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  1. finished easy last night and made the move to medium was finding it ok, 4* most of the songs i was playing with the blue button is now my friend.
  2. i got mine after finishing it on realistic, never started a normal game tho...
  3. its my most played game of the year by far, and will be till GTA comes out.
  4. Competition to win a trip to NYC for the launch...
  5. man i think some of you guys are right, after tomorrow's trailer i'm gonna have to stop reading this thread. I want to start playing this game and feeling like a kid in a sweet shop. Having said that i don't think i've ever been this excited about a computer game before.
  6. ric you mong! What's happened the the DMF cru? and yes pants, dressing gown, beers and COD4 FTW. The mrs can jog on.
  7. thats my thursday, friday, sat and sunday gone next week then.
  8. grabbed this yesterday and i'm loving it.
  9. i loved the single player on this. as someone said above this is the only game is have 1000 points for...
  10. sorry if it's in the wrong thread, code has been sent.
  11. i just bought a pack for something and got this game free in it, but i already downloaded it before. So if you want it drop me a pm and i'll send you the code back. Obviously this is 1st come 1st served... AD
  12. pre-ordered from game instore today. Woot. fuck risking royal mail. i want to pick up my copy in a store, no messing around.
  13. end war looks good i have to say...
  14. it feels nice to be rid of this game and playing guitar hero 3 instead.
  15. as an audio engineer i thought the sound on this was shocking. It was terribly mixed, times when you can't hear your teamates/or the screen in screen over the background music. And it's all the same sounds from the 1st one. piss poor, my copy is back at game for £20, the dude said the trade in will be £15 by the end of the week.
  16. yeah not getting the private achievement cos you automatically ranked up was pretty pony. oh well trading in for guitar hero 3 in a sec. no love lost.
  17. trading my copy in today before it looses what little value it might still have.
  18. oh man, i just need this game in my life NOW!!!!
  19. dave you should do the last levels with Daz . it really helps doing it in co op.
  20. it took maybe 7 hours to do the single player on realistic. The final bit is so poor.
  21. after a day of r62 I'm so glad to be back with good old cod4. Roll on the new maps!
  22. here's my 2 cents after having a good day of terrorist hunt and completing the single player on realistic last night... It is very buggy, i've had loads of framerate slowdown's and there is some dire sound mixing. Bits where you can't hear the team mates speak or here the paper fin plot being laid out. As for the final "boss" it reminded me of old snes games where you had to work out the bosses pattern. On the flip side i did really enjoy the single player. It's a great laugh going through with a mate (especially if you've had a few) and the check points are now almost too close together, so there is no element of fustration, (like the underground mexico level where you start with only a pistol on 1, that took me nearly a day to get through). There was no Ferris Wheel moment like in cod4. (but then again i personally didn't find that too hard.) Terrorist hunt is great fun and very challeging. i like only having 2 lives on realistic, it rams up the tension. Nothing like watching the last person alive hunting the last terrorist on a map. great fun. I've not even bothered to go into live multiplayer and to be honest i don't think i will. COD just blows it out of the water, the matchmaking system is as shit as it was before and that's a deal breaker for me. I'll probably play this some more until april the 3rd and i'll definatly be trading this in for GTA4. All in all i'm not too sour cos this game cost £1.99 (traded Army of Two & Halo 3 for it) and it'll too be traded in turn!
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