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  1. Alive at max volume in the car the other day and was very therapeutic
  2. myoozikk

    Roy Ayers

    I adore Roy Ayers on so many levels but had an amazing experience with him that I’ll treasure forever. So a couple of years back I was A&Ring an album project for “The Vision”, a project from Ben Westbeech & KON. It’s an awesome blend of house, funk, soul & disco. Ben’s lifetime hero is Roy so he was always the No1 dream guest for the album so I got amongst trying to see if I could make it happen. Roy was in London for a couple of Jazz Cafe dates & I was desperately trying to lock in availability/commercials for a possible studio session but it wasn’t looking good. Then at about 3pm on a the Sunday I get a call saying Roy can do the session tonight but they wanted paid in cash, not an easy thing to magic up at this time on a Sunday. Cue a lot of scrambling & borrowing a bit from here & there to be paid back the next day with the banks open & we were a go. I picked Roy up from his hotel in North London & the studio was in Southwark. So to pass the time Roy gave me a CD of his own music & basically sang it to me the whole way there. I wish that car journey had lasted forever. Driving around London on a Sunday night having an all time musical legend sing at you was just unreal. We got the studio, got him set up & he just played those vibes. So sick hearing him working out riffs, trying things out on the fly. So fucking dope. The session was great, gave him his envelope of cash, signed his paperwork & back to the hotel we went, singing all the way back. What a absolute honour & a joy. The record from that night only just came out. & a couple of videos from the session here... https://www.instagram.com/p/CHh_cH8BJ_K/?igshid=1g08x3ir9209u & Me evidently buzzing to be with him https://www.instagram.com/p/Bb_3G_gAH6u/?igshid=adddygyqwmb
  3. I guess from Mercedes POV Bottas is useful. Would it be unfair to compare him to Barrichello?
  4. Yeah I’d love to see the time between the pit closure & lewis boxing. Also when Lewis went in no Marshall’s on the track, when the other guy pitted they were wheeling the car towards. Either way it spices up the race.
  5. 90gb of downloads just to have an hours game. What the actual fuck!
  6. Happy with the black/white flag tho. Would be a shame if there was anything more.
  7. Fucking state of that from Vettel
  8. Got there in the end. Mon Lewis!
  9. 3.10 & 3.11 were pretty solid I have to say. 11 especially. At least something is happening finally!!! 12 in total in the season?
  10. Yeah there’s no way I can see him even thinking about changing teams with so many records so close to being broken. He’s there until the end unless Mercedes drastically drop the ball which feels unlikely.
  11. Yeah this all feels incredibly harsh & something about it doesn’t smell totally right.
  12. But essentially nothing happens. That’s the worst thing it’s just dull now.
  13. This 3rd season is fucking dogshit. I don’t give a shit about any character anymore. It’s just relentlessly depressing & totally unbelievable.
  14. Amazing tour so far. I’m totally hooked. I just couldn’t get going with the Giro this year. It feels like it could be anyone’s.
  15. Stormzy just changed the game. That was fucking UNREAL!
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