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  1. In Max’s own words… ”I went round the outside & I immediately felt he wasn’t going to leave space so I just went for it, he didn’t leave me space so I knew we were going to get together. It cost him the race win, for me it gave me 5 seconds. It wouldn’t have mattered anything for my race.”
  2. Missed that? What did he say?
  3. Not sharing his “reason” just makes him more of a prick. if it’s such a good reason why not share it with the world, on the contact, well it didn’t matter for me & it cost him the race. fuck I hate him so much.
  4. totally. Overcooked into T1 & never really making T2
  5. come on Ted, I believe in you.
  6. Christian won’t go into it. Quell surprise.
  7. Just when I thought I couldn’t despise Max anymore…
  8. He really is the most unlikable driver on the grid.
  9. Hopefully merc looks as strong in Abu Dhabi, bodes well for next season.
  10. couldn’t predict that 😂😂😂 max is such a cunt
  11. Will max give the place back to Perez?
  12. I love seeing red bulls going backwards
  13. Also lapped cars triggers me every single time. Abu Dhabitus
  14. Longest safety car period ever
  15. Is the ted thing just a handy way to deflect from the cost cap stuff?
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