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  1. Really want to enjoy this, and I had fun for the first few minutes doing some challenges, and then got thrown into a game with lag like I've never even seen before, no big deal I thought, so I quit and joined another, same thing, and another....I thought they fixed this with a patch? (360)
  2. I don't know if I'd be up for this or not, as big a fan of L4D I am, I think I'd prefer it if they just came out with new Valve created campaigns for 2, especially now that we're getting a DLC with the rest of the L4D1 campaigns.
  3. When the postie comes, the 360 version of Portal 2, then the PS3, and finally the PC version (if my computer can handle it!), but for now Left 4 Dead 1/2, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Fallout New Vegas as usual.
  4. Ubahsaurus

    Portal 2

    2 campaigns, single player (supposedly about 2.5x longer than Portal 1) and a co-op campaign (again, about 2.5x longer than Portal 1).
  5. Ubahsaurus

    Portal 2

    Zavvi have despatched my 360 copy, hopefully I'll get that tomorrow and my PS3 copy from ShopTo on wednesday. :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :OMG:
  6. Ubahsaurus

    Portal 2

    Is this true? I've been seeing it dotted about here and there but everywhere I've checked has said it comes out 22nd. Hope it's true, as I should recieve at least 1 of my copys on wednesday. (hopefully tuesday!)
  7. Ubahsaurus

    Portal 2

    Probably completely off the mark here, but since the Killing Floor achievements have been decoded, revealing the hint ''sixteen and four is the way'', if this is in any way related to a demo of Portal 2, 16-4 is the 12th, this tuesday coming, since that's when Xbox Live demos usually come out it could be that. Don't get your hopes up, just spreading my theory.
  8. Any of the CoD games on the 360 can be hacked now (not certain about Black Ops, it's still hackable but I think they have to find a new work around every time Treyarch hotfixes it) since certain people found out how to get JTAG consoles back online, the reason it's more common to see them on CoD4 is because the community's smaller, you're far more likely to get a modded game if there's only 100 matches going on at a time compared to 1000 on the more popular CoD's. The issue doesn't lay with IW, only Microsoft can stop JTAG consoles since they allow you to run unsigned code, there's almost no way to stop them aside from another 360 dashboard update, and even then it's usually only a matter of time until they're back again.
  9. That's what I get for buying the 360 version. Oh well, looks like I'll soon own 2 copies.
  10. It's got nothing to do with HL3 or Portal 2, obviously leading up to the release of the sequel to Super Meat Boy, Super Potato Boy.
  11. Ubahsaurus

    Portal 2

    Well worth picking up if you've only ever played the base game on one of the two consoles, if you've got it on PC you might as well not bother considering you can get the extra maps for free on PC IIRC.
  12. If the vast amount of other exclusives coming out during the rest of the consoles life span turn out to be awful, then maybe.
  13. L4D2, more content and it personally feels like even though it was originally slated to be L4D1 exclusive, it's a lot more suited to L4D2.
  14. Left 4 Dead for me, never got bored of it even when there was only the original 4 campaigns, now that L4D2 has got 8 it's even better, and with the other 4 original campaigns coming to L4D2 later this year, it's going to last me even longer.
  15. Something like that happened to me as well, one of the common forest pokemon that's only available in white (Think it was cotonee? That may be the black exclusive one ) for a level 70 something Ho-Oh (the legendary from heart gold, for anyone who doesn't know), can't use it until I've got the badge that makes all level 80+ pokemon obey you, mind. From a Japanese person no less.
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