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  1. Love you Kiro. I honestly appreciate you so much for the above. As you say it was a wonderful moment in time & was a true reflection of the absolute best parts of community & gaming. It’s been so awesome to relive it through these posts & be reminded of all the great times. Thank you again & to all who were part of it.
  2. Fair play max. Great drive. lovely to see merc back up there, ferrarilololololololol
  3. All a bit wacky races. Love it
  4. This was absolutely brilliant. I Loved it.
  5. Let’s see what Ham’s mediums can do.
  6. Gonna watch the highlights again later for a 2nd dose
  7. Perez gained an advantage on Lec I think despite lewis mugging them both
  8. Does Perez potentially need to give a place back lec?
  9. Incredible driving from all. Max would’ve punted someone off
  10. Love hearing the crowd here
  11. This is a fucking brilliant race
  12. I get ptsd every time lapped cars can overtake
  13. Sainz / Ham softs shoot out?
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