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  1. Can I request to rejoin please - Hardbattle Thanks!
  2. Rise: Race The Future is quite brilliant in VR - it’s like a old Sega racing game, complete with blue sky’s and everything definitely worth a try!
  3. I’ve downloaded the OVR advanced VR settings app, which has pretty much buggered up all my Steam titles. Oculus stuff works fine, but any steam titles have the menus/start screens behind me. Resetting my position seems to do nothing and the OVR settings seem to make it worse! Any ideas how to revert back to just setting your position by holding down the right button on the controller? Or how to reset my position permanently back to the right direction?
  4. Has anyone managed to get Tetris working with a Xbox Elite controller? The D pad doesn’t seem to work at all for me.....the sticks control the menus and camera, but not left and right movement of the blocks....
  5. Walking Dead - Saints and Sinners via the link cable is an experience and a half. Flipping hell, it’s well worth a try if you can, it’s beautiful and cohesive like so few VR games achieve. The controls work really well and the physicality of the combat reminds me of Condemned in a good way..... no idea if how long the game is, but the first hour is full of VR magic.
  6. That looks brilliant. I must get mine sorted out like that. Where’d you get everything from?
  7. Dreadhalls is brilliant. Well worth the current asking price and is mega-creepy! I’ve had a few people have a go on this one, and they’ve all noped out pretty quickly
  8. I bought this for about £8 on steam yesterday, just to try the VR version on my Quest Link - holy hell, that’s impressive! Beautiful, smooth and handles really well.
  9. Just got the hand tracking update - very impressive tech! No idea how they have done this so well!
  10. That video looks amazing! I’m definitely in for a bit of that!
  11. Right, got it working: The Steam VR download seemed to do the trick. The Forest loaded up in VR anyway. Can anyone recommend a VR shooter? Not so much first person, more R-Typeish?
  12. So that’s a Windows app/program I just install? Or is it something I need to install via sidequest?
  13. Yep, I’ve run sidequest and got virtual desktop working. Never heard of revive - I’ll look into that. I wasn’t sure if there was a specific VR version of Steam I wasn’t using...
  14. Help - I’m clearly doing something wrong Hope somebody here can help. I’m new to this PC VR world, having only recently joined via my Quest and Link cable. I’m having no issues with the pc oculus store, but the Steam store is causing all sorts of problems - probably because I’m doing something wrong. Today I purchased The Forest. It says it’s Rift compatible. I download it and ran it from the virtual desktop via my quest. I select start in VR mode, but the game just launches in a windowed version on the desktop. I had the same issue with Dirt 2.0. Any ideas?
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