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  1. This is so fucking weird & shit
  2. 2 laps left with latiffi 28s up the road. At least he’ll get 1 place back
  3. Can we go back to the grid walk, it’s more interesting than this.
  4. What time is the safety DJ khalid being rolled out?
  5. Great pass from my brother but I’m here with Richard Mille
  6. He’s my brother but I’m here with Richard Mille
  7. I’m here with Richard Mille
  8. Most mad grid walk in ages. Kinda into the insanity of it all.
  9. How many red flags are we gonna get?
  11. what???? Fucked up if they didn’t.
  12. Ham to bum max in the gob & hit the ejector button while launching the car into Horner’s motor home & floating back to earth with a bond like Union Jack parachute.
  13. The context to this was watching Sky F1's dual doc covering HAM/MAX last season, it just utterly highlighted that absolute farce of the season & Massi not being able to handle it all. Max is a INCREDIBLE talent, but 2021's championship doesn't exist in my eyes. I'd forgotten the amount of FIA crap at the back end of the season. (the wing pushing Lewis to the back of the grid in Brazil, Max's professional foul etc) I just don't see how anyone can watch that season & think Max deserves it on any level.
  14. Salty Spice is just boring now. I've never wanted a team to utterly dominate before but I'd love HAM to just blitz this season.
  15. Also totally unrelated & partly fuelled by COVID fever dreams & firmly wearing my tin foil hat, but i wondered if there was a certain amount of FIA related appetite from Brawn & Todt not to have Mr Schumacher’s championships bested as they are their own records to a degree. anyway BRB off to buy some vitamins from infowars.
  16. Unrelated to the above but what the hell happened to F1 social media. It’s just utterly foul & tribal and a huge turn off to the sport. It’s been “trumpified”. I’m genuinely starting to think I’m going to need to find another sport, I’m struggling to find much to love in F1 right now.
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