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  1. Feels like this is gonna be good un. Fingers crossed.
  2. Ramsey giving off peak partridge energy
  3. Mother of god. Look at this!!!
  4. Ah congratulations Kiro!!! Buzzing for you! Man reading all this back has got me wanting invest in a full new rig for F1 2012 (not that I’d never have time to play in reality) This era was so special & im incredibly grateful for this call back & memory triggers! ❤️
  5. This is why @Marmite is the all time champ.
  6. I need to dig out my old YouTube account, I bought that screen recorder & was recording the races towards the end wasn’t i?
  7. I can still remember how hard my heart was beating during that Singapore season 2 last race with @mexos. i don’t think I’ve EVER concentrated so hard in a game. It might be fav ever moment in gaming & would’ve been that win or lose. It was utterly brilliant fair, tight, close, intense racing & summed up what was so utterly brilliant about the game & the league and the most minuscule glimpse of realities of the sport I love so much.
  8. Ah I’m buzzing to read this!!!
  9. Utterly blown away by Kendrick. Flawless & incredibly powerful & utterly brilliant on all levels.
  10. Buzzing for the race later
  11. sticks in the throat every time I see it.
  12. Also glad the fuel cell survived in tact
  13. They’re designed to this year aren’t they?
  14. Tomorrows gonna be carnage
  15. Spain in interesting race shocker
  16. Amazing stuff from Russell
  17. Are they about to sing “you raise me up”?
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