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  1. Quite enjoyed this last night. I was playing with two mates and had a lot of fun. The problem is it doesn’t save the campaign progress with all three of you, just the host.
  2. Racket NQ is brilliant. I was going to skip it, but the positive reviews sweet talked me into getting it. It’s a cross between Arknoid, Wii Spirts Tennis and a Llamasoft game. Single player is great, but multiplayer if fucking brilliant,. Highly recommended from me! If anybody wants to play online with me (you’ll Get an easy win) just give me a shout!
  3. Hovering over Resi 4 - but I know as soon as I click on that purchase button, it’s going to be reduced
  4. Yep, Vader is naff. Avoid. Super Hot is still my favourite. Ultrawings is nice (and can be played seated), Drop Dead Dual Strike has been fun so far and has a co-op mode which is great fun. And Beat sabre of course. I really didn’t like the Robo Recall game - thought it was absolutely naff - I got that one refunded.
  5. Just picked up Orbus VR Reborn - it’s a MMORPG apparently and has decent reviews on the other systems. I hadn’t spotted it on the store before, so I’m not sure if it’s a new release. It looks quite nice in a cel-shaded kinda way. I thought it’d make a change of pace from Beat Sabre. Give me a shout if anybody wants to tackle some dungeons together
  6. It seemed ok - kinda unremarkable in a zippy zip zip sort of way....
  7. I got the case from oculus direct - it’s lovely. The official headphones on the other hand are broken - no sound out of the right headphone. Opened a case with them.
  8. Is there a specific date the oculus store usually updates?
  9. Ha! Drop Dead dual Strike. It’s a pretty good fun House Of The Dead rip-off. It does have a co-op mode I’m keen to try, but I’m not sure if anybody here has it
  10. I mean the little disc that’s associated with your gamertag. I’ve made an avatar, but it’s a person like on Xbox - I just mean the little picture.
  11. How do you get photo avatars? I’ll be on after 10 I’d anybody wants to co-op kill some zombies...
  12. I’ll be on from 10 tonight if anybody wants to try multiplayer...
  13. I found my movies from the internet tab on the Quest app. Plus I’d directed the app on my Mac to the movies folder in my iTunes library. If you’re about tomorrow evening we could have a crack at co-op on Drop Dead if you fancy?
  14. Drop Dead Dual Strike looks good in a House Of The Dead kinda way. It has a co-op mode too apparently. Did anybody buy it and fancy a co-op playthrough?
  15. I’m going to skip Robo Recall - YouTube has put me off! The mouthy robots saying the same thing over and over would drive me nuts.
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