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  1. Long safety car please!!! Gkslossusbbshahaiifua rrhzudjf
  2. Argh I could shit a diamond right now!!
  3. Max would stay out if Ham came in & vice Versa.
  4. Loved that with Perez. Amazing clean, robust driving
  5. Merc’s strategy team need to turn up tomorrow
  6. Sets up for an interesting one tomorrow. Nice to see Norris up there at the sharp end.
  7. I defo missed Whiting yesterday. No way he’d have allowed it to happen like that.
  8. this. The people around him are hugely responsible for all this. He’s an incredible talent & all this is actually doing him a huge disservice imho.
  9. very much so, considering the amount VSC’s I can understand the confusion of the car in front suddenly slowing & in the middle of the track.
  10. It is what it is. Honestly piss off max.
  11. I know F1 is a fully take no prisoners sport but for the record I just hate Red Bull. is there still an investigation into the contact? also the race direction needs a serious review!!
  12. Hamilton does a fastest lap while max isn’t giving the place back.
  13. This is an absolute fucking shambles
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