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  1. PlayStation VR

    Just bought pop-up pilgrims - boots to a white screen. I’ve reinstalled it, but I still have the same issue. I’ve tweeted the devs so i’ll see if they get back in touch. Has anybody else got it working?
  2. Monster Hunter: World

  3. Monster Hunter: World

  4. Monster Hunter: World

    ‘Found the waterfall, can’t find a fisherman! FFS!
  5. Monster Hunter: World

    Maybe I’ve already fought them and need to find their base..... any pointers as to where it is?
  6. Monster Hunter: World

    I have a question about grimalkynes.
  7. Nintendo Switch

    I’ve got Gungeon, but not really had a chance to have a decent go yet. I’m after something that scratches that Geo Wars itch, so do I go for Jydge, or Bleed, or Neurovoider...? Are they all dual-stick shooters?
  8. Nintendo Switch

    I just purchased Tachyon Project from the store as I love a good dual stick shooter and haven’t got a decent one for the switch. This isn’t it. The frame rate is really jerky undocked and docked - like, unplayable jerky.
  9. PlayStation VR

    Has anyone tried Ultrawings? Seems to be getting a lot of love on Reddit.
  10. PlayStation VR

    It’s interesting that it didn’t improve with a different (V2) headset... mine seems slightly improved if I turn the headset upside down for 30 seconds or so. Or it could just be me.
  11. PlayStation VR

    Just turned my headset on for the first time in a week and I’ve got screen tilt all of a suddenly about 10 degrees tiling down on the left. Is there a fix yet for this? Hard reset has done nothing....
  12. Nintendo Switch

    Thanks - just ordered one.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Can anybody recommend a cheaper option for a spare dock?
  14. I wonder when CdKeys will release the codes....
  15. Xbox One X

    Even though I’m using my X with a 1080p projector, I’ve decided to future-proof my blu Ray purchases by buying the UHD versions. I actually tried watching one last night and it looked and sounded significantly better than the blu ray that came with the UHD - maybe there’s some super-sampling magic going on there too. However, as soon as it moved to a darker scene, it instantly became clear that there is no contrast... like, at all. Black levels are horrendous. Does anybody else have this issue? The blu ray app is the latest version btw.

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