much room for error when you're trying to learn the patterns. I ended up burning through loads of consumables and needed a bundled Jizo statue to finish the 3rd stage by the skin of my teeth. Gonna revert to a previous save now to get the remaining endings and my first platinum.
  15. Whatever it is, I'll lap it up. Give me more! Looking forward to see what they do next. Sekiro's right up there in my personal From ranking but there's loads of potential for improvement in a sequel. Hopefully along with a more stat/build/online focused experience again at some point too. They've been fairly prolific this gen so maybe we'll hear something at E3.
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